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February Newsletter:
Quick Tip for Healthy Communication

Often, in our school days, frazzled by everything that needs to be accomplished, we skimp on our self-care and turn the blame for our feelings on our co-workers, students or their families. Next time you find yourself on the edge, follow this quick tip for healthy communication.

1. Stop. Take three deep breaths and press your hegu point - addressing your body's physical stress reaction before communicating is key to healthy dialogue.

2. Reflect. Is this a problem that can be "self-resourced"? If you can solve the problem by taking a walk, eating a quick snack or drinking some water, take care of yourself. Stress exacerbates problems, so take care of your physical body and yourself before you seek outside help.

3. Ask for specific help. Once you know you need help, be willing to get clear on exactly what you need, how long it will take and who can support you (based on their strengths). As we discuss in our Strengths Development PD, clarity of need helps others support you more easily.

Remember, healthy school communities focus on a balance between the needs of its invididuals and the needs of the collective. Healthy reflection and communication is key!

We're still committed to giving all of our Title I Schools a 25% discount on services. If you can, share this newsletter or our donation site with an individual or corporation who has the capacity and desire to transform education and help us grow our movement. Thank you!


The Teaching Well is a non-profit teacher wellness organization that believes that the health and well-being of educators make a critical difference in school culture, teacher retention and the lives of students. Find out more about our workour team, partnering with us in support, or how to bring us to your school.

1. Our Los Angeles Spring Wellness Workshop IS THIS MONDAY!  Come join like-minded educators from around the LA Area and find out ways to manage your stress and self-care so you can stay in education long-term. Our day-long workshop on Monday, February 13 includes our powerful stress resilience PD, alongside a yoga class and nutrition workshop (including snacks!). Buy tickets here!

2. We're thrilled to be presenting at the Bridging Hearts and Minds Conference with the Mindfulness Center of UCSD in San Diego THIS SUNDAY, February 12. Buy a ticket and come learn more about how to implement mindfulness, wellness and sustainability practices on your school site.

Code for a FREE MONTH of Evenflow, a new mindfulness and meditation app. Teachers, when stress in the classroom is just too much, close your door and turn on Evenflow. We've tried in sitting in LA traffic and it WORKS. Use code "EVENFLOW2017" for a free trial month and watch how your capacity for stress resilience changes!

Link to download HERE.
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