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July 2016 Monthly Newsletter

                Our Back-to-School Crowdfunding Campaign starts Monday, August 1!

We can't believe it's almost August, and it's time to head back to school. We're going to be serving 5-7 schools in Bay Area and Los Angeles this year, and we're really looking forward to making a difference in the health and wellness of schools across California. WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Starting August 1, we're beginning our annual Back-to-School Crowdfunding Campaign, which sponsors educators across the state to attend our Low-Cost Weekend Wellness Workshops, making our work accessible to all teachers, no matter whether their schools contract with us or not. Our goal is to raise $15,000 by September 1. Sponsorships range from $10 - $25,000 and every dollar makes a difference. We'll send you another email on Monday the 1st with the link to our page. Consider honoring your favorite teacher and sponsoring their health this year! AND, below, check out our guest blog from a LAUSD School Board Candidate who understands exactly why teacher health and wellness in our schools matters so much.

Thank you for your continued support of our work to reverse teacher turnover in California.

We believe that the health and well-being of educators make a critical difference in school culture, teacher retention and the lives of students. We know teacher sustainability is at the heart of educational transformation and we're here to lead the movement in California. Please continue to read more below to find out more about our workour team, how to partner with us in support, or how to bring us to your school site.

Have You Read Our Blog?

Though much of our work is done in schools, we love supporting educators in any way we can. One way we offer free content is through our blog.

Today, we have the privilege of a guest blog from Nick Melvoin, a former LAUSD middle school teacher, who is running for LAUSD School Board next March. An excerpt from Nick's blog is here, but make sure you read the rest on our website!

"There was always something ironic about the way I dealt with the stress of teaching. I’d finish the teaching day around 3, stay to coach or tutor or run a department meeting til around 5:30, then race through Los Angeles traffic (or, more accurately, sit in LA traffic) to get to a 6 pm yoga class. Those were always among the most stressful 30 minutes of my day, but I needed to get to that 6 pm class to de-stress. And, while focusing on the stress of traffic, I wasn’t focusing on the stress of teaching, so I guess that was a plus. But I knew that I needed that 90 minutes of yoga and meditation to stay healthy; not just physically healthy—we all know that as a teacher you’re on your feet most of the day—but mentally healthy. And it’s that mental health that we as educators need to spend more time discussing. Continue reading here...

On our blog today, Nick Melvoin, former LAUSD teacher and candidate for school board, champions the need for teacher wellness in K-12.
This Month's QUICK TIP for Classroom Stress Resilience
Teachers, do you remember (we know it's summer--sorry!) those moments when a student triggers you and your blood pressure rises? You want to kick them out and write a referral. At The Teaching Well, we want to give you another option.

Have you heard of the Hegu Point? A Chinese acupressure point in the webbing between your thumb and index finger, the Hegu point is a game changer for classroom stress. When you feel your blood pressure rising, pinch the Hegu point on your right hand with the thumb and index finger of your left (see picture to the left).

At The Teaching Well, we suggest pressing the Hegu pressure point as a inconspicuous way to relieve tension during an interaction with a student, colleague or in a staff meeting. By "taking the edge" off our anxiety, we are able to soothe ourselves and be present to make the best decision for our ourselves and our community.

Want more quick tips? Regularly check our blog posts, Facebook posts, Instagram images, (you get the picture), and pass on the love to another teacher! Movements take the collective energy of those who believe in them to affect great change. Join us-- and help teachers to tap the well within!
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