December 19, 2019
Erev Shabbos Parashas Vayeshev, 5780  
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Divisional Highlights
ECE Chanukah Workshops
This week, our ECE parents were invited to school to participate in our Chanukah workshops! The children loved spending time with their parents at school and completing fun Chanukah-themed activities with them.  
KES Melaveh Malka
The 4th and 5th grade girls and their mothers enjoyed an incredible Melaveh Malka on Motzei Shabbos.  They created beautiful picture frames, enjoyed a delicious meal, Kumzitz with glow sticks, and make-your-own sufganiyot.
KES Boys 'Include ALL'
The KES boys are moving forward in the SHINE program, and this week introduced the letter "I" of SHINE, with a great video. Guest actor - Simcha Leiner.
RMS Graphic Math Novels
RMS math students in all grades were challenged to create a comic book, depicting and illustrating a mathematical problem, along with the solution. They were assessed in mathematical content, creativity, neatness, legibility, and timeliness. The students truly did an outstanding job.
DACHS Father and Son Mishmar
On Thursday evening, DACHS fathers were invited to join their sons in our Mishmar Program. After enjoying a great BBQ dinner, everyone packed into the Bais Medrash to learn.  The room was filled with the beautiful sounds of fathers, sons, and Bais Medrash Bochurim all learning together. The program ended with the fathers joining their sons for shiur in each of their classrooms. 
DACHS Mr. Bentzion Heitner's Visit
The DACHS talmidim had the privilege to hear from Mr. Bentzion Heitner this week. Mr. Heitner, the founder of the Heitner Group and Chairman of the Torah UMesorah President's Conference, spoke to the boys about his life story - with a focus on how to be a Ben Torah in the secular world.   Listen now!
BMZE Hosts Mesivta Tiferet Torah
The Bais Medrash hosted the 12th grade of Mesivta Tiferet Torah, the Sefardic Chofetz Chaim affiliate in Queens. We enjoyed learning with the talmidim and having them participate in our shiurim during their stay.
Calendar Reminders
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Tuesday, December 24 - YTCTE Chanukah Mesiba! 7:30PM. All are invited. See flyer
Friday, December 27 through Monday, December 30 - Chanukah Break
One more thing...Don't forget to register for 2020-2021! 

Tuesday, December 24 - No extended TS classes
Thursday, December 26 - No Mishmar

Monday, December 23 - No Night Seder - dismissal at 6:30PM for everyone
Tuesday, December 24 - 6:30PM Early Dismissal, No Mishmar  (YTCTE Mesiba at 7:30PM)
Wednesday, December 25 - DACHS Chanukah Mesiba (during school hours)! 4:30PM Early Dismissal
Thursday, December 26 - 6:30PM Early Dismissal. No Mishmar
Save the Date:
Shabbos of Chizuk with Rabbi Orlowek is only 2 weeks away! 
Thursday Jan. 2, 8:15PM - “Changes and Stages in the Parent – Child Relationship.”
Shabbos Jan. 3-4 in North Miami Beach.
Further details forthcoming.
Featured Article
A Story of Perseverance, and How to Impart the Message to Our Students
Read a powerful article about an amazing woman, and imparting GRIT to the next generation.
Upcoming Events
Featured Shiur
Mazel Tov
Mazel Tov to Rabbi and Mrs. Mechoel Sheinkopf on the engagement of their son Chezky (our alumnus), to Yehudis Modes.

Mazel Tov to Mr. and Mrs. Shlomo Meir Yashar on the birth of a baby girl!

If you hear of a mazel tov about a parent or staff member in the school please let us know by responding to this email.
Parnes Hayom
15 Kislev - L'zechar Nishmas Michoel ben Dovid A"H, and Esther Malka bas Alter Don A"H, by the Kahana Family.

Dedicate a day of learning and davening in memory of a loved one, as a zechus for a refuah sheleima, or in honor of a special person or occasion.

Make an important day more meaningful by supporting the education of the Jewish leaders of our future generations.

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