February 6, 2020
Erev Shabbos Parashas Beshalach, 5780  
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Divisional Highlights
ECE Dentist Visit
Kindergarten has been learning about the human body and healthy habits.  This week we were fortunate to enjoy a visit from Dr. Brody’s  dental office and learned about the importance of brushing and flossing our teeth every day. We are so grateful to Dr. Brody and his team for sharing this important message with our children in a fun and meaningful way. Full Album
KES 2G Trip to Miami Seaquarium
To culminate 2G's manatee curriculum (Florida state's animal), the girls went to visit the Miami Seaquarium to see the manatee exhibit (and the rest of the seaquarium). They saw 2 resident manatees, and two newly orphaned baby manatees. They even got to see one baby manatee being fed formula from a huge baby bottle. The girls asked thoughtful questions and were very knowledgeable. The trainers/keepers were so impressed with our students.  Full Album  
KES Hascholas Gemara Event
This past Sunday, the fifth grade boys and their parents had their Haschalas Gemara celebration. The boys heard Divrei Bracha from Rabbi Ephraim Friedman and Rabbi Aroll about the importance of learning Gemara and Ameilus in Torah. The boys also had an opportunity to share their own thoughts about their excitement for this tremendous milestone. Mazel Tov! Full Album
RMS ELA Students Instruct Their Peers
In Mr. Bailie's ELA classes they have just completed their Information Unit. The students researched, outlined and wrote essays on their specific "How-To" topics. This unit is culminating with each student presenting an instructional segment to the class using any type of tools or medium they choose. Full Album
DACHS 12th Grade Family Trees
The 12th-grade Modern Jewish History class, taught by Rabbi Shlomo Ackerman, learns about the events leading up to and during Churban Europa, and the relocation of Jewish centers of life to both Eretz Yisrael and America. The boys researched and presented their personal family trees, following the experiences of their own families during and after the war.
BMZE Bal Harbour Shabbos 
The Bais Medrash just spent an inspiring Shabbos in the community of Bal Harbour. The talmidim ate Seudos with the local families and learned with the children. So many community members commented that the Bais Medrash gave them all a wonderful impression of what a Yeshiva bochur can become.
South Campus PTA Teacher Appreciation Event
Thank you to the PTA and to all our parent sponsors for the incredible staff melaveh malka on motzei shabbos! Teacher Appreciation Video
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Calendar Reminders
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2020Vision Parenting Classes - Thursday Mornings, 8:45 AM South Campus. All YTCTE Parents are welcome.  
  • TOMORROW Friday, February 7 - No Classes. Rabbi Yossi Heber z"l Professional Development Day

  • TOMORROW Friday, February 7 - No Classes. Rabbi Yossi Heber z"l Professional Development Day
  • Wednesday, February 12 - KES Walkathon!

  • TOMORROW Friday, February 7 - No Classes. Rabbi Yossi Heber z"l Professional Development Day. 
No student classes or minyanim on the South Campus.
Special Program for boys in grades 3-8 at Shaaray Tefilah,
971 NE 172nd St, Miami, FL 33162. See flyer 

  • Thursday, February 13 - No Mishmar. Dismissal at 6:30pm.
  • Friday, February 14 - Out Shabbos, No Classes
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Parnes Hayom
  • 9 Shevat - L'zecher nishmas Avraham ben Peretz A"H, by Mr. and Mrs. Larry Froom
  • 10 Shevat -L'zecher Nishmas Mr. Shmuel Aba Klurman, Shmuel Aba ben Dovid Hakohen A"H, after whom our Klurman Campus and Klurman Elementary School are named

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