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Hey Friends!

I can't believe it's summer!  Even though schools are out... Summer is still a great time for learning but in fun creative why not try YOGA?!

In the mist of all our summer school programs starting, as always we're so excited to have lots of fun family events for you and your little one.  On June 11th we have a family yoga event to support Athleta in their new Kids Apparel line.  The family yoga classes are great for introducing kids to yoga and mindfulness through music, fun and interactive play.  It's so important for kids to stay connected to their child-like freedom, and through these classes they'll develop not only balance, coordination and focusing skills - but they'll gain confidence, release stress, and learn to express themselves freely!  This is an ideal class for families with kids ages 3-10. It'll be a fun morning event where you and your little one will both get in touch with your free spirit and afterwards, maybe go on a little shopping spree.

I'm ecstatic that this month Wee Yogis is beginning to shoot our Mindfulness Series for our new channel on the Whole Life Network! Stay tuned for all new Wee Yogis videos on mindfulness. In the meantime, take a look at our other fun videos! 

Also, if your little one loves yoga and loves to be in front of the camera, please let us know! We need some Wee Yogi Superstars for our videos!

After many requests from parents for yoga and mindfulness exercises to do with their kids in our newsletter, we're excited to start adding these treats for you every month. 

Bring yoga and mindfulness to your family!!!!

Yoga Pose of the Month:
Tree Pose

Tree Pose is a great pose to learn to start of the summer to build confidence, balance and develop concentration!


  • Find a spot in front of you to focus on
  • Ground one foot into the floor
  • Bring your other foot to the ankle or inner thigh
  • Reach your hands to the sky

Safety Tips

  • Make sure the foot is either on the calf or above the knee on the thigh

Wee Yogis Fun games and Songs for teaching Tree Pose

  • Tree Pose (On our Wee Yogis Play Album)
  • Yoga Freeze Dance

Mindfulness game:
On our second album Wee Yogis Connect (which is on Spotify) there is a song called Sound Adventure.  This mindfulness exercise is great and easy to do with your kids. Have your kids sit down cross-legged with a piece of paper and pen. Laying down is a good alternative if they're not comfortable sitting . Play Sound Adventure; have them write down the sounds as they hear them. You can also do this exercise with younger children that haven’t started writing yet by having a fun discussion about the different sounds they heard.

You can learn more about these and other activities at - which will also include our teacher training dates and videos for the kids!

Kids Yoga news in the Bay area:
The fact that Athleta is now launching their new Kids Apparel line just goes to show how much impact kids yoga is having on families today!  More and more families are embracing the idea of teaching yoga to their young children and helping to foster a new generation of confident, self-assured, and mindful beings.  It's wonderful to be a part of this movement and to continue helping spread the joy of yoga to people of all ages!!!    


Here is more info on our Summer Events:

Upcoming Events




   Family Yoga
Athleta Corde Madera
, CA
Saturday June 11th




Nike Pre-Teens Yoga Camp 
YogaWorks Larkspur Landing, CA

July 18th- July 21st 

Wee Yogis Teacher training
Module 1: Wee Yogis Play
August -San Francisco




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Love you lots and thank you all for your support! Yay! Wee Yogis!!!
xoxox Jocelyn "Jyoti" Kay Levy

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For more details, pricing & registration for teacher trainings please go to: or email

Teacher Training: An incredibly fun, heart opening, and educational experience; the  95-hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training gives the foundation and experience to teach toddlers, special needs children, and teens.

Classes: Designed to teach children the art of yoga through a progression of musical interactive play; each song is designed to teach a pose or sequence through melody, games, and fun.


Performances: With her friends Moo Cat, Downward Dog, and Wise Tree,  Miss Smiles invites the audience to explore the world of yoga through song and interactive play.

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