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       KIA Expected School Wide Learning Results        20 August 2021/2021年8月20日

Dear Parents of KIA students at all levels,

Please join us for a "Meet the Counselors" gathering on August 25th at 2:30pm, in the KIA auditorium.
We will finish the meeting at 3:25pm.

Your children are special to all of us.  We are happy to answer questions and share information with you.
We will be planning monthly gatherings and we would like your thoughts about things that interest you about parenting and guiding your children to be the best they can be.

We do need reservations.  Please email Jean Bannen at if you are planning to join us.
Thank you,
Mr. Wang, Mr. Ryan, Mrs. Johnson, and Mrs. Bannen


请来参加我们于8月25日下午2:30在学校礼堂举行“咨询辅导见面会” 。我们将在下午3:25结束会议。


见面会须提前预约,如您有计划参加,请给Jean Bannen发邮件。


Mr. Wang, Mr. Ryan, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Bannen

 KIA Football Fun League 
We are starting a friendly, fun league at school for football. We will play on Friday afternoons, after school. If you are interested in playing, please sign into the WeChat group by scanning the QR code. Beginners are most welcome. We intend for parents, high school students, staff, and friends of KIA to have fun playing together.
If you have any questions, please email


我们将在校内组建一个欢乐友好的足球联盟。每个星期五下午放学后踢足球。如果您有兴趣参加,请扫描二维码加微信群。欢迎初学者加入,我们诚邀 KIA的家长、高中生、教职员工及KIA的各界友人一起快乐踢球。


 Orchestra Audition 
We are looking for new members to join the KIA orchestras.
Auditions open to students from Grade 2 to Grade 12.
If you are interested, please sign up for an audition time on the board on the 1st floor.
Place: Room 410
Date: Monday 23rd or Tuesday 24th August
Time: 3:50 to 6:00 pm
Preparation: Bring a piece of music to show your ability with your instrument.
If you have any questions, please email:



Dear Elementary Parents, 尊敬的小学部家长们:
This week has been a successful second week of school. Students are getting into a routine. Lesson and content are being taught. It is exciting to see how much the students have remembered over the summer.

This week I had a chance to co-teach with Ms. Bannen during Guidance Class. Guidance class is where the students will learn conflict resolution, team building, and character development. At KIA, we use a program called the Peace Scholars curriculum. At the core of the Peace Scholar program are a set of I-Care rules.
这周,我有机会与Ms. Bannen在咨询辅导课上共同授课。在咨询辅导课上学生们学习解决冲突、团队建设和品格发展。在KIA,我们使用一个叫作 “和平学者” 的课程项目。和平学者项目的核心是一套 “我关注” 规则。
In K3-3rd Grade, we focus on the basic rules of:

  1. We listen to each other.
  2. Hands are for helping, not hurting.
  3. We use I Care Language.
  4. We care about each other’s feelings.
  5. We are responsible for what we say and do.
在K3 - 3年级,我们重点集中在以下的基本规则:
1. 我们彼此倾听。
2. 手是用来帮助别人的,不是用来伤害别人的。
3.我们使用 “我关注” 语言模式。
4. 我们关心彼此的感受。
5. 我们对自己的言行负责。
In 4th and 5th Grade, we expand the rules to include the Peace Scholar Rules:
  1. We cooperate for peaceful purposes.
  2. We speak with respect.
  3. We listen with an open mind.
  4. We act with kindness.
  5. We care about each other’s feelings.
  6. We are responsible for what we say and do.

1. 我们为和平目的而合作。
2. 我们以尊重的态度讲话。
3. 我们以开放的心态倾听。
4. 我们行为友善。
5. 我们关心彼此的感受。
6. 我们对自己的言行负责。
Ms. Bannan and I look forward to working with the students this year as we seek to develop positive relationships and a safe, healthy community at KIA. Please take some time to talk to your students at home about these rules and about what they are learning during guidance class time.

Ms. Bannen 和我期待着今年与学生们一同努力在KIA创建积极正面的关系和一个安全健康的社区。请花些时间与您的孩子在家里谈谈这些规则,以及他们在辅导课上学习了什么。
Sincerely, 谨致问候!
Charity Sianturi – Elementary Principal – 小学部教务主任
Jean Bannen – Elementary Guidance Counselor - 小学部咨询辅导老师 

 September's Menu 9 月份菜谱  
To view lunch menu of September from Wicker Basket, please click the link below. 

To view lunch menu for September from the home restaurant, please click the link below.

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