5 Family in Thailand - The "Golden Triangle".     We are standing in Thailand overlooking the Mekong River.  
Laos is behind Aaron, Burma is on the left side of the photo 
and the mountains behind Jonas are China.
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 One of the  best  parts of what we do  at Taw  Saeng is  visiting the kids'   families in  their  homes.  Most of  these families live  in the poorest areas  of Chiang Mai, surviving only on the fruits of their labor in selling BBQ chicken-innards on a stick, or driving a 3-wheeled taxi called a tuk-tuk. Some of the families are Christian and some are Buddhist, but all of them are grateful for our visit and the bag of food we bring to them. We ask each family how we can pray for them and each one responds with a need of the moment. One young Christian father of a family of four was in tears, sharing with us about his gratitude to God for delivering him from serious criminal accusations from the Thai police that he was innocent of. We prayed with the parents of another one of our students with a serious heart condition. This family asked us to pray for his healing and provision for an expensive open-heart surgery in October. The surgery will likely cost around 35,000 Thai baht (a little over $1,000 US dollars), and they will get some help from the government for part of it, but the remaining balance will likely be close to what this family makes over several months. I can see God using these opportunities to touch many lives and open doors for the gospel and maybe one day a church! Please join us in praying for these opportunities and for these families.
Grace & Peace,

Have you ever experienced something that was almost unexplainable, so amazing that you could hardly put it into words?  That was our family's experience a few weeks ago.  How do you explain a room filled with seven Americans, two Thais, two Filipinos, one Irish college student and 11 Burmese orphans?  He brought us all together to share in a ministry dream of seeing a small village right on the border between Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) be changed by the hope and saving grace of Jesus Christ.  We fellowshipped together, ate pizza, shared in a time of worship and dreamed about how to reach this community that is 99.99% Buddhist, having no Christian outreach, and where most likely every household in the village has sold a family member into trafficking.  As we sat around the table and discussed holding an English camp in the local school, we quickly realized that God had already gone before us in our dreams and plans.  By the next day, God had done many amazing things: granted favor from the village leader, provided a house for indefinite use in the village which can be used for a long-term English teacher or teams who come to serve the community, provided a couple to pay the rent for a year, gave us the favor of the village adults already requesting English classes for themselves.  All I can say is WOW!  Join us in praying for this developing Garden of Hope ministry project and stay tuned to hear how this village is changed by the love of Jesus Christ.
5 Family Fun
Elyssa & her friend Four

Micah & his buddy Lift

Jonas & Micah played soccer w/ the Taw Saeng boys

Taw Saeng staff enjoyed      a day at the lake

Beckner biker gang!

1. Continue to pray for the kids &        staff at Taw Saeng.
2. Pray for the blossoming                 ministry project in Mai Sai.
3. Praise for God's hand at work.

4. Pray for Jonas & Elyssa as           they finish school.
5. Pray for our week in Hua Hin,    Thailand.  We will visit Aaron's        brother Kieran & his ministry and    enjoy time at the beach.

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