Dear Friends,

I hope you all had the opportunity to enjoy the Summer and now your are back refreshed for a busy Autumn and Winter ahead of us. Most of Europe has experienced the hottest summer ever. It did give us the opportunity to think about climate change, and to realise again that we need to have a say on everything that has an effect on the future of our children. So I am convinced, and I hope you are, too, that officially declaring EPA is the voice of parents on all topics affecting the lives of children and parents was a wise decision back in 2014. This summer we finally received the Royal Decree acknowledging it. Although it was only an administrative matter, it makes our case stronger when it comes to speaking up and lobbying for ourselves and our parents. During the summer I received a few invitations that prove the above. In the field of health for example they were working on the basis of assumptions, that also means parents' rights have not been considered at all. We can be sure we will be busy in the forthcoming months and years, but this is our duty as the Voice of Parents in Europe.

These thought will surely be discussed by the Board of EPA at the end of this week. We'll be working on preparing the mid-term 2018-2020 Working Programme of EPA, a crucial few years before the new budgetary period of the European Union. We will consult all of you before proposing the plans at the next GA in November. Do not forget to save the date, we are meeting in Tallinn on 24/25 November. You will receive the official invitation towards the end of September. 

EPA had a busy and productive summer. You can read our reports on the blog, but I have also highlighted the most important ones on the right hand side. The ELICIT+ project ended and we had the opportunity to publish a full training manual that you are also free to use.  We have a few new projects starting in the Autumn, stay tuned, and check our website and blog regulary for news.

Eszter Salamon

Ensure you receive all important information from EPA

Newsletters always contain important and official information from EPA. As you already know, according to the new EU GDPR regulations we will have to delete e-mail addresses that are not included in the member's form from our mailing list. If you haven't done so, please send your form as soon as posssible. 

Invite us, share with us

As always, I am inviting you to share news or hot topics that you are dealing with in your own countries. Send us a short, one paragraph newsflash in English that we can publish on the EPA blog to share your projects, success, good practices or concerns with other members.
As you know we have allocated a somewhat larger budget for representation for 2017. Some of you have invited members of the Board to your national events and they seems to become more and more popular. One or two members of the Board are happy to join you if you invite us, sharing costs, EPA covering travel and you covering accommodation and subsistence. This may help you in national advocacy or showing your national members the importance of your EPA membership.
In both the Social Platform and the Lifelong Learning Platform (EPA being a member of both) we are working on supporting the national cooperation of social and education NGOs that share at least their being Europeans, belonging to a European family like EPA. Inviting a Board member or two may offer opportunities for this, too.

ALCUIN Award 2017

It is time to submit your suggestions for the 2017 ALCUIN Award using this form. Submission deadline is 15 September, as usual.

Start Organising your European Day of Parents and Schools
10 October 2017

Join the celebration of #ParentsAndSchools Day on 10 October, organise an event in your school or publish your videos on social media. This years main topics are career guidance, inclusion and 21st century education.

New Work-Life Balance Regulations should not punish Parents
The EC has restarted dealing with the issue of parental leave after dropping the Maternity Leave Directive that bore the full support of parents' associations around Europe. However the new initiative has failed to listen to the voice of  parents  raised in 2015 in our reconciliation package. We have contributed to the public consultation to try and protect our rights, we are yet to see if successfully.

Apprenticeship Alliance celebrates its 4th Birthday
A high-level event was organised by the European Commission in close cooperation with the Maltese Presidency at the end of MayThe event created very positive momentum combining policy, practice examples and content around the 4 year anniversary of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships.

Learning to Live Together
300 representatives of public authorities, education professionals and non-governmental organizations from 45 European countries met for a 3-days Conference at the Council of Europe (CoE) in Strasbourg, to analyse the Report on the State of Citizenship and Human Rights Education in Europe key conclusions and to renew their commitment to the charter implementation to further enhance education for democratic citizenship and human rights, and to use the Report highlights to propose Key actions for the next phase of this effort.

Focus on Entrepreneurship
The first European Entrepreneurship Summit was held on 11-12 July in Brussels. Organised under the umbrella of the EE-HUB, the event gathered academics and experts in entrepreneurship education, policy-makers and government officials, educators, business and NGOs representatives. 

Education in a Digital World
We were given the opportunity to report on the LLL-P conference in the form of a blog post in the London School of Economics' Parenting for a Digital Future website. It was a result of our involvement in the DigiLitEY project since this Spring and our commitment to ensuring the rights of parents and children when the GDPR will come into force. 

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