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March Newsletter:
How Do We Commit to Well-Being?

On some level, we all know that our well-being matters. 

And yet, when push comes to shove in our day-to-day lives, we often forget ourselves in service of our communities.  If we want to make changes in ourselves and our communities, it helps to practice certain behaviors that support that change.

1. Decide non-negotiables. Working on a Sunday? No. Eating Little Debbies? (maybe for you that's a no, and for someone else its a maybe.). Yelling at colleagues? Never. Knowing what our values are and where we're unwilling to budge can help us stay on track for self-care.

2. Surround yourself with support. If we want to change habits, individually or collectively, we need to have people around us who are walking in the same direction. On a basic level, get a healthy lunch buddy. As community, decide on getting our support with Well-Being Professional Development. We're currently booking for 2017-2018 and have added workshops in Healthy Communication and Managing Transferred Trauma. We can all benefit from support.

3. Be gentle with yourself. Change takes time. Be as gentle and forgiving with yourself as you would be with a student. Notice small changes and honor yourself and your community for them. Gratitude and positivity make a huge difference in our well-being.


The time has come! We've added 2 new PDs to our menu (Healthy Communication and Managing Transferred Trauma). If you book by April 1, you will receive a 10% discount on packages that include one on one mentoring. Invest in the well-being and sustainability of your educators and your school community in 2017-2018. Dates fill up quickly - BOOK NOW!


The Teaching Well is a non-profit teacher wellness organization that believes that the health and well-being of educators make a critical difference in school culture, teacher retention and the lives of students. Find out more about our workour team, partnering with us in support, or how to bring us to your school.


1. The Bay Area Education Summit is Saturday March 11 in our hometown of Oakland!  We will be presenting a panel and discussion on research and results that prove how teacher well-being creates thriving school communities for educators and students alike. Several of our partnership schools will join us for the conversation.  Buy tickets here!

2. We're thrilled to be presenting at the Engaging All Learner's Symposium in Los Angeles on March 25.   Come join us at Westside Neighborhood School in Playa Vista to find out more about how a framework for teacher well-being can enhance your school site and the quality of your community. 

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Link to download HERE.
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