Healthcom helps healthcare providers increase patient satisfaction and reduce readmissions through a strategic blend of technology and exceptional support services.

Our services make it easy to stay connected to your patients after discharge and reinforce your relationship with them, while avoiding unnecessary hospital visits.

Each month, Healthcom technology enables approximately 73 percent of our clients to be helped at home without having to be transported to the hospital.

Anatomy of a Fall: What Really Happens to the Elderly

We hear a lot about how dangerous falls are for older Americans, especially those living alone. The numbers are particularly harsh when it comes to hip fractures – 90 percent are caused by falls, and 250,000 Americans suffer one each year. They’re the leading fall-related injury causing hospitalization, and recovery is long and costly. But do we really understand the true ramifications of falls, and what they mean for our patients? To get an idea, let’s take a look at what happens in the minutes, hours, days and even months after a fall.

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Mobile Medical Alert Services offer a new level of freedom and mobility.

If you have an interest in reducing readmissions and offering the latest service options to your clients, we have a solution for you.

Please join us for a FREE online webinar that will explain how you can use medical alert services to effectively reduce readmissions and improve your clients safety and peace of mind.

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"I Love Carelink."

A 2008 construction accident left David Brown paralyzed from the waist down. After living in a nursing home for seven years, at age 53, wheelchair-bound David just wanted to live in an apartment on his own. His caregivers talked to David about subscribing to the CareLink service to ensure that help would be only a button push away should the need arise.

Just three weeks after David moved into his apartment, he had an emergency that required medical assistance and a hospital stay. Thankfully he had his CareLink pendant on and received help quickly. David loves that CareLink allows him to live on his own and be independent once again.

David said, “I love it and am happy I signed up with CareLink”.

Reducing Readmissions: 5 Ways Technology Can Improve Care Transitions

Moving from one healthcare setting to another presents one of the biggest challenges in a patient’s treatment plan. Here the possibilities for medication errors, setbacks and readmissions skyrocket, unless an effective care transition plan is part of the care continuum. The most common issues with care transition revolve around communication, patient education and accountability. Leveraging some of the latest telehealth technology can have a surprisingly significant impact on care transition – some say reducing readmissions by almost 50 percent. How?

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Our Professional Installers Make The Grade

Meet our Installer: Ventress Herron 

“Your installer was friendly, courteous, professional and very interested to see that the equipment worked properly. He represented you well.”
- Ted Fray, CareLink customer

Product Feature 

Numera Mobile Medical Alert Services

CareLink Numera gives today’s active seniors and their families freedom, security and the ability to manage their health at home or away. It travels virtually anywhere, delivering the functionality of a Mobile Medical Alert Unit with the enhanced safety features of fall detection and GPS locationservices.   

New Study Launched to Document Home Care's Actual Impact on Healthcare Outcomes and Costs

Last month, researchers from Harvard Medical School's Department of Health Care Policy announced that they have launched a joint partnership with ClearCare, a company that provides a software platform for non-medical home care agencies, and Right at Home, the senior home care franchise corporation. The program, titled "The Intervention in-Home Care to Improve Outcomes," or simply "In-Home," will test a large scale randomized intervention aimed at preventing hospitalizations, improving health outcomes, and lowering Medicare spending among private-pay home care recipients.
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