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From my desk in the office

Hello <<First Name>>

Winter is arriving soon 'Down Under' so time to plan your summer holiday up north! Airfares are so so cheap compared to many years ago. If you are flying business class then get in quick as seats are flying out the door! Many airlines are taking out First Class seats and more and more Baby Boomers are flying Premium Economy. 

If you are an online hotel booker then try the Expedia widget on my website below. Same price as the public website and I can buy some more baked beans!

Car hire can also be booked and prices all in Australian dollars. You can do this anywhere in the world with no exchange rate fees!

I'm off to Georgia and Armenia in September and then cycling up the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. So get your holiday planned and/or booked before I go.

'Aspire to inspire before you expire'

To read more on anything below just click Colinthescot

Most Aussies book with travel agents - not online

According to research from Roy Morgan, travel agents are still number one when it comes to booking overseas trips! I mean, we all know agents are the best option when it comes to booking travel, but now we have confirmation. More at colinthescot

Email me now to book your next walking or cycling holiday
Expedia is one of the best value hotel booking engines I use. So to make it easier for you I have a link on my website. Same price to you and I make a few bob. Not bad for a Scotsman!!
Drive your car
Driveaway is a car hire broker and here you will find competitive prices in many countries of the world. Book anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world and pay in Australian dollars!
Travel insurance
Covermore and Allianz. You choose. Both very good and reliable.  Compare my prices and remember "if you can't afford travel insurance, you can't afford to travel."

Airbus plans beds in cargo holds!

Airbus has revealed a plan to put beds in passenger planes’ cargo holds. The company has teamed with an outfit named Zodiac Aerospace that already tucks crew rest quarters away in the bowels of planes. Details at Colinthescot

Book cars, accommodation, travel insurance or to be inspired

Great value airfares in October and November

May not be the best months to travel in Europe but you can be assured there won't be queues at the major attractions!

London with Cathay Pacific economy class at $1258 companion fare.
London with Garuda business class $5540 - stopover in Bali maybe?
Premium economy to Europe from $3500 with Japan Airlines.

All fares include tax which can vary depending on exchange rates.

Read about the Celtic Camino

The unlikely country getting a nudist beach!!

One European country is set to debut its first nude beach, and it’s not exactly a country known for its coastline. So where will these nudies be on display alongside the shoreline? More at Colinthescot

Watch a plane being cleaned in 25 minutes!

8 must have travel apps 

Technology is changing the way we travel. From automated receptionists to facial recognition scans, it ranges from the clever to the creepy. In light of this, sometimes it’s nice to sit back and look at the smaller advances in technology that are helping travel and travellers. More at colinthescot

Travel warnings put out by DFAT.

Banned from hotel for 17 years - finally allowed back

Well 17 years ago, Nick Burchill experienced just that – a ban from a five-star hotel because of a suitcase full of pepperoni sausages. Yes, we’re serious.

Burchill was staying at the Fairmont Empress in Victoria, Canada, and left his room window open to keep his pepperoni from going bad. Cue 40 sick seagulls ruining the hotel room, thus leading to the ban.

More at Colinthescot

Join me in Scotland next year

Scotland is a country steeped in history and tradition. The scenery is magnificent and the people are amongst the friendliest on earth (well I had to say this). After walking the West Highland Way many times over the past 23 years it is time to change the itinerary and spend less time walking 22km a day, day after day. So I have put together another itinerary which includes some driving as well as walking and taking in a different part of Scotland. I am focusing on the islands off the west coast, the Inner and Outer Hebrides such as Arran, Skye and Harris. More at Colinthescot

Hike, Bike and Kayak - Hiroshima by sea is wonderful

We are excited to offer our first self-guided multi-sport tour, taking in cycling, gentle sightseeing walks, hiking and kayaking. Colinthescot

Cruise the Caribbean with MSC Cruises

Itineraries to inspire you around the world, from the riches of the Mediterranean to the rhythms of South America. More at Colinthescot

Main food and drinks to avoid on airplanes

Certain food and drinks aboard planes are worse than others – either because they’re not cooked properly, not great in the air, or will just annoy the sh*t out of your flight attendant. More at Colinthescot

Plastic free cruise line - a World first!

By 2nd of July, everything from plastic straws, drink mixers, plastic glasses, coffee lids and plastic bags will be removed from all Hurtigruten ships. More at Colinthescot

And finally..

Sir James Dewar (1842 - 1923) invented the dewar flask to keep liquids cool in the laboratory. The idea became the domestic thermos flask, which keeps hot liquids hot as well as cold things cold by isolating them from their surroundings, thus reducing the flow of heat. His scientific career was noted for his pioneer work on low temperature physics and vacuum techniques. He was the first to liquify hydrogen.

Scottish Doctor George Cleghorn definitely had his priorities in check. Back in the 1700’s, he found that quinine was the solution to treating malaria. British Officers working in India had to drink quinine to protect themselves from the deadly disease. They added sugar, water, lime and gin to the quinine to take away the rough taste. Alas the G & T was born. Quinine is used in tonic water but at a much lower level and is dissolved to give tonic it’s eclectic taste.

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