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Pachaysana: Arts fos Social Change in the Ecuadorian Amazon

What can I do?

The Pachaysana vision is a balanced dialogue between local Ecuadorian communities and global actors, in which we work together to explore how we are interconnected, and how we can bring about equitable and sustainable social change.  

We often receive inquiries like this one: "I live in the United States, how can I help?" In this newsletter, we are going to share a few ways you can participate, as well as provide an update of our Rehearsing Change program. We start with the update.

Pachaysana: Arts fos Social Change in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Rehearsing Change update

Our pilot semester of Rehearsing Change has exceeded expectations in almost all ways. We have balanced the playing field in Study Abroad by offering the same program of study, meaning high quality college-level classes, free of charge, to passionate local community members in Ecuador. Together, these community members have worked with our international students to rehearse the change they want to see in the world. Part of this rehearsal for change is the creation of real-life projects. Pachaysana is investing $2000 into the implementation of two small scale projects, completely designed by students and counterparts as part of our program. One project is a a combined promotional campaign and training program for an ongoing community-based tourism project, and the other is an arts-based endeavor for promoting the use of the Kichwa language among indigenous youth. The projects will be implemented by the counterpart communities this summer with assistance from our team. Special thanks to our amazing faculty member Will Waters for leading our projects course.

More to come in our next newsletter, which will summarize the results of the entire semester program.   

Pachaysana: Arts fos Social Change in the Ecuadorian Amazon

What can I do? Donations

Pachaysana seeks your small in-kind donations. For the projects listed above, we are in the need of the following:

1) Materials for continued training of local tour guides in the community of Mariscal. We need binoculars; high quality flashlights; used smart phones (for internet use in the community) and field guides of birds, amphibians and animals of Ecuador. 
2) Cameras and video cameras for the Arts and Kichwa language project. Donate your used camera and it will be utilized in a week-long photography workshop in which local youth learn to link image to language to identity.  
3) Donate your used laptop for use in the administration of the projects 
4) Of course we always accept your financial contributions. Right now, we are in the need of funds to conduct community-based research to support the projects. Send us an email to inquire.

If you would like to donate used or new items (field guides are relatively inexpensive on line), send us an email and we will provide an address in the States or Ecuador where they can be sent. All donations would need to be received by late May to early June for use in the projects. 
Pachaysana: Arts fos Social Change in the Ecuadorian Amazon

What can i do?  Promote our services, request a lecture-presentation-residency.

If you are related to a college or university, there are several ways to be part of the dialogue:
1) Promote our Rehearsing Change program to your study abroad offices, faculty and students. As you can read in the above update, the program is not only an educational endeavor, but it finances real-life community-based projects. Send them links to our website.
2) Contract presentations/residencies from our amazing faculty and teaching artists. Little by little we will be adding options on to our website. At this time, you can read about Daniel Bryan's offerings. Our team members are available at different times throughout the year. Write us for more information.

Pachaysana: Arts fos Social Change in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Change the question from "helping" to "being part of"

One thing that we have learned over the years, and much more so during this semester of Rehearsing Change, is that we need to stop thinking about helping others. In many cases, when we use the word "help," a dynamic is implied, or we unintentionally create a relationship in our minds: we have something that others do not and we are giving to others in need.  In some cases, we do this out of a love for service to humanity, in others we do it out of guilt or pity.  At Pachaysana, we are trying to get away from the common conceptions of service or giving. Instead, we suggest moving toward a relationship of sharing or "being part of..." For example, if you share your food or time with a family member, neighbor or friend, is that helping, or is that being part of their lives? 

We ask you to join us in a transformation of discourse: from helping to becoming part of an ever-expanding community. 

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