Erev Shabbos Parashas Tazria-Metzora, 5780  

YTCTE Distance Learning - Bringing us all closer together
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Divisional Highlights
The ECE students are so excited to start off each morning with a class Zoom meeting. Seeing their friends and Morahs is a great way to start each day! Pre K-1 students were excited to "bring" a vacuum, vase, violin, vegetables, and vanilla sugar for letter V show and tell!
Mrs. Avigail Shaffren's 4th grade did a CIJE STEM class on Rube Goldberg Machines. Watch how Raffi eats her breakfast!
The teachers and rebbeim have been hard at work preparing materials and supplies for each student. Stay tuned for a pick-up location near you!
RMS held a virtual Back to School Night for parents. Mrs. Reena Rabovsky sent us feedback: "Thank you so much for the wonderful Middle School Back to School Night. This event was a true testament to the care and devotion of the Rohr Middle School staff. Not only did the Back to School Night provide technical information, but the administration also touched on the ruchniyus, social, and emotional needs of the students. It was nice to see all the teachers as well! We are so grateful to YTCTE faculty and staff who have gone above and beyond in creating a fantastic virtual learning platform, while still enabling the students to feel connected."
Click here to watch the Back to School Night
Rabbi Moshe Goldberger surprised Avi Amster with a Social Distance visit in Hollywood!
Click here to read a letter written by 6th grader Yossi Schwartz, to his teachers and rebbeim
Yasher koach to the many talmidim who joined Rabbi Privalsky's daily Zoom shiur (before and after Yom Tov & during Chol Hamoed) plus learning seder over Yomtov, and to the many talmidim who participated in our bain hazmanim chazara program. It gives us all real chizuk to see our talmidim continuing to learn and grow in these challenging times. Yeshiva is now back in motion from a distance, and we are excited to see everyone back and learning with their Rabbeim and teachers.
This week's Shmuess by Rabbi Bergida
A virtual Bais Medrash is in full swing! With 3 sedorim a day, the bachurim learn with their chavrusa surrounded on Zoom with their friends learning "right near by". Shiurim, vaadim, and shmuessin are almost as interactive as if they were in person! Rebbeim learn with small groups in Zoom breakout rooms, providing individual attention. It's a sight to see!
Rabbi Baumann's Letter
Answered Prayers
The past weeks have witnessed an outpouring of Tehillim and tears to a degree we have never experienced....We have been zocheh to some miracles, but we may perhaps be feeling, that overall, our prayers have gone unanswered. Our lives are still in crisis and the tragedies abound. What happened to our Tefillos? Why were they not answered?
Full Letter Online
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Chromebook Requests
The Yeshiva is committed to helping our families have access to enough safe devices to ensure that all our students can learn. Due to the overwhelming demand, we already distributed all of the Chromebooks from all our divisions, in addition to all the additional Chromebooks purchased for distribution. We will be purchasing additional Chromebooks, and we will let you know as soon as they are ready for pickup (we are hoping they will be ready next week).

Please keep in mind that this is a big expense for the Yeshiva at a financially uncertain time, but it is worth every penny to make sure our children can safely learn. If you can sponsor a Chromebook, or if you know someone who can, please let us know. 

There will be a $100 deposit required to borrow a Chromebook, which will be returned to you when iy"H Yeshiva re-opens and the Chromebook is returned in good condition.
Chromebook Reservation Form
Parnes Hayom
29 Nissan
in memory of
Moshe Yaakov ben Shimon A"H & Chaim ben Menachem Nachum A"H
by the Peppard and Braun families
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