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Managing Everyday School-Site Stress

  Remember: Our Long-Term Commitment to Teaching
Depends on Keeping 15% "In The Tank"

For any teacher who has received our Strengths Development or Stress Resilience training, you may remember our moments with the Human Function Curve and our commitment to ourselves and our students to "keep 15% in the tank." For those of you who haven't joined us for workshops yet, this concept means that in order to keep ourselves from burning out, we constantly reflect on where we are on a stress curve-- and commit to taking the steps necessary to stay at 85% or less.

Its easy to talk about, but what does that look like on an average school day?

1. Make a commitment to eat one "Energy-Giving" food per day. This could be an entire meal with quinoa, vegetables and protein, or in a pinch, something simple like an apple or avocado. Making a small change like this (and drinking enough water!) can  give you an extra 5-10% every day.

2. Ask for help in a specific way.   Knowing where you need help is half the battle. Find someone on your campus who is better at one of our four archetypes than you are -- and make a specific request (need, time request, scheduling) for support.

3. Take 5 full-bodied deep breaths in between classes.  The moments when students are out of your room are critical to stress management. Instead of checking your email or Instagram, sit down, close your eyes and take five full-bodied breaths to come back into your body.

As former teachers ourselves, we know that its easy to eat fun-size candy bars, try and do everything alone and use free time to check out on social media (we've done it). So, don't beat yourself up when you go back to your old ways. But this week, just try one of these strategies to manage your everyday school-site stress. And let us know how it goes!

The Teaching Well is a non-profit teacher wellness organization that believes that the health and well-being of educators make a critical difference in school culture, teacher retention and the lives of students. We know teacher sustainability is at the heart of educational transformation and we're here to lead the movement in California. Please continue to read more below to find out more about our workour team, how to partner with us in support, or how to bring us to your school site.

Tickets are now on sale for our Los Angeles Fall Low-Cost Weekend Wellness Workshop! Join us October 15/16 at Loyola Marymount University for a weekend with other like-minded educators and receive all of our wellness content, including Strengths Development, Stress Resilience, Healthy Communication and Nutrition, along with two yoga classes and healthy snacks made my our staff nutritionist. Buy now to save $50 off the cost of the weekend (only 10 Early Bird tickets available). Join the movement to reduce teacher turnover and #tapthewellwithin!
We are so excited to announce the opening of The Teaching Well Studio, our full-time yoga studio in Oakland which offers daily low-cost yoga specifically for teachers, administrators and other educators. Led by four amazing Bay-Area teachers, our classes start on September 19. Check out our schedule above and make your wellness a part of your weekly school routine!
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Los Angeles Director Jane Mayer has written several articles recently for SpeakUp and the LA School Report. Check them out!
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