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Divisional Highlights
EECC - Yahadus Experience 
Since we start learning Pirkei Avos after Pesach, this week the Yahadus experience focused on the concept of Dan L'kaf Zechus (Perek Aleph in Pirkei Avos). The children were treated to a puppet show of different  scenarios and were "detectives" using their own magnifying glass to problem solve how they could be Dan L'kaf Zechus. Ironically, the magnifying glasses were a bit blurry, which elevated the lesson in teaching the children that what we see isn't always as it seems, and to see things through a different perspective. 

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KES Girls - 1G Sefira Charts  
1st grade girls worked very hard to create beautiful and creative Sefira charts. The girls learned that in between Pesach and Shavuous, the Omer is counted each evening, signifying our preparation for the receiving of the Torah on Shavuous. They also learned about what is customarily not allowed during this period, including getting haircuts and listening to music. The girls will be able to use their charts to keep track of the days of the Omer. 

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KES Boys - Mishnayos Siyum 
This week we marked the conclusion of our extra curricular Mishnayos program. The boys who participated completed months of extra Mishnayos learning. In celebration, the boys enjoyed a special gala siyum including pizza and french fries. Many seforim were distributed to the participants as rewards. Yasher koach to the boys for the THOUSANDS of extra Mishnayos they learned!

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RMS - Torah Cards
The amazing RMS Torah Cards Program began this week. The boys work hard to earn Torah Cards until they collect a whole set. This can be achieved through learning, reading and reviewing gemara, exemplary class behavior and various mitzvos and middos. After earning a full set, the boys need to learn the content of these cards by heart which earns them points. At the culmination of the program the points are exchanged for wonderful prizes.
RMS - Guest Appearance to the 1st Grade
Mrs. Waldman's first grade class had a special guest visitor this week. Bari Sipper, RMS 6th grade student came to sing "The Feelings Song", composed and produced by Reel Feel Media. The concept was created by Deetza Franklin, a LMHC who is passionate about teaching children social and emotional life skills that can help them throughout life. The songs help normalize and validate difficult feelings, which in turn leads to improved coping and regulation skills. The boys are benefitting from incorporating this innovative (and musical) curriculum into their classroom. 

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Link to Download  Album and "The Feelings Song"
DACHS/BMZE-  Alumni Reunion
DACHS and BMZE alumni returned to Yeshiva for a pre-Pesach reunion a few weeks ago. It was so nice to welcome back our alumni! A delicious bagel breakfast was served, and the talmidim enjoyed reconnecting and catching up with their rebbeim and friends. Rabbi Bergida and Rabbi Winter spoke about the importance of staying connected with Yeshiva and rebbeim, even when we are apart. 

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Parnes Hayom
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