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Airport Travel: Keep Your Head Up

Spring has finally arrived!  With this new season, comes more travel, for some in particular spring break travel.  It’s a challenge to navigate trips during peak vacation times. I recently came across the following airport complaints on Facebook:  “What is it about airports that turns all human beings into selfish beasts?”  And a few days later, “We could use a big dose of CONSIDERATION for others.”  In response to these posts, I challenge us all to keep our heads up and be our best selves when travelling, whether for work or pleasure. 
When we move from one place to another, our people skills become even more conspicuous for better or for worse. When you are moving through the narrow aisle of a plane on its way to Disneyland for a family trip, or to Boston for a conference, the way you (and your family) move(s) tells a great deal about you. Try to keep these ideas in mind on your next trip:
  • Speak and laugh quietly as you move through the airport, or once you reach your seat.  No need to upset the train of thought of others around you.  They may be having a quiet conversation, or trying to concentrate on the newspaper article they are reading. (Being the loud talker, seeking to be noticed, is definitely NOT a great way to be remembered!)
  • Keep your eyes open when you move.  This is particularly tough when you’re catching a tight connection, arrive to the airport a bit late for your flight, or get hung up in a long security line.  When you must move quickly among people perhaps carrying something that may hit them, like a suitcase or a backpack, look where you’re going.  And if you end up whacking someone, apologize left and right with sincerity and a smile.
Look around and respect others’ space next time you are in the airport or on a plane. Think of others around you, and then you’ll do the right thing.  If we remember to move quietly and carefully in our travels, we will all have a better trip.

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Airport Travel: Keep Your Head Up
How do you want to be remembered?
Supporters and Clients
What people are saying...
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