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~~Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine... ~~
January 2016 Newsletter



Arise, my people! Let your light shine for all the nations to see! For the glory of the Lord is streaming from you. Darkness as black as night shall cover all the peoples of the earth, but the glory of the Lord will shine from you. All nations will come to your light; mighty kings will come to see the glory of the Lord upon you.         Isaiah 60:1-3

This little light of mine...

 ...I'm gonna let it shine, as brightly as I can in 2016.  As 2015 wrapped up and another year was left to ponder the mountains and the valleys, I loved that I could look to 2016 and felt God saying, "Dream big, shine bright, don't hold back.... hold my hand and I will take you on the adventure of a lifetime, trust in me, and for sure don't give up". 

The best part is I can slow down, breathe, enjoy creation, spend lots of time with my family, enjoy my friends and all the while 'shine my little light' and let God lead the way. I don't have to cook up the plan, or be fancy or crafty, just obedient and willing to act when He says it's time.

I want to shine more and strive less. I want to quiet my soul to hear His still small voice, and I want to trust that God will make me shine bright as only He can. I love it when I am grumpy and some stranger sends a big smile my way! It always makes me laugh....and well, babies do my heart good anytime there is a cute little face to embrace and better yet cuddle. 

I want to live like the truth "Christ in me the hope of Glory" that can shine through each day. The Glory of the Lord;  justice, mercy and compassion, given freely to my enemy, my neighbor, the stranger, my friend, and my family.  I am hoping to listen more and talk less, so I can know what life is really like for people all around me. I want to walk a mile in people's shoes so I can have more mercy and less judgement.

Above all I want to have a more thankful heart as I think of my friend Ruth and her team in Nepal battling the odds and always thankful and smiling.  My friends Derrik, Francis and Nentawe in Africa absolutely motivating me to be all I can be, and Koko and his team in India hanging on and trusting the Lord as they share the good news in hard circumstances. Erion and his team in Albania makes a huge impact on the next generation in the most creative ways you can imagine. I won't name them all, but I am blessed to have many,many "small groups of friends" called "Fusion" around the globe that sacrifice a lot to make a difference in this world every day, despite the odds. I am grateful they let their lights shine in the darkness and God uses them to reveal His glory!

So what will it be for you my reading friend? Where will your light shine in 2016? What dream have you been having that needs to be launched in 2016?  I would love to have coffee and hear all about it, and dream with you to see it fully realized. 

Thanks for being on the journey!
Yours in Christ,
Jocelyn Hansen

Our Annual Christmas Party
Great conversations and memories from the
Christmas Party on Sunday,
December 6, 2015 @ Joce and Kelly's beautiful farm. 
Global Mission Opportunity
"Mission to Brazil"

July 24 to August 15, 2016

Want to have a life changing experience?  Are you convinced there must be more to life then 'this'? Tired of the 'status quo'? Do you want to have time to ask God, 'What's the plan and purpose of this rat race we live in?'  Don't think of a mission trip as
'going to help those in need'
think of it as a time to re-orient to the One who is what this life is all about.

Are you wondering if it might be right for you to take part in a mission trip in 2016?  How about coming with us to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil next July and August?  

Mission to Brazil has three parts: 
  • Foundations Course  (July 24 to 30): You are invited to be part of this course with many people from Brazil and around the world.  
  • Short School of Mission (Aug 1-3):  Three days of practical training to prepare you for mission where you live and work.  
  • Community Mission Event (August 4 to 15): We will be partnering with churches in the Rio area to do "Open Crowd Community Festivals" in their home communities.   
You are invited to join us for any or all of the parts.

Keep checking our website for more information:  
Facebook page:Festivais Comunitários - Fusion South

We look forward to taking this adventure with you.

"For a Personal and Global Awakening"
At Foundations at Knox EV Free in Edmonton (running Oct 2015-Feb 2016), we asked the question " What's your favorite chocolate?"  Lots of chocolate then proceeded to show up. It was delightful when Polish chocolate turned up and we think of our friend Ela who leads Fusion Poland!
Next Foundations Course in Edmonton Area
  • Hosted by St. Albert Alliance Church in partnership with Fusion Canada
  • Venue: 25416 S HWY 633, St. Albert (Villeneuve Road just west of Highway 2)
  • Weekly Sessions (Tuesdays:  February 2 to April 20, 2016)
    • evenings from 7.00 to 9.30 PM
  • PLUS 2 Saturdays 
    • February 21 and March 21 from 9am - 4pm   
  • Hands on experience 
    • Open Crowd Community Festival
  •  To Register: 
    •  or email

SAVE THE DATE - Looking ahead to September 2016
  • Hosted by Knox Ev Free Church in partnership with Fusion Canada
  • Venue:  8403 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 4G1
  • Weekly Sessions: Starting Tuesday Sept 13
    • evenings begin with potluck at 6pm - session begins 6:40pm
  • Plus two Saturdays
  • Hands on experience
    • Open Crowd Community Festival
  • To register
    • email
    • or call 780.937.4942

Watch for news of Foundations also coming to Morinville in partnership with The Fathers House Church in Sept 2016 also!
It's always good to have proof about who does all the work to set up a Foundations course as everyone else stands around! LOL
Book of the Month
"Reaching Out'
by Henri J.M. Nouwen

This bestseller lays out a perceptive and insightful plan for living a spiritual life and achieving the ultimate goal of that life -- union with God.
Nouwen describes three movements in our spiritual journey. The first, from loneliness to solitude, focuses on the spiritual life as we relate to our own selves. The second, from hostility to hospitality, deals with our relationship with others. The final movement, from illusion to prayer, offers thoughts on the most mysterious relationship of all: our relationship to God. 
Our Suggested "Reading List"
Are you interested in gaining a stronger understanding about Fusion's approach to community outreach and development?  Here is a list of some of the books that have become important to us over the years:
"6 Radical Decisions"
How small groups of Christ followers can change the world through Kingdom Cells!
author: Matt Garvin
This book describes a pattern for Christian mission that comes from reflection on the history of the Christian church and the social reality of the 21st Century. 
6 Radical Decisions contains a small group study guide and is directly aimed at churches and individuals who want to explore what it means to effectively engage the community outside the walls of the church.  
This book can be yours for $15.00 per copy!  
For more info on Matt's book go to

To purchase the book go to
We would value your prayers
on this exciting journey...
  • Pray for the Board of Directors retreat on Jan 30, 2016.  
  • Pray for the Foundations course taking place at Knox Evangelical Free Church, that it would be a significant time for all involved.  
  • Pray for the Foundations course starting at St Albert Alliance Church Feb 2, 2016
  • Prayer of thanks for the growing team
Creative Ways to Support Our Work
The team is working hard to serve communities around Edmonton and across Canada. Would you consider what it might mean to become part of the ministry? Fusion's work is fully supported through donations, gifts and fundraising.
Join us as we continue to keep moving towards the goal!  
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