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Budva Sea Dance 2014: “I’d like to help other people”

A short documentary from the Sea Dance festival 2014 in Budva, Montenegro featuring Jamie, a uni graduate contemplating his future accompanying Calvin Harris ft. Example play “We’ll Be Coming Back” live. He’s learnt a lot about himself from travelling, especially how he wants to think about others.

Croatian Sailing Adventure
 With Sailing.HR (
We begin our Croatia sailing adventure with a ‘thank god for that random Stranger’ travel story which happened before we even got on the boat.
Our mission was to get to a marina just outside of split where we would be travelling with Sailing.HR for the next week filming some Croatian docobites. We hailed a taxi on the shores of Split and jumped in. Turns out it wasn’t so much a cab as a bloke who had chucked a taxi sign on the top of his car. He had no idea where we needed to go, he also had no idea how to drive his manual car as he ended up ramming it strait into the back of a parked car. Not knowing how to reverse the car he pushed it further and further into the car in front.
I decided that I knew what to do and offered to reverse the car for him. My mother taught me how to drive a stick well, but apparently those lessons were meaningless as I too rammed the car further into the car in front. We began worrying that we were going to miss the boat, quite literally, so we grabbed our bags and turned the corner to search for another ride.
A local man and his mum where walking by and I asked if he knew where we needed to go, he did and kindly offered to take us. He guided us around the corner to his vehicle which of course was the same vehicle that both the taxi driver and myself had rear-ended moments before. Trying to pretend we weren’t the same two tourists who had just abandoned the “cab driver” whilst checking there wasn’t any damage to our Croatian savior’s vehicle we hopped in his car.
Refusing to take any of our money as thanks for the lift he drove us for 20 minutes to the marina. He still wouldn’t take any money when we got out of the car however we did manage to leave our weeks grocery shop in his boot. Carl and I thought, “well that’s good, at least it’s some kind of thanks we gave him,” until we realized, “what if he doesn’t find the food until it’s too late!”
So we write this to the kindest Croatian man we have met, we are sorry if your car now smells of off eggs and milk. We are very thankful for your help and hope that instead of moldy cheese you enjoyed some yummy bacon and egg rolls.
This hectic start helped us to appreciate the sheer beauty of the rest of the week. We travelled to 3 stunning islands in Croatia Hvar, Vice and Jelsa. These towns were as picturesque as you can imagine with old fortresses, cobbled promenades, houses piled on top of each other to the peaks of the hills and the clearest blue water making 5 meters looks like 1 with fishes galore it was truly magnificent. Surprisingly we thought we had landed back in Oz with the amount of Australian accents we heard within our sailing fleet all of which we got to know well with wine tastings, afternoon boat parties, clubbing outings at night and when our skipper caught an octopus from the side of the boat, killed it and cooked it up for that evenings dinner it was a true bonding moment for us all.

After swimming with the fishes we are happy to be back on dry land editing all the wonderful stories we captured for you to view so keep an eye out in the coming weeks for the Croatian docobites.
Checkout the last week of docobites of course with loads of great stories from all over central and eastern Europe!

As always we thank you for your eyes, ears and curiosity.


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EXIT festival 2014 Novi Sad: “We like to express ourselves”

A short documentary about Katarina & Seka, two Serbian girls joining in the EXIT festival 2014 party in Novi Sad. They chat about the, “atmosphere of love,” and the overwhelming energy that 185,000 people dancing on top of a fortress from the 1600’s can create.

EXIT festival 2014 Novi Sad: “I know I had a good time”

A short documentary about Stefam at EXIT festival 2014. He contemplates what he loves about being a young man while listening to Damon Albarn sing live in a Serbian Castle.

Novi Sad EXIT 2014 festival: “People say it is not safe”

A short documentary about Jelena & Marija from the EXIT festival 2014 in Novi Sad, Serbia. They share the history of the fortress that was built in the 1600’s, which the festival is now situated on, may not be the safest thing for the 100’s of thousands of people to dance on top of. They also give great insight into Serbian pride and the people that live there today.

Novi Sad EXIT 2014 festival (Skrillex): “We met three days ago”

A short documentary about Dejan & Kristina who share the perfect kind of story to compliment the set that Skrillex played on the main stage at EXIT festival 2014. They talk about being young, adventure, meeting new people, trying new things and why that is important in their lives right now.

EXIT festival 2014 Novi Sad: “When a women can pee with another women it’s true friendship”

A short documentary about Ruth & Amy at EXIT festival 2014 in Novi Sad, Serbia. They have a chat about whether boys and girls can truly just be friends.

Budapest: “Fight it for the others”

A short documentary about Jeney, a leader in the Hungary Amnesty International group which organises the infamous Budapest Pride March each year. Jeney shares the tumultuous history the Pride March has had, “they threw acid injected eggs,” and why she is doing her bit to fight for an everyday life she hopes to feel like kindergarten.

365 docobites trailer!

Budapest: “I want to speak Japanese”

A short documentary about Martina, a Hungarian girl sharing her lost love story in Budapest. She shares that she, “had a half Japanese boyfriend,” that left her because he had another Japanese girlfriend. Martina ends by giving her perspective on the ‘many fish in the sea’ perspective.

Sea Dance 2014 Budva: “To daddy I am princess”

A short documentary about Nastasha, a proud ‘daddy’s girl’ amongst the party at the Sea Dance Festival 2014 in Budva, Montenegro. She shares her most cherished childhood memory that began a tradition she shares with her beloved dad they still keep up today.

Budapest Gay Pride 2014: “We are curious”

A short documentary about Fruzsina and Zoltan from the Budapest Gay Pride March 2014 in Hungary. They, “share in the philosophy of getting more freedom,” because they think we actually, “have a lot less freedom than we like to believe we have.”

Budva Sea Dance 2014: “We start drinking early”

A short documentary about Kseuija and Jelena, two local girls from Budva in Montenegro celebrating at Sea Dance Festival 2014. They explain why they feel they need to have so much fun due to the pressure they have on them, “you don’t have a future if you don’t get into a good college,” and give unique insight into young life in Montenegro. 

Budapest: “I had a one night stand last night”

A short documentary about Pauline & Merle, two friends travelling through Budapest in Hungary dicussing what they’ve learnt in their lives so far. Merle shares, “my destination is still my happiness,” while explaining that she isn’t to sure what her happiness actually is.

Budapest Gay Pride 2014: “I’m really irritated by the violation of human rights” 

A short documentary about David, a young man working hard with Amnesty International in Budapest to make a difference in his country. He shares his own experience of discrimination, “In every day life you do get discriminated some times.” It’s because of his own story that he feels it’s important to make the unequal population’s, “rights visible.”  

Novi Sad EXIT 2014 festival: “I really wanted that wheel chair”

A short documentary about Cathy and Louise, two girls who travelled a long way to make it to the famous EXIT 2014 festival in Novi Sad, Serbia. They share their tumultuous journey to arrive in the place they have now fallen in love with.

EXIT festival 2014 QUINTINO: “It’s a natural high”

A short documentary about Quintino, headlining act at EXIT festival 2014 in Novi Sad, Serbia. This guy might play 250 gigs a year, have produced tracks that have over 2 million views on YouTube and be considered as one of the top ten artists to look out for but what he has to say about his passion for his work, what he does moments before he jumps on stage and how he feels about his mum will have you falling in love with him that much more.

Prague Zoo: “It destroyed almost half of the zoo”

A short documentary about Frantiser, an ethnologist from the Prague Zoo. Frantiser recounts what it was like to loose one of his friends, a hippopotamus who died in a tragic flood that caused the animal’s, “houses to disappear under 5 meters of water,” making it, “impossible to evacuate.”

Prague: “We weren’t always so nice”

A short documentary about Michaela & Veranika, two friends talking about love in Prague. They have different perspectives about relationships as Veranika is a single women in Prague and Michaela who is in a relationship shares, “If the girl wants the boy here she has to go to him.”

Prague Sex Machines Museum: “It can be fun to try what you see”

A short documentary about Sina & Valentine, two best friends roaming around the Prague Sex Machines Museum. In regards to all the piercings displays, sex apparatuses and costumes they think it’s all, “pretty weird,” and they, “can’t imagine why people do these things,” but that doesn’t stop them from being curious when it comes to their own sex lives.

Prague: “I was six when he left”

A short documentary about Paul, the proud son of a single mum. Paul says his, “mother gave me all the support I needed,” and that he’s, “ok,” with his long distance relationship with his dad. But what does he want his relationship with his own kid to be like?

"Reject the model"

A short documentary about Pat, a student at the Czech university who studies the geology of mountains that formed 300 million years ago. He shares that he, “got in a rut.. this is all bullshit,” because he was tired of his teachers and other students just, “making things up.” He asks, “how is it important to society if you can’t explain it to anyone?”

Prague Zoo: “We think we understand them”

A short documentary about Jana from the Prague Zoo. She shares what makes the Praha Zoo so very different than other zoos, that you can get to know the animals as people with personalities not just as different species. “Gorillas are almost like people,” that they act like a human family, “when the mother wants some time, she just gives her kid to the grandma and she takes care of it.”

Prague: “You’re the first to know”

A short documentary about Ales & Alzebeta, two unlikely lovebirds from Prague. A love story that proves opposites attract and what daring things people will do when they realise they want to be together.

Prague Sex Machines Museum: “We’re relaxed when it comes to sexuality”

A short documentary about Klara & Martin, a young couple inside the Prague Sex Machines Museum. They share some of the fascinating things they’ve seen inside the building, “they had sex with each other not the movies,” and how, “still people continue to explore… that it’s not that different from 500 years ago.” Klara also explains how she went from feeling insecure about her body to loving it’s sexual freedom.

Prague: “People aren’t used to seeing people like me here”

A short documentary about Nadie, Nathan, Abdullah and Holly four english teachers attending the Holi Open Air Praha festival in Prague. As they reflect on their time abroad Nadia shares a very personal story about how a, “guy came up to me aggressively and said a racial slur.” Holly comments that when Nadia, “started crying, I couldn’t believe that this still happens in the world today.”

Prague Holi Open Air: “We are greeting summer”

A short documentary about Svatopluck & Michal, two best mates from Prague at the Praha Holi Open Air festival. They share why they love being young, that it’s great to spend time, “with not just Czech people because your life becomes more interesting,” and prove that people from the Czech Republic really are the no. 1 consumers of beer in the world. 

Berlin Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp: “I felt their pain that day”

A short documentary about Josephine, a journalist originally from South Africa, reflecting on her heart wrenching visit to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp just outside of Berlin. She shares, “I don’t believe the world’s horrors have passed… there will always be people who are scared of people that are different than them,” and recounts her own experience documenting a resettlement camp in South Africa.

Berlin: “People told me he didn’t want to meet me”

A short documentary about Helana, a child therapist from Berlin. As she sits in Mauer Park she shares her connection to her job, “I love working with kids… they’re pure with no agenda.” She says, “most people who do this work have problems in their past,” and then shares her own.

Berlin: “The people run this city” 

A short documentary about Alice Phoebe Lou, an enchanting busker from the streets of Berlin. Alice arrived in Berlin with 500 euros in her pocket and knew how to play just, “a few cords.” She shares her story of how she went from playing underground in the subways under her breath to being amplified to crowds of hundreds of random Strangers in Mauer Park. She also shares the current struggle that is facing street performers in Berlin and how she wants to use her voice to do something about it.

Berlin Check Point Charlie: “We did try…and now he is free” 

A short documentary about Alexandra Hildebrandt the wife to late husband Dr. Rainer Hildebrand the founder of the Mauer Museum aka. Check Point Charlie of which she is now the chairperson and  director. She believes, “freedom isn’t from heaven, for freedom you must struggle,” and sharing how the people from Berlin and from other oppressed parts of the world have fought for their freedom is her task now. Her late husband taught her everything she knows and she sees him in their eldest son, “we try to do what he did, as we imagine he would have liked it.”

Berlin: “The colours of life”

A short documentary about Helana, a body painter from Berlin spending her day painting faces in Mauer Park. Helena loves the, “power of transformation,” and creates art that explores the journey from the, “darkness into the light.”

Berlin Check Point Charlie: “What do I have to believe in”

A short documentary about Gabriel inside the Mauer Museum aka. Check Point Charlie. He shares some of the incredible stories he was mesmerised by, “this guy spent his entire life figuring out how to smuggle people over the border,” and explains why he’s frustrated that these tragedies are still happening today, that they are, “still going on and nobody’s doing anything about it.” It leaves him wishing he, “was a part of something bigger.”

Berlin: “Usually we tell lies”

A short documentary about Barry & Kathryn two love birds in Berlin out at night sharing a bit of their love story. Hear the truth about how these two met and why saying the ‘L word’ was such a, “big moment,” for them.

Berlin Carnival of Cultures: “It’s her responsibility to make art”

A short documentary about Nubia & Eugenia, 2 columbian women living in Berlin and celebrating the Carnival of Cultures. Nubia is an artist and designed one of the floats which was inspired by her observation of over consumption in the world. She feels it is her duty to criticise her society as an artist and shares her passion for expression.

Berlin: “A drunk guy tried to steal the busker’s beer”

A short documentary about 2 buskers, Vickie & Ryan, from Glasgow who’ve made Berlin their home because they’ve seen how the busking community have, “got each others backs,” and they think it just, “makes sense to be a part of a team.”

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp: “He saw his father kicked to death”

Maria talks about Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp in Oranienburg just outside of Berlin. She guides people around Sachsenhausen almost every day believing that the more people who know and can learn about what happened here, “so they know it DID happen and that this is what intolerance leads to,” the less likely it is that this tragedy will occur again. Maria tells the story of a man she met who was an innocent victim in this camp and has forgiven and even become friends with his SS officer. She also shares the current and concerning rise of the neo natzi population within Germany today.

Berlin: “Who else than a graffiti artist can prove that they’ve been anywhere”

A short documentary about Lucas, an expert on modern graffiti from Alternative Berlin Tours. He shares his passion for the art that is, “mostly illegal,” and describes it’s different forms such as, “tagging, bombing… dancing characters.” Lucas likes how these street creations can bring people together but also explains why he enjoys being, “totally alone and just smurfing around.”

For tours book here!

Berlin: "I joined the circus!"

A short documentary about Juliana from a social circus in Berlin! She shares why she ran away to the circus after falling in love with the kids she teaches, “who don’t have many chances or much money,” and why she thinks, “everyone needs to create this family feeling.”

Berlin: “Music has been the door to everything” 

A short documentary about Victoria and Carolina two friends in Berlin enjoying a chat and a beer next to the canal. Victoria talks about how she, “used to be a lot shyer,” before music changed her life and how it’s not just about the, “techno Berghain thing,” but actually so much more.

Berlin Carnival of Cultures: “I don’t want to forget what it meant to me” 

A short documentary about Liss a Berlin Carnival of Cultures dancing party girl who loves to showcase all the different cultures in Berlin because she believes it’s important to come together and celebrate each other.

Berlin: “Only in Berlin” 

A short documentary about Lisa from the streets of Berlin at the Carnival of Cultures aka. the Karneval der Kulturen with street parties galore! Lisa shares what she loves about Berlin and the moment that she went from a shy young girl to singing a solo in front of 300 people.

Berlin: "She said, I love you mummy!" 

A short documentary about Anne a 23 yr old single mum from Berlin, Germany. Anne shares the struggles of her unplanned pregnancy, what her hopes are for her daughter and how, “fucking cool,” it was when her daughter said, “I love you mummy,” for the first time.

Berlin: “I said no, I am with you because I love you” 

A short documentary about Tobias from Berlin found chilling in the park by the spree next to the East Side Gallery. Tobias’s mantra is tattooed on his body, alpha and omega, “everything has a beginning and an end,” he shares the story of a relationship that came to an end he wishes hadn’t. 

Brussels Jazz Marathon 2014: “Forget the technique”

A short documentary about Jean-Louis Rassinfosse from the L’Âme des Poètes backstage after his performance at the 2014 Brussels Jazz Marathon.

Ghent: “I love baking cakes” 

A short documentary about Benjamin, a baking cake hobbyist from Ghent. He quit studying architecture and is now having fun with his, “hobby gone completely mad.” He shares that at first he felt like a, “failure,” and how his opinion of himself is gradually changing.

Brussels: “My exhibition is about dead animals” 

A Short documentary about Esther & Lise, 2 best friends and artists from Brussels. They share how, “if I didn’t do it we would all be numb,” and describe some of the cultural activities they participate in as, “organised chaos.” 

Brussels: “I was with a man for 8 years and I wasn’t free” 

A short documentary about Emilie an, “independent women,” from Brussels. She feels that after being in a, “difficult relationship,” she now needs, “to be alone to make my own life.” She explains why it was so hard, “to quit him,” and where leaving him has left her now.

Brussels Use-It: “It’s really interesting to ask questions” 

A short documentary about Joke & Tine who are 2 volunteers from Use-It Brussels, the local tourism office for young people. They love the open minded attitude of the people they meet and encourage others to, “move out of your comfort zone… have a beer during your lunch break and talk to the person next to you,” they are, “Brussels lovers, city lovers and people lovers” and will prove why Brussels is no longer the, “garbage bin of Belgium.”

Brussels Comic Strip Center: “If people had the chance maybe they’ll realise it’s a form of art” 

A short documentary about Marc and the famous Belgian Comic Strip Center in the middle of Brussels. Marc believes comics tell, “some part of the truth,” as most are built upon details of life drawn from the context of the story that is being told. He uses this art form as an alternative to the current general media as well as history books with feeling.

Check out the Belgium Comic Strip Center here!

Berlin Carnival of Cultures 2014: “Samba is passion” 

A short documentary about Cledio & Lydia a samba dancing duo who kicked off the Berlin Carnival of Cultures as the first people to cross the parade start line and the most thrilled to continue the party once they twirled over the finish.

Ghent: “It’s about getting to know somebody I will never know”

A short documentary about Julie, a girl from Ghent in Belgium, who reflects upon the loss of her dad at a young age and why she is able to admire a man she hardly knew. 

Ghent Graffiti: “This is living in the essence of living” 

Klaas is a graffiti artist from Ghent in Belgium who talks about the, “uncountable options,” for his art and his life but that if someone was to take the ability to create away from him he would, “just pack my bag and go.”

"I’m just a little women in the big world" 

Seleck believes, “It’s important to open your mind,” however shares how she feels that sometimes her actions might not count.

"Hippos are strange… I like!" 

Bruno says, “the simple things make me happy” like creating small figurines of animals he has curiosity and passion for but has never had the opportunity to see in real life.

"We finished the IKEA bookcase…then I proposed" 

Camille & Kenneth share what it’s like to find your soulmate in school, loose them in life and then to find each other again after all that, “mess.” 

"No one will judge you" 

Julien offers his definition of, “Contact Improv,” a dance form he fell in love with that gives him peace and allows him to, “enjoy every little bit of life… to be able to see people without a barrier.”

"Nature has a way of paying you back in kindness" 

James shares what he believes to be, “magic,” spending time with wild swans. He says it’s, “a joy to behold,” and that, “wherever there’s a swan… i’ll be near it.”

"My friend killed himself" 

Eoin, Keadeen & Harley share how they are dealing with one of life’s biggest challenges…loss.

"We can have peace… for real" 

Alina had a fear of other cultures and so decided to confront those fears by travelling to live with the people she once misunderstood.

"I’m proud of myself" 

Orla gets restless and shares where her strength comes from to make changes in her life when she does. 

"We share everything" 

Danielle & Clodagh talk about how they have gone from hating each other to being best friends. They have shed the term ‘I’ embraced ‘we’ and ‘ours’ sharing a bed and a bank account but unfortunately all that could come to an end as they now might have to say goodbye.

"Yes…it is a hicky" 

19 year old Kieth shares what he’s really looking for in a women and how he thinks he actually might have found it but in a women he can’t have…

"My father’s heart is in me" 

Jessica takes the Irish saying, “you can make money but you can’t take it to the grave with you,” very seriously and chooses to spend her time with her father photographing “hill climbs.” Jessica doesn’t think the drivers have, “any fear at all,” and tells us how you can hear the engine, “feel the force,” and shares why she still goes to these wild events when her community has lost 9 people just in the last few years.

"The bagpipes were not invented in Scotland" 

Glyn is a true Scottish ‘piper’ who loves having a, “crack,” (a good time) busking around the world. This IT specialist spends his weekends playing to the masses but what he knows about pipers in Scotland today and the origins of the bagpipes themselves is very unexpected.

"I have 9,800 piercings" 

Elaine is a Guinness World Record holder, “my record is my soul, my record is my life, my record is my love.” She shares the history to her piercings and how she, “never listened to nobody anyway,” because she believes, “at the end of the day its my life.”

"38 were killed in their beds" 

Juliette starts with “If I could set the scene…” so you know she has a tale to tell. She shares the story of the McDonald and Campbell clans and the infamous Glencoe massacre in 1692 - the ultimate betrayal of the honoured and traditional ‘Highland hospitality.’

Big thanks to the team at Rabbis for introducing us to Juliette and taking us around the unforgettable highlands of Scotland. 

"That’s probably not the wisest answer you’d get" 

Nikulaus stands at the the top of Edinburgh outside the Edinburgh Castle overlooking the country and it’s people he has come to love. He reflects on his journey to study abroad, sharing his favourite moments in Scotland as well as what he has learnt as a young man away from home.

"Life, family and football - not necessarily in that order" 

John, works within the famous Barrowlands of Glasgow selling what ever literature he can get his hands on. He works, “in interest rather than personal interest,” apart from the football books he sells which he of course holds incredibly close to his heart.

"From a boy to a man" 

Robbie looks at the man he is trying to become and describes him as strong, independent, someone that people think kindly of an, “all round good person.”  He believes that, “in the real world everyone has to stand up and be counted for himself.”

"We met on Tinder" 

Daniel & Amy met on Tinder but their romance is as far from cyber space as you can get. It’s much more of an antique love story, an Antique-Roadshow-drinking-game kind of love story to be exact. 

"The only thing that matters is your humanity" 

Bhav is a proud Indian women from London who believes in, “unity through diversity,” and who’s perspective about her ideal society where, “nobody feels like a second class citizen,” has been shaped through her experiences of being racially attacked and then helped by those who were also of different cultural descent.

"She was a victim but now she’s a leader" 

Iris, like most documentarians, “have personal stuff that links,” her to the real peoples stories she is trying to document. By following a South African women affected by the corrective rape epidemic, Iris wants to learn about perseverance, resilience and motherhood in an attempt to understand the relationship she has with her own mother.

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