January 29, 2020
Erev Shabbos Parashas Bo, 5780  
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Divisional Highlights
ECE Pre-K Planting Unit
To kick off the planting unit (which coincides with Tu-B'shvat), each Pre-K child potted and planted their own plant.  The children were able to choose from tomato, green bean, or beet seeds. As they care for their plants and learn more about the stages of growth and development, the children will observe and document the process. Full Album
KES 4G Siyum
4G-2 celebrated their Siyum on Parshas Vayeishev just before winter break. They made colorful necklaces out of washers and nail polish, and ate chips and salsa. It was a great celebration!   Full Album
KES Boys Notice the Positive
Our first step in "Notice the Positive" (the N of the SHINE program) was noticing the positive in each other with our Compliment Cards! Boys began looking for (and finding!) many positive things to report about each other.
KES 4B Checks for Shatnez
After 4B-1 read about microscopes in their Language Arts class, Rabbi Selmar (grandfather of Avrami Selmar, who is standing to Rabbi Selmar's left) came and gave a demonstration on checking for shatnez using a microscope.
RMS - The Kindness ATM
The RMS students participated in the mitzvah of chesed using the Kindness ATM. The purpose of the Kindness ATM is to inspire students to recognize others for their helpful roles at school whether obvious or subtle, empowering them to create an environment of inclusion and kindness.  Our students are happy to have a way to acknowledge faculty members who are there for them. This project was brought to RMS by Mrs. Sara Levy and Mrs. Chava Mann.  Full Album
DACHS Inspirational Kumzitz with Rabbi Boruch Chait
Rabbi Boruch Chait, Rosh Yeshiva of Maarava Machon Rubin, and famous musician and composer, visited the Yeshiva on Rosh Chodesh Shevat, and led an inspirational kumzitz. Among the many messages he imparted, he shared a story and song that shed light on what we should aim to really accomplish during our precious years in this world. Full Album
BMZE Ruach As the talmidim are more than halfway through the zman, close kesharim have developed between the younger chevra and the older ones. This achdus is apparent in the Bais Medrash, when the talmidim are just talking in learning, and during the off-time they spend together. It was beautiful to see over a dozen talmidim organize their own trip to Orlando together during last week's extended off-Shabbos.
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YTCTE In the News
YTCTE in the Hamodia!

An article about our Yeshiva's incredible initiative to protect our talmidim from the dangers of technology and smart phone usage was featured in the Hamodia. 
Calendar Reminders
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Friday, February 7 - No Classes. Rabbi Yossi Heber z"l Professional Development Day

Thursday, February 6 - Mishmar Part 1 & 2
Friday, February 7 - (No Classes. Rabbi Yossi Heber z"l Professional Development Day) Special Program - 7:30 am - 9:25 am Davening, Breakfast, and Learning
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Upcoming Events
Parnes Hayom
1 Shvat - L'zecher Nishmas Mr. Jerome Anger, Yochanan ben Shmiel Muttel A"H, by the Friedland family in honor of their grandfather.
3 Shvat - L'zecher Nishmas Mrs. Edith Nusbaum, Frumit bas Yosef A"H, loving grandmother and great-grandmother of YTCTE students and graduates - Avi, Yoni, Daniel, Rifka, Elisheva, Ezra, Yehuda, Penina and Leah Pomper.
4 Shvat - Refuah Sheleimah for Chaya Yocheved bas Rivka Sara

Dedicate a day of learning and davening in memory of a loved one, as a zechus for a refuah sheleima, or in honor of a special person or occasion.

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