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Only 100 days 'til Christmas, folks.
The Weekly Forekast 
Monday, September 16th, 2019

Maybe sit this one out

Trending Events
👽 Storm Area 51

Oh boy. What started as a small Facebook event has turned into 2 million people potentially "storming" Area 51 in Nevada in search of extraterrestrial life. At least that's how many people said they were going on Facebook - the county is expecting 40,000 people to show up. My mom says she can drop us off at Area 51, but she's not picking us up, too. 

Although the event was created comedically, that hasn't stopped local residents and businesses in Lincoln County from taking precautions. 

This should be an interesting day on social media. Keep Twitter open on September 20th. 

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🔥What's Trending This Week?

Trending Event
🎄 100 Days Until Christmas
Who's ready for Christmas music!? Not us, honestly. 

Trending Event
📺 The Emmy Awards
Tune in to find out just how many Emmy Awards Game of Thrones takes home tonight. As long as D&D don't win for writing on the final episode, we're cool. Yes, we're still salty.

Trending Event
🏴‍☠️ Talk Like a Pirate Day
Joke to tell today:

You: What be a pirate's favorite letter?
Them: Rrrrrr
You: No, good guess, but it be the Cccccc

The sea. Pirates like the sea. You get it. 

What Else is Happening?

🌎 International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer and International Day of Peace
There’s a couple of UN International Days this week.  Today, we celebrate the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, which is that little layer that allows us not to get cooked to a crisp at the beach.  Later this week is the International Day of Peace, this year the theme is Climate Action for Peace.

🏉 Rugby World Cup
The Rugby World Cup opens this week with Japan, the host nation, facing off against Russia.  It’s a 20-team tournament which will conclude with the Finals scheduled in the beginning of November.

Product Releases
🍎 Apple Arcade and iOS 13 is Released
Apple is releasing a few of the products it announced last week.  Apple Arcade is a new game subscription service where users can access a catalog of over new and exclusive games across Apple devices.  iOS 13 will also be released on the same day, don’t forget to back-up your phone before you update.

Netflix’s Animated Fantasy Series Disenchantment Returns
Season 2 of the Netflix Series Disenchantment returns this week.  This is the Matt Groening’s fantasy series that premiered in the middle of last year to mixed reviews.

🌿 Between Two Ferns: The Movie and 🍰 Downton Abbey Hits Theaters This Week
Also premiering this week on Netflix is the movie version of the Zach Galifianakis web-series where he interviews celebrities.  In theaters this week is the long awaited Downton Abbey movie, it was released this past weekend in the UK to positive reviews.

⭐ The Best of the Rest

Check out the Forekast website for all the events we couldn't fit into this newsletter.  Below are some other fund events we don't want you to miss:

The U.S. Federal Open Market Committee is meeting this week and there’s much speculation that they could decide to cut rates again.

The WNBA has a little extra excitement this week on top of the on-going playoffs, as the Indiana Fever, Dallas Wings, New York Liberty, and Atlanta Dream hope to win big in the WNBA Draft Lottery.

Cancel the avocado toast, because it's National Guacamole Day.

The Nintendo Switch Lite starts shipping this week, which will delight the people who need something a tad smaller and a tad cheaper.

The 71st Primetime Emmy Awards are this weekend with the Game of Thrones leading the field with 14 nominations.

It’s not October yet, but Oktoberfest in Munich starts this week and runs through October 6th.

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You're All Caught Up! 

Be sure to let us know on Twitter if you see any big events coming up in the future. 

👋See You Next Week!


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