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Pachaysana: Decolonial Education

The Fisherman and the Gringo

The end of a year is always momentous: we reflect on what we have learned or how we have grown, we celebrate the culmination of hard work and we dream of the journeys ahead. In this newsletter, we ask you to join in our reflection, celebration and dreams.

However, before continuing, since each new year comes with an abundance of hope, as well as no shortage of fear, we would like to issue a challenge. In your reflections and resolutions, shape your words so that they drive you toward creative action, not passive expectation. Let us not issue thanks for what we have been given; rather, express passion for our ability to create. Let us not wish for tolerance; instead, commit to learning from those who are different. Let us not aspire to be somebody; alternately, build consciousness of who we are.

Our latest Pachaysana blog entry, which carries the same name as the edition of this newsletter, tells a very simple story. While contextualized in the field of development, we believe it will also provide you the opportunity to think about yourself and how you view others… an essential activity at the end of a year.

Pachaysana Blog

Reflection: Lessons and growth

As is always the case, our transformation results from a combination of joy and suffering. We have learned that our model for achieving fair trade education has incredible potential: our local community partners have applied our programming to real-life projects that address pressing needs, and our international participants have been inspired to carry out activism on their college campuses and around the world, such as the Paris COP21 summit. However, we have also realized why fair trade education is so marginalized: we are part of a colonial education model, our methods do not respond to the realities on the ground, and, well, it is a whole lot of work.

Rehearsing Change is Fair Trade Study Abroad

Celebrations: Rehearsing Change and Partnerships

  • Our groundbreaking Rehearsing Change program has launched the Fair Trade Study Abroad movement and we could not be happier with our progress.
  • Our community partners in the Amazon, most notably Mariscal Sucre and Tzawata, have used our education programs to empower themselves and are more prepared to face the challenges of an ever-changing, globalized world. For example, Mariscal Sucre now offers community-based, fair-trade tourism and already has a webpage up and running. 
  • Our local counterpart, the Nina Shunku association, has built upon our Rehearsing Change program, and is now offering related courses, workshops and programs to the community at large.
  • Our partnership with the Universidad San Fancisco de Quito is flourishing.
  • We now collaborate with the Institute for Study Abroad - Butler University and will be able to offer our programming across North America. IFSA-Butler has shown passion, commitment and vision to changing how study abroad can engage community and culture.
  • Growth implies needs for greater coordination, and we are thrilled to be working closely with Fundación Quito Eterno on academic and logistical programming. 
Pachaysana Position Announcement

Dreams: Growing Existing Programs and Creating New Ones 

  • We are working hard grow our Rehearsing Change program, providing for greater community impact as well as more opportunities for international students. Special thanks to USFQ and IFSA-Butler for working with us on this endeavor.
  • We also seek to develop short-term programs that provide new education opportunities for our communities and university partners abroad. See our previous newsletter.
  • We have developed a Guest Faculty program and invite you to apply to be part of it. We will feature our first participant, Dr. Adrienne Falcón of Carleton College, in an upcoming newsletter. Congratulations Adrienne!
  • We seek to develop networks among our many partners around Ecuador so that they can create projects together. We already see this happening between Nina Shunku and the communities of Dureno and Tzawata.
  • Finally, we hope that you will join us by spreading the word about our programs and projects, most especially promoting our Rehearsing Change program, since it finances almost all of other work. Applications for Fall 2016 are now open!!!
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