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Committee Update...


Passing the covid test

It was inevitable that we would have a visit to inspect our adherence to covid restrictions with Oktoberfest drawing large amounts of attention across our community.

Es war unvermeidlich, dass wir einen Besuch abstatten würden, um zu überprüfen, ob wir uns an kovide Beschränkungen halten. Das Oktoberfest zog in unserer Gemeinde große Aufmerksamkeit auf sich.

And so it was that Saturday night we had two officers from Liquor Licencing checking our licence compliance as well as acting on behalf of the Department of Health to maintain covid safety. Well - the great news is that our feedback was entirely positive with big ticks on the checklist for signage, hygiene and information. Social distancing and checking in processes were highllighted as especially good as were the levels of staff training, covid safe traffic flow, record keeping and kitchen and bar operations. Well done to all committee and volunteers for taking the regulations seriously and making the visit such a great outcome for us. We had been preparing for this and attended Cairns Council information sessions, tafe online training as well as implementing advice from the Queensland Department of Health directives.

Und so war es an diesem Samstagabend, als zwei Beamte von Liquor Licensing unsere Lizenzkonformität überprüften und im Auftrag des Gesundheitsministeriums handelten, um die Sicherheit zu gewährleisten. Die gute Nachricht ist, dass unser Feedback mit großen Häkchen auf der Checkliste für Beschilderung, Hygiene und Informationen durchweg positiv war. Die soziale Distanzierung und das Einchecken von Prozessen wurden ebenso hervorgehoben wie die Schulung des Personals, der sichere Verkehrsfluss, das Führen von Aufzeichnungen sowie der Betrieb von Küchen und Bars. Vielen Dank an alle Komitees und Freiwilligen, die die Vorschriften ernst genommen und den Besuch zu einem großartigen Ergebnis für uns gemacht haben. Wir hatten uns darauf vorbereitet und an Informationsveranstaltungen des Cairnser Rates, an Online-Schulungen sowie an der Umsetzung von Ratschlägen der Richtlinien des Gesundheitsministeriums von Queensland teilgenommen.


Thank you to all  who came to covid-Oktoberfest and supported the club buy buying some beers and having a great time. What a great response from our volunteer team too!

Vielen Dank an alle, die zum Covid-Oktoberfest gekommen sind und den Club dabei unterstützt haben, ein paar Biere zu kaufen und eine tolle Zeit zu haben. Was für eine großartige Energie auch von unseremTeam von Freiwilligen!
Not only did they stay on their feet for up to 12 hours per weekend, they backed it up with cleaning, purchasing and planning sessions on Sundays and Mondays.

Sie blieben nicht nur bis zu 12 Stunden pro Wochenende auf den Beinen, sondern unterstützten dies auch durch Reinigungs-, Kauf- und Planungssitzungen an den Tagen danach!

The next meeting for the committee will be held shortly. If you have any feedback from Oktoberfest, ideas or general suggestions, please feel free to raise them with Lotte or any of the committee.
Die nächste Sitzung des Komittees wird in Kürze stattfinden. Wenn Sie Feedback vom Oktoberfest, Ideen oder allgemeine Vorschläge haben, können Sie diese gerne mit Lotte oder einem der Komitees besprechen.

Jubilee sponsor 2021

A celebration of the Schnitzel!

Well done

Congratulations to Oompah Band for stepping into the three weekends of playing. Feedback was very positive each week and the audience very much appreciated the repertoire.

Great innovation

Getting kids involved in music making.

Things germans say...

1. Das ist nicht mein Bier.

Literally: That is not my beer.

Meaning: I’m not interested; I don’t like it.

It’s no secret that Germans love their beer — and also the occasional American IPA or Irish Guinness. Could it even be that “love” is too weak a word for this special relationship? Beer has become one of the main German cultural goods and maybe the only conversational ice breaker for every German person. In Germany, your choice of beer brand or beer type says a lot about you. In a way, you are what you drink. The six pack of beer you bring to a party is even referred to as your “six friends” (sechs Freunde). So if you say that something is not your beer, you are conveying, in the clearest way possible, that you want nothing to do with it.

2. Drück mir die Daumen.

Literally: Press your thumbs for me!

Meaning: Wish me luck!

Try pressing your thumbs to the rest of your fingers. Looks a lot like a fist, right? But don’t mistake this gesture as an indication of violent intent. It might just be that your best friend is “pressing the thumbs” to either wish you good luck, or asking you to wish her good luck. It’s the German equivalent of crossing your fingers. Now good luck trying to interpret the true intention behind every fist waved in your face!

3. Jetzt mal Butter bei die Fische.

Literally: Now butter for the fish.

Meaning: Get to the point!

Not only is this a useful phrase to ask someone to pass the butter, it’s also your key to interrupting a tedious rant. Simply utter this phrase, and your conversation partner will get the message that they need to get straight to the point. We Germans need our facts, so serve them quickly, please!

4. Abwarten und Tee trinken.

Literally: Wait and drink tea.

Meaning: Wait and see.

This useful phrase might be the most elegant way of expressing both your inability to change a future outcome as well as your acceptance of said outcome. Instead of stressing out over your exam results or the night bus that hasn’t shown up, you brew yourself a metaphorical cup of tea. It might be true that this popular expression was used primarily when drinking tea was a cold’s remedy — but nowadays, drinking tea is blissful enlightenment.

5. Achtung!

Meaning: “Attention!” or “Heads up!”

This call for attention might only be one word, but Germans make use of it in a variety of contexts. Want to give it a try? Just replace long sentences like, “Look out, that ice block could fall any second and crush your skull,” or “Get out of my way,” or “Listen, someone is about to say something really stupid,” with a heartfelt Achtung! The advanced speaker may use it in combination with an infinitive. Is that guy over there bothering you? Just tell him, “Achtung, weitergehen!” Irritated by your street cred and impressed with your authority, he’ll be sure to get a move on.

6. Rechts stehen, links gehen.

Literally: Right stand, left walk.

We never really think much about escalators, and why should we? They bring us from the subway to the city surface or from the 4th floor of the mall to the 5th. But in Germany there are rules to escalators. If you leisurely take the escalator, stand on the right side. If you are in a hurry, walk up the left side past the standing people. And if you don’t obey the (until now) unwritten rule, someone might shout that phrase at the back of your head.

7. Das war ja so was von klar.

Literally: That was so clear.

Expectations can be a complicated thing: too high, too low, or just plain unrealistic. This popular German phrase is the perfect response when you expect to be disappointed — and you end up being disappointed. In such situations, this phrase provides the small comfort of at least being able to say you were right.

8. Palim, palim!

Humor and Germany go together like Döner Kebab and ice cream, right? Well, believe it or not, these can be combined.

An iconic comedy sketch by Dieter Hallervorden introduced the onomatopoetic words palim, palim for someone entering a shop and imitating the bell sound. Whenever you enter a German shop and you’re being ignored, try bringing attention to yourself. If you’re brave, try, “Achtung! Palim, palim!”

9. Wir sind ja nicht aus Zucker.

Literally: We’re not made of sugar.

Meaning: Don’t be a wimp. The rain can’t hurt you!

Your friend Anna is having reasonable doubts: It’s raining, but you want to go for a walk without an umbrella. Now, how do you convince your skeptical friend that she’ll be fine? This sweet and useful German phrase should persuade her with the simple reminder that, unlike sugar, humans don’t melt in the rain. Anna might put on a sour face, but she will surely follow your lead.

10. So jung kommen wir nicht mehr zusammen.

Meaning: We’re not so young anymore.

It’s 4 a.m. and you are having a hard time convincing your friend to hang around for one more beer. What to do? Simply apply the omnipresent fear of old age, death and the ravages of time: “We’ll never be as young again as we are now!” So seize the day… and start using these German phrases to make your life so much easier!


Our Solar panels are in place and pumping out power 

And we can see what we are generating, what we are using and what is going in to the grid.
On a BIG night like Oktoberfest, we can see all the details.

The blue line shows the level of power use. While there is nobody there, you can see it's fairly consistent, then when the sun comes up we start making our own power, but then as the day goes on, we make more than we need so it is sold to the grid (grey). When the preparations and partying kicked off our usage was mostly covered by the solar (yellow). After the sun goes down, our power usage continues and we use from the grid and get charged for this.

On a non-event day, we make more than we use in general like today for example:

Usage all day was pretty consisten and we barely used all that lovely power generated by the panels while the sun was out.

For once we are looking forward to seeing what our next power bill will be.

The committee is very grateful for the support of the Queensland government in the Gambling Community Benefit Fund. The application and expenditure has now been completed so we are able to apply for another project.


How good were our Oktoberfests?

Your feedback and ideas are welcome.
And this week it is happening in the club...

Kitchen update




Bar Update

We are doing some great work having German beers in our bar. While we are almost out of the Lowenbrau, we still have some great options with specially imported beers.

And we are bringing back the....

Coming events

Date Day Event
23. Oktober Freitag Schnitty Shindig
30. Oktober Freitag Kürbisfest: The great Helloween Pumpkin Festival
6. November Freitag Ein Besuch am Alex: A visit to Berlin Alexanderplatz
For Berliners and all other kinds of buns
13. November Freitag Cairnser Volksfest: A festival for the people of Cairns with Oompah Band 
20. November Freitag Parmi Party (Schitzel night)
27. November Freitag 'Das ist mir Wurst' Abend
5. Dezember Samstag Nikolaus
with Oompah Band
11. Dezember Freitag Weihnachtsparty

with Oompah Band

Dinner is free for all members who have paid their 2021 membership! What a great way to celebrate the most UNUSUAL year ever.

Enzian Tanzgruppe

Breakup for 2020 celebration Wednesday 29 October. 

After a hectic year of regular performances, the Enzian kids will take a break now over Summer and we will all prepare to come back together at the end of January in 2021.
So our last gathering will be a party in the club! Pizza and Ice cream on 29 October at 5pm. It will be a great way to celebrate a rather unusual year.

Enzian adults are taking a rest after regular performances all through the year - even after covid conditions eased.We are having this week off practice and will be getting the bar back together for regular events, and then we will start looking at dances and events for 2021.
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