Erev Shabbos Parashas Vayikra, 5780  

YTCTE Distance Learning - Bringing us all closer together

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To best meet the needs of our students and their families, YTCTE continues to look for ways to improve and enhance our Distance Learning Program. Please take a moment to fill out this survey and provide valuable feedback.
"We are so beyond impressed and pleased with how the Rabbeim and teachers have went above and beyond to make this a smooth transition for the  students. I am so happy to have been able to get a glimpse into my children's classroom."

"Can’t thank you all enough for the thought, skill, dedication and creativity that went into this solution!  Kol hakavod!"

"You might have been the most successful transition of any of the Jewish day schools in the country, based on my conversations nationally."
Divisional Highlights
The ECE staff took advantage of the remote teaching tool and used Zoom to hold a successful staff meeting. It was wonderful to see co-workers, share ideas, and problem-solve as a team, as we navigate this uncharted territory of distance learning together.
Distance learning doesn't affect art! Mrs. Klagge's art students created figure sculptures using aluminum foil.
Many of the boys were excited this week to see their classmates on Zoom! They see their rebbeim and teachers each day, but it was a treat to spend some time with friends!
During this challenging time, Mrs. Miriam Cohen introduced the "Odeh L'cha Hashem" program to the 1st grade. The girls are encouraged to find something each day that they are thankful for, and to make a wall in their home to display the notes.
We will be conducting our semi-annual voluntary learning program over the Pesach break. The Rabbi Elchonon Goldenberg z'l  Hasmoda/Chemda Program has been a mainstay of the elementary school for over 30 years.  Sponsorships are welcome for wishes of Refuah Shelaima, Lzecher Nishmas, in memory of or in honor of someone. Sponsorships begin at $50. Please contact Rabbi Baumann at
It was Toby Levy's birthday and he wouldn't be in school to celebrate with his friends. No worries! His rebbi, Rabbi Kaganoff had a cake delivered to Toby's home and the class was there on Zoom to celebrate. Happy birthday!
Each Rosh Chodesh, each RMS class gets to watch an inspiring and entertaining video from the Rosh Chodesh Project - A Worldwide Emunah Video Curriculum. This month the Vahashayvosa Foundation has decided to make select RCP videos available for home viewing. Please enjoy this special video together with your family!
Rabbi Privalsky, along with a group of talmidim from all different grades (some are shown on the Zoom screenshot below), are 'Zooming' the 2nd Perek of Kiddushin for Night Seder. With extra time on their hands, they chose to join this nightly shiur and chavrusa learning. Yasher Koach to them!
Despite not being in Yeshiva together, the BMZE talmidim are doing whatever they can to keep up their learning with their chavrusos. One talmid struggled to find a quiet place to learn at home in all the chaos and found a safe haven in his garage. One told a story of missing his shtender back in Yeshiva and improvised with his brother's violin stand! The learning goes on!
RMS & DACHS Teacher Support
Students in RMS and DACHS can now get 1 on 1 support from their general studies teachers on Fridays!     RMS info    DACHS info
Rabbi Baumann's Letter
A Parent's Prayer
...Let’s take a few moments to focus on something that is very much in our control. In fact, we have been handed a golden opportunity to make a substantial positive impact on those we love the most.
Full Letter Online
Download and Print
Chromebook Requests
We are aware that many families are short on devices and are struggling for all their children to be able to do their classwork on a safe device.  To that end, the Yeshiva has purchased 100 more Chromebooks that we are offering to loan to families that need more devices. These Chromebooks are completely filtered, and students will only be able to access their learning materials. In order to reserve a chromebook, please fill out the form below.
Chromebook Reservation Form
Distance Learning Video
1. Is it getting annoying having to navigate to your child's Google Drive folder all the time?
There are many ways to create shortcuts to save you time. All devices and browsers have some options to 'Create a Shortcut', or 'Bookmark', or 'Pin to Taskbar'. Usually you can choose one of these options by right-clicking on the folder you want.  If you want specific instructions for your device/browser/program, please email and specify what device you are using, and if you are accessing the files through a browser (which browser? Safari/Chrome/Internet Explorer etc.) or through Google File Stream.

2. Having trouble viewing the Videos? You keep getting the message "Video still processing"?
There is a program called Google File Stream that you can use to access the videos. Most videos that show 'still processing' in a regular browser, load right away when using this program! If you are using a chromebook, you don't even need to download any program - just access the videos through 'Files' instead of through Google Chrome. We made How-To Videos to show you exactly how to set these suggestions up.

3. Do you need to print things, but you don't have a printer? 
- CopyMasters is offering FREE black and white prints of school work. Details.

4. Are you having trouble finding your Zoom class?
Here you can find a list of our teacher's zoom class URLs.
If your teacher sent you their ID, without a link, all you need to do is open your internet browser and type: followed by the ID they provided. This link will bring you right to their meeting. 
Parnes Hayom
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