Erev Shabbos Parashas Behar-Bechukosai, 5780  
Please note: The candlighting time in our YTCTE printed calendar for this week is incorrect. The correct candle lighting time is 7:41pm.

Divisional Highlights
ECE Lag B'Omer Activities
The children in Early Childhood had a great time celebrating Lag B'Omer this week. They enjoyed making crafts and edible bonfires, learning all about Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, exercising with a special zoom kidokinetics program, and singing and dancing with a special Morah Music concert and video. A great time was had by all!  See an album with our activities here.

KES Girls Field Day
Color War is here! The day opened with a school wide trivia game, "How Well Do You Know the YTCTE South Campus?" The girls were then treated to an enjoyable workout with their kidokinetics coach and a special activity that their morahs and teachers prepared. The Grand Sing included the fifth grade leaders teaching a cheer and the skilled KES girls singing and dancing to our YTCTE song. The day concluded with an inspiring video from the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation teaching about good Middos.
KES 5G Mother Daughter Game Show Night
In honor of mother's day, 5G had a special night “out” with their mothers! With Mrs. Ehrenreich as the host, mothers and daughters tested their knowledge in a zoom trivia game to see how well they know each other. They all shared lots of laughs and shared some special moments as well.
KES Boys Field Day
This week, the boys had a virtual blast on Lag Ba'omer enjoying Field Day Zoom style! After opening with a school wide game of Fact from Fiction, identifying how well we know our Rebbeim and Teachers, the boys went on to two class competitions. The day concluded with a Beautiful Grand Sing and an inspiring video from the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation teaching about good Middos.
RMS Amazing Lag B'Omer Talent Show
The RMS students displayed amazing skills and talents! With over 140 ZOOM viewers everyone had a chance to watch and judge via polls that were posted for each participant. Check out the album to see pictures and videos of our incredible RMS talent, including an original quarantine song by Binyomin Rabovsky and AJ Roth.  
RMS Rabbi Paysach Krohn Speaks to Bar Mitzvah Boys
The recent and upcoming bar mitzvah boys of RMS along with all their fellow classmates were honored to hear Rabbi Krohn speak to them in a private Zoom session last Friday. Parents and grandparents joined as well to mark this very special occasion celebrated under unique circumstances.
DACHS - Seudah and Talent Show
The Lag B'omer seudah and talent show zoom event helped DACHS feel the achdus from a distance. After shiur on Tuesday, the talmidim each stopped by their Rebbe's house, and with masks & gloves got a personal hello and a Holy Shnitzel sandwich. They all headed back to their houses and joined the Lag B'Omer Zoom Event, while eating the choshuv lunch. The program began with Divrei Hisorirus from Rabbi Yachnes, who put in perspective what it means when Hashem gives us talents and our responsibility to take advantage of those talents. Then the talmidim's talents were showcased on zoom. Many talmidim put hours of work during their free time at home to put together a video performance of their talent.  Each Talmid was interviewed after their performance was shown, with much laughter and excitement. Feel free to watch all the amazing performances on our distance learning drive. Full photo album.
BMZE Kahoot Game for Lag B'Omer
On Lag B'Omer the local Bais Medrash boys picked up a special lunch from Rabbi Kier's house and received a social-distancing "hug". All the BMZE talmidim were invited to watch the DACHS Talent Show. Later, the Bais Medrash had their own grand finale, an interactive game of Kahoot with the participation of the Hanhalla. 
Distance Learning Tip
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 1. If you don't see today's files on google drive, hit the refresh button! If that doesn't work, try logging out of google drive and logging back in. 
 2 If you are in ECE or KES, your class folder may not be complete until 8am. If your content is still not there after 8am, and refreshing/logging out and in doesn't fix that, please contact your child's teacher.
Pictures Of The Week
Rabbi Baumann's Letter
It Is Never Too Late
An unfortunate by-product of our current situation is a rise in feelings of anxiety. While concern about the future is the main reason for these feelings, as spiritually sensitive, G-d-fearing Jews, many of us have an added layer of concern about whether we are handling and balancing our religious, familial, work and community responsibilities properly.....Read More
Full Letter Online
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Step Up For Students
Important Announcement from our Step Up Office! 
K-12 state scholarships are available now for your children! Step-Up for Students told Teach Florida that families that were ineligible in the past and are now facing financial hardship should definitely apply. Their new financial status due to the virus will be taken into consideration.  Applications are down this year, most likely due to the disruption of everyday life, so there are funds available for new and renewal families. Contact Mrs. Ruchie Berger at with any questions and to let her know that you have submitted an application. Please take advantage of this opportunity by applying NOW at
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