Erev Shabbos Parashas Vayakhel-Pekudei, 5780  

Separated by distance, united with a shared goal.
Divisional Highlights
Ma Nishtana? Although this learning is very different from all other learning we've done this year, the children are still keeping up with their Pesach preparations and putting their Haggadahs together.  Pictures have been flooding in of children watching  their morah's Pesach lessons while crafting beautiful pages in their haggadahs.  We are thrilled that the children will still have their very own haggadah to use at the Seder! Keep up the great work!
Klurman Elementary School students discovered and quickly adapted to a whole new way of learning  this week as their teachers taught them through screen or phone using Loom, Google Drive, Google Voice and other technologies.   Stories of children's faces lighting up with delight as their teacher's image appeared on the screen were retold by many.  The school year and the children's progress may have been slowed, but certainly not stopped. The learning goes on!
Empty classrooms do not equal idle time. Boys in the Rohr Middle School have both live and recorded learning sessions with their Rebbeim each day. General Studies learning is achieved through a combination of virtual classrooms, videos, and close contact with their teachers. 
DACHS virtual Yeshiva is in full motion. All the Rabbeim, Teachers, and Students have been "showing up" to class daily! Some of the extra learning programs have now restarted with Rabbi Yachnes's 5-minute daily mussar bite & Rabbi Blinder's daily mishnayos shiur. We are even scheduled to hear a Ketzos Shiur from Rabbi Kier Thursday night and a shmuess from Rabbi Luban on Friday!
BMZE is continuing its intensive schedule from afar despite the challenges. Many talmidim are learning over the phone with chavrusos. The Yeshiva also has all shiurim continuing with Rabbi Luban, Rabbi Palgon and Rabbi Kier giving daily Gemorah shiur over Zoom. In addition to the regular shmuessim, vaadim and Ketzos Chaburah, Rabbi Palgon also added a daily shmiras halashon shiur and Rabbi Kier is giving biyur tefillah shiur as well. The learning continues!
As we all acclimate to this new situation, we are working together to adapt and improve our Distance Learning. Please help us by filling out this survey. Thank you.
Rabbi Baumann's Letter
A Last For Eternity
Stuck at home? Housebound? Locked down? The situation we face is not of our making, but we can make the most of it. 
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Chromebook Requests
We are aware that many families are short on devices and are struggling for all their children to be able to do their classwork on a safe device.  To that end, the Yeshiva is purchasing 100 more Chromebooks that we will be offering to loan to families that need more devices. These Chromebooks will be completely filtered, and students will only be able to access their learning materials. In order to reserve a chromebook, please fill out the form below.
Chromebook Reservation Form
Distance Learning Video
Parnes Hayom
The Yeshiva and its talmidim are dedicating the Torah learning and tefillos during the month of Adar in all YTCTE divisions l'zecher nishmas Rabbi David A. Levine A"H, Dovid Aharon ben Yitzchak Leib Halevi A"H.

Dedicate a day of learning and davening in memory of a loved one, as a zechus for a refuah sheleima, or in honor of a special person or occasion.

Make an important day more meaningful by supporting the education of the Jewish leaders of our future generations.

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