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19th September, usual venue, NOT a RuffCeilidh but zesty Playford. What? I hear you ask....

'There are dance historians who have done extensive study of all available material and come to the conclusion that the 1650 dances were done with lots of skip steps, polka steps and jumps.....The 17th century dances are further complicated by the fact that most people these days walk them to slow music.  I always find them more fun done to fast music with stepping, as they were done in the 17th century.  The Zesty Playford movement aims to get back to doing them as they were intended!' John Sweeney
Thanks to all of you who have responded to our interrogation. We can now take the light out of your eyes. 

There was a lot of support and encouragement for which thanks again. There were also many suggestions for improvement, these included - 
  • trying to improve the ambience of the hall (which is rather a barn until its full)
  • more interesting floor spots - does anyone know anyone who would like a spot? (Anyone who would be entertaining!)
  • finish at 11pm
  • more easy dances
  • more interesting dances
  • be more welcoming to single people who don't know the rules
  • more ceilidhs
  • more help for beginners
  • online booking
We'll do what we can to take advantage of these ideas. Thanks again for taking the trouble to respond, please feel free to send us a comment at any time.
Phil Bassindale
The next RuffCeilidh is on October 10th with Phil Bassindale calling and the 'Bernie and Imo' band playing. Eddie Jay will be joining Bernie Kilbride and Imogen O'Rourke to complete the line up.

Our interval will be filled with the air of the dragon - Idris - and his keepers the Cardiff Morris.

Please make sure the date is in your diary and your calendar and your phone so you don't miss it.

You heard it here first! Our 2016 dates are further down this email - book your holidays around them. for more details
You can now book and pay for your advance tickets online!

Payments will be processed by PayPal so the system is pretty safe. You can have a ticket to print yourself or simply collect at the door (please bring your receipt e-mail.
Cardiff Morris will be dancing in the interval in our October Ceilidh. I wonder if that will be a 'more interesting' spot?

I suppose if Idris were to gobble up a small child....
Calling all callers! Martyn Harvey will be putting on a callers workshop before the ceilidh on Nov 14th. Details will follow, keep an eye on the website/facebook/email. 
RuffCeilidhs programme -
  • October 10th - the return of Phil Bassindale calling with a completely new and untried band although you might recognise everyone in it. They are currently labelled as the 'Bernie and Imo' band. We also feature Cardiff Morris.
  • November 14th - Threepenny Bit, a lively young band from Hampshire, rapidly building a great reputation, with Martyn Harvey calling. the men of Sweyns Eye will dance.
  • December 12th - with Dave Parsons and Juice for the Christmas special.
I hope you all agree this sounds a tempting menu. We've also got the dates for 2016. 

  • Jan 16th - Cat's Claw and Mic Spenceley
  • Feb 20th - Keith Leech and Climax Ceilidh Band
  • April 16th - Junction 24 with Madeline Smith
  • October 15th - Ceilidh Chasers
  • November 19th - Steamchicken and Lisa Heywood
  • December 10th - Juice with Dave Parsons
Visit our website for more details
Come as you are, come in your glad rags, come alone, come with a party.

Please forward this email to anyone who may just possibly be interested, like it on your Facebook page, Twitter it to your followers and generally make a noise. We want these dances to go on, and go on getting better.

Thanks for your support.

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