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Surrey League Cross Country Races This Weekend

Saturday marks the last Surrey League cross country race of the year. 

The Ladies senior race starts at midday in Lloyd Park,close to the tram stop. Our team manager is Sarah Guest, if you haven't received details or would like to, please contact her at

The men's race will be held at Richmond park with a 3pm start for the seniors. The start is close to Richmond Gate with the nearest car park being Pembroke Lodge. Race details here. For more details contact Geoff.


HHH Domination at East Surrey League Relays

On a windy but sunny day on Wimbledon Common the U13s kicked of proceedings with a 1-2-3-4 over the cross country course. Turkay Korkmaz (1st, 11:16) was closely followed by Oscar Millard (2nd, 11:16), Clarissa Nichols (3rd, 12:13) and Fominique Corradi (4th, 12:19).

Next was the Young Athletes relay race consisting of teams of 3 where Herne Hill filled the first 5 spots.The first team completed the course in 32:58 (Ed Olsen U17M 10:08, Billy Black U17M 10:42, Paul Burgess U15B 12:08).

The senior 1.95M event consisted of teams of 4 and our first 'team' back was formed of Chris Busaileh (10:40), Chris Busaileh (11:32), Chris Busaileh (11:53) and Chris Busaileh (10:45). Due to the nature of the event however our first scoring team finished 2nd by an agonising 2 seconds in 46:25 (John Tayleur U20M 10:39, Vic Maughn M50 11:32, Eric Dol 11:53, Ben Hallifax M40 12:21). Our 3rd team which was also non-scoring was led by Damien Wilson who ran 3 legs (14:04, 14:33, 14:16) leaving the final leg for Eric Dol (11:41). Our 4th team finished 15th in 58:38 (John Garber M70 15:44, Suzanne Swaine SW 13:27, Tim Ridley M50 13:23, Sarah Allen w50 15:54)

Full results here.


Weekly Roundup

Tayo Andrews took a massive leap forward in his high jump career as a personal best moved the teenager into the echelons of Britain's best athletes in the discipline.

In jumping 2.01 metres, the 17-year-old Herne Hill Harrier rose to 21st in the national rankings for 2014 and sixth in the U20 list.

Andrews, whose previous personal best of 2.00m was set last summer, was competing in the Windsor, Slough, Eton and Hounslow AC winter series at Eton where he finished first in the U20 event.

The leap was a significant improvement on his form of just a week ago when Andrews jumped 1.91m at the London Indoor Games.

Andrews will represent Harriers in the British Athletics League this summer as the club seeks an immediate return to the premiership following last season's relegation.

Away from the track, Herne Hill dominated the East Surrey League cross country relays at Wimbledon Common, winning each age category. Notably, a solo-running Chris Busaileh beat all other teams, including Herne Hill's senior A squad, as he ran each of the four 1.9-mile legs.

Clubmen were also in action at the latest instalment of the Regent's Park 10k winter series; Louis Waterman-Evans finished 10th in 38.19 and Tom Levitt was 17th, clocking 39.23.

In the pick of the parkrun action, Mohammed Ismail was first at the Brockwell event in 17.12, with Gary Ironmonger third in 17.34. Jonny Muir finished sixth at the Dulwich parkrun in 17.15.

Jonny Muir


Winter Training, as a Veteran!

18 months ago I was asked ‘how have you maintained a decent level as a vet?’  Looking back now, that seems like the kiss of death as I have spent most of the period since trying to overcome IT band problems.  I was a decent county-level runner as a teenager and senior, 8.59 for 3000 as an U17 and 14.35 for 5000 at 27.  As a vet, my pbs include 1500 4.10, 3000 8.48, 3000s/c 9.35, 5000 15.10 and 10000 31.55. Over the years I realised I have little base speed but reasonable endurance. My best performances occurred when I have included quite a bit of speedwork, and have also done my steady runs at decent pace.  Training is very individual, hence what suited me may not work for another 44 year old.  But in the end we can learn from eachother, and so the hope is that this article will encourage others to share their views/schedules.  In this piece I cover winter training, a follow up will address how I prepared for track. 

In response to the question that was posed, I suggested ‘good luck with injuries’ and ‘never being far from the speed’.  I adopted the (Frank) Horwill five pace system through my 40s.  Never adhering rigidly to it, but always ensuring that throughout the winter I was incorporating a good spectrum of fast running.  For a middle distance runner, Horwill’s system would require an athlete to do reps at 400, 800, 1500, 3000 and 5000 pace over a two week period.  Tim Hutchings, Horwill’s greatest protégée, the best British Cross Country runner of the last 30 years (twice second in the world cross country) reckoned this system covered 98% of what was needed, and Seb/Peter Coe (who also adopted Horwill’s approach) described the winter 5km pace sessions as ‘golden’. 

The following is an extract from my training diary over a four week period from 14/10/07 to 10/11/07 (age 44). Weekly mileage includes warm up and down, which varied from 2.5 miles to 3 miles pre and post session.  During my 40s, winter weekly mileage was typically in the 60 to 75 range, running once per day. 

14/10 Hilly 12 m at 6.30 per mile on grass
15/10 3 x 2km tempo on grass (all tempos are 5.30/40 per mile) with 1 min between
16/10 6 x 1100 off 90 secs at 3.10 km pace
17/10 9m at 6.30s
18/10 12 x 400 off 50 secs on grass –68 per rep
19/10 5m at 7.00
20/10 12 x 300m hill on grass
Weekly miles 60

21/10 Hilly 13 m at 6.30 on grass
22/10 8m inc. 20 mins tempo
23/10 4 x 6 mins off 1 min on grass
24/10 9m at 6.30
25/10 12 x 400 off 50 secs on grass 67/68
26/10 6m at 7.00
27/10 won East Surrey Lg XC at Lloyd Pk
Weekly miles 62

28/10 Hilly 13m at 6.30 on grass
29/10 10m inc 34min tempo
30/10 5 x 1 mile off 90 secs, 5.10, 5.08, 5.04, 5.03 and 5.01
31/10 8m at 6.30s
1/11 12 x 400 off 60 secs on canal, 72s
2/11 7m at 7.00
3/11 12 x Greenwich Park hill on grass (this was a staple winter session for ten years and involved just under 2 mins of uphill, first minute steep, second an incline,  and a 45 sec recovery downhill done at pace)
Weekly miles 65

4/11 Hilly 13m at 6.30 on grass
5/11 10m inc 34 min tempo
6/11 8 x 3 mins off 1 min (this was an interesting session I did with Joe Mills, a 3.41 1500 runner.  We alternated leading the reps and each decided the route we would take for the 3 min rep within Greenwich Pk.  Beforehand I was sceptical, as like most runners I liked to know exactly where I’d be going, but after I thought it was a great concept.  Interestingly it chimes with one of Horwill’s ideas i.e. that you should change your training environment/reps, introduce the unexpected to help prepare you for races)
7/11 8 at 6.30
8/11 6 at 6.30
9/11 7 at 7.00
10/11 6th in Surrey League, THH course, 29min 50
Weekly miles 64

Keith Newton


Frank Harmer 10k, 2nd March, Helpers Needed!

Anyone that can help on the day from 9.00-12.00 please contact Steve at or 07721555688.


Photos From the Presentation Evening

Other Results

Regents Park 10k: 10th Louis Waterman-Evans 38:18, 17th Tom Levitt 39:23.

Brockwell Parkrun: 1st Mohammed Ismail 17:12, 3rd Gary Ironmonger 17:34, 19th Kelvin Barber 18:39, 35th Tommy Haycocks 19:39.     Bushy Parkrun: 94th Andy Millbank 21:26 Crystal Palace Parkrun: 26th Tom Singleholden 21:32, 124th Jilly Dolphin 28:58.     Dulwich Parkrun: 6th Jonny Muir 17:15, 167th Noah Sabbagh 27:30.     Greenwich Parkrun: 9th Keith Newton 22:04, 11th Ella Newton 22:06, 30th Isobel Kershaw 24:07.     Griffen Parkrun: 2nd Mike Boyle 18:15, 28th Bernadette Kavanagh 23:11.     Lloyd Parkrun Susan Glinska 28:34.     Roundshaw Downs Parkrun: 18th david Moyse 24:50.


Tri Gear

For Herne Hill Triathlon branded gear please contact Phil ASAP. Products available vary from tri-suits, gilets, cycling jerseys...... 


The Sub-committee meets every two months to plan social events for HHH, the club needs your ideas to help run the events! Contact Sarah for further details.


New Look for The Common Runner, Looking For Contributors

Future editions of The Common Runner will, from now on, be sent out primarily as a newsletter by e-mail. Submission of race reports & photos will be greatly appreciated & encouraged as we try and keep everyone in the loop about race performances as well as other athletic experiences or adventures. For future contributions or ideas please e-mail Eriç (

Tri Coaching

Triathlon chairman Phil Henwood says "I would like to ask people to forward me details if interested in triathlon but not yet on my mailing list. Also, I am establishing a coaching base so again please can anyone contact me who would be interested in completing training towards being a tri coach or assistant coach." Phil's e-mail address is



Upcoming Sessions


Phil, Mark & Wayne's Group:

Thank you to everyone for filling in their Athlete Profiles and returning them to us. What we have seen is that all of you are interested in racing over 10K, half marathon or marathon, which is great.
We will be tailoring our sessions towards those distances so we hope you like them!

PS If you haven't returned your Athlete Profile, please email Mark , Phillip or Wayne or hand in at the session. You can find a copy of the athlete profile here

This week we have a balance of long repetitions on Tuesday and short hills on Thursday. This is the third week of our three-week cycle.


Tuesday, Tooting Bec Common, 7:15pm.

Yes, that's right, we're heading out on to the Common to run around the pavements for these long intervals. Meet outside the track so you don't have to pay!

No tempo run this time since we're doing 10K pace efforts which is so close to tempo pace. 

Group 1: 4 x 1500m @ 10K pace with 100m jog recovery

Group 2: 4 x 1200m @ 10K pace with 150m jog recovery

Group 3: 1200m @ 10K pace, 150m jog, 1000m @ 10K pace, 350m jog, 1200m @ 10K pace.

Thursday, Covington Way, 7:30pm.

We're doing shorter and faster hills to build leg strength and raise lactate threshold.

Group 1: 10 x 240m @ Mile effort

Group 2: 8 x 200m @ Mile effort

This is shorter than the usual Covington Way rep. You'll need to drive hard up the hill to get the most out of this session. After doing a few of these those steady paces on the flat will feel dead easy!

Geoff & Keith's Group:

On Tuesday on Tooting Common we will do a pre Surrey League session of 8 x 3 mins reps on the paths with 1 min rest between each, with our reps alternating directions as usual. Meet at the car park opposite the track at 7.15pm.

Then on Thursday this week we shall have a break from hills to run a session of 10 x 45 sec reps with 45 sec recoveries, again on the path on Tooting Common, meet at the same time, same place as for Tuesday, 7.15pm start.

And don't forget, ALL of our best men and women, please for those Surrey League races on Saturday if at all possible...

Upcoming Races:

  • Sat 8th, Women's Surrey League XC, LLoyd Park
  • Sat 8th, Men's Surrey League XC, Richmond Park
  • Sun 16th, Valentines 10km
  • Sat 22, English XC Championships, Wollaton Park, Nottingham
  • Sun 2nd, Frank Harmer Memorial 10km 
  • Sat 8th, East Surrey League Road Relays, Dorking
  • Sat 8th, Inter Counties XC Championships, Cofton Park, Birmingham
  • Sun 16th, South of England Road Relay Championships, Milton Keynes
  • Thu 3rd, East Surrey League Road Race, Ewell Court 
  • Sat 12th, Herne Hill Harriers Open Meeting
  • Sun 13th, London Marathon
  • Sat 19th, Victoria Park Open 5M
May June July August

For further details on XC & road league & championship races, contact Geoff
Upcoming Social Events:

  • Sat 8th, Quiz Night, The Pied Bull
  • Sat 26th, End of Season Dinner, The Brewer's Inn (£30 per person, 3 course dinner, trophies, reports & guest speaker.)

For more details please contact Sarah



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