Erev Shabbos Beshalach, 5782

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Divisional Highlights
ECE -  Parshas Beshalach Yahadus Experience
This week in the Yahadus Experience, we spoke about Shabbos Shira and the middah of hakaras hatov. We show our hakaras hatov to the birds who ate up the mann. The younger children enjoyed acting this out by taking little birds to eat up all the "mann", while the Kindergarten children decorated thank you cards. We emphasized that we must be thankful and appreciative for what the animals do for us, even though they don't understand. The mitzvah helps us become better people and closer to Hashem.

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KES Boys - 4B-4 Siyum on Mishnayos
Rabbi Amster's 4th grade class celebrated finishing their very first Perek of Mishnayos! The boys worked together to produce a class video to show at the Siyum. Each boy chose one sukkah from 'פרק א and made a video using his creativity to demonstrate the case. All the boys did an amazing job. You can check out our video HERE. The boys enjoyed food and treats at the siyum and heard divrei bracha from Rabbi Ephraim Palgon and Rabbi Noam Grossman.

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KES Girls - 5th Grade Winter Celebration 
The 5th grade girls classes recently celebrated the Winter Solstice! They dressed in their winter gear and sipped hot cocoa with marshmallows and whipped cream, They learned about the science behind why the days get shorter, and the air gets colder. The girls created their own snowflakes and decorated the room. The celebration wrapped up with the girls listening for the winter sounds heard in the installation "Winter" from the Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi.

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RMS - 7th Grade Torah Growth
Limud Torah is flourishing in the 7th grade shiurim! Rabbi Stein's class had a celebration for the completion of half of the perek of Hacones and Rabbi Eisemann's class went on a trip to Top Golf for finishing over 1000 amudim on the Wall of Chazzara. Rabbi Fried's students reviewed the gemara they learned by creating visual aids, such as board games, cartoon strips and power points. Rabbi Eisemann's and Rabbi Fried's students spent a morning with the high school bochurim reviewing and applying what they learned about the mitzvah of tefillin.

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DACHS - Chavrusa Shteiging
Each week, 12th grade talmidim learn with Bais Medrash talmidim one on one. This greatly benefits their learning and creates close kesharim. All of the current Bais Medrash bachurim are DACHS graduates. This is amazing nachas on many fronts. The sounds and reverberations of learning in the Bais Medrash creates a beautiful ruach which can be felt and heard throughout the Yeshiva. 
BMZE - Renovation Project
It's all hands on deck as the Yeshiva prepares for the long awaited Bais Medrash renovation project on the Klurman Campus. The talmidim assisted in moving the sefarim and furniture to the dining room and auditorium, so the davening and learning can continue uninterrupted while the construction is ongoing. We look forward to sharing updates on this exciting project.

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YTCTE Highlights
YTCTE Annual Gala
Over 700 parents and friends of the Yeshiva came out to support YTCTE at our Annual Gala this past Sunday evening at Jungle Island. This year's honorees included a memorial tribute to Rabbi Dovid Lehrfield Z"TL, as well as awards to Dr. and Mrs. Mark & Suzy Pomper, Rabbi and Mrs. Eli & Nechama Riesel, and Dr. and Mrs. Raphael & Shira Yechieli. The evening also included a special tribute to Rabbi Morris Esformes in his dedication of the Esformes Early Childhood Center. The evening concluded with a beautiful musical concert by Benny Friedman accompanied by a dessert buffet.

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January 23-30th: Mid-Winter Vacation

Tuesday, January 18th - Walkathon!
January 23-30th: Mid-Winter Vacation

January 23-30th: Mid-Winter Vacation

January 24-30th: Mid-Winter Vacation
*Please note that DACHS Mid-Winter Vacation begins at 1:15 PM on January 24th as there are end of semester exams on 1/24 for all DACHS students.

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