Erev Shabbos Parashas Emor, 5780  

YTCTE Distance Learning - Bringing us all closer together
Divisional Highlights
This week the Pre-K started their art unit! The children were so excited to create their first masterpieces using the oil pastels and watercolors that the morahs sent home. Click here to see the picture album!
This past Friday our Erev Shabbos assemblies were joined by Simcha Leiner! After a dvar torah from our Rosh HaYeshiva, Rabbi Mordechai Palgon, Simcha sang a few beautiful songs. Simcha also recalled his visit to Yeshiva a few months ago where he saw our amazing middos programs. He told the boys and girls how their hard work from home is so special and important and that they should keep up their great work! Watch the boys assembly and the girls assembly.

Is your child having a birthday? Dedicate a book in the KES library in his/her honor! Click here for more information.
Scavenger hunts? Quizzlet live? Zoom Guess Who? Kriah Battleship? Siyumim? There is no end to the creativity and accomplishments of the Rebbeim, teachers, and students of KES!

Mazel tov to 3B-1 on finishing Parshas Toldos!
Mazel Tov to 5B-1 on finishing their first Blatt of Gemara, third Perek of Mishnayos, and eighth Perek of Chumash!
Rabbi Berger's students surprised him with a drive by, beautiful signs, delicious fancy chocolates and more! He was so grateful to have such wonderful talmidim who drove from near and far! Click here to see some pictures!
The talmidim in DACHS are taking on extra learning as a zechus for the cholim affected by the Coronavirus. Some of the shiurim have begun learning Hilchos Lashon Hara. Yasher Koach to many of the talmidim in Rabbi Dreyfuss' shiur for joining a rotation to make informative and inspirational presentations to their fellow classmates about the important topic of Shmiras Halashon.
Rabbi Dreyfuss gave a shmuess this week on the topic of "Minimizing Distractions from our True Goal". You can watch it here.
This week we were zocheh to have Rabbi Avroham Goldman, Rosh Yeshiva of Missouri Torah Institute give us a mussar vaad on the topic of: "The importance and value of keeping a strong connection to Torah and to one's Yeshiva". Rabbi Goldman is a former BMZE rebbe and many of our alumni who are his former talmidim joined. Watch the vaad here.
Distance Learning Tip
Make sure to follow the 20-20-20 Rule:

After every 20 minutes of looking at a screen, look away from the screen for 20 seconds and focus your eyes on something at least 20 feet away.
Teacher Appreciation
In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, and to recognize the hard work of all our amazing teachers, our PTA created beautiful lawn signs and distributed them to the homes of all YTCTE teachers. They also offered each faculty member a pizza dinner for their family. In addition, many classes gave their Rabbeim and teachers collective gifts to show their thanks and some classes even organized drive-by parades in front of some Rabbeim and teachers' homes. The Rabbeim, moros and teachers all appreciated the kind gestures of appreciation as they continue to valiantly teach their students from a distance.  
Pictures Of The Week
Rabbi Baumann's Letter
Appreciate The 'Small' Things
As week after interminably long week of Corona-mandated confinement unfolds, we could all use guidance as to how to maintain our equilibrium, our optimism and our enthusiasm to fulfill our needs and the best interests of our family. There is no rulebook for what we are facing....Read More
Full Letter Online
Download and Print
Featured Shiur
As always, please share your feedback on our Distance Learning program. If your comments are specific to your child's class/teacher/personal situation, please consider leaving your name and/or your child's class, so that we can make sure your concerns get addressed appropriately. (It's always a good idea to share your concern directly with the teacher as well.)
Parnes Hayom
13 Iyar
Refua sheleima for
Chaim Mordechai ben Hilda
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