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The two video links are glimpses from last night's concert. 这两个视频链接是从昨晚的音乐会一瞥。

One of the aims of Kunming International Academy (KIA) is to help our students develop to their full potential. Music is a key component in fulfilling this aim. Music can evoke the pursuit of beauty and emotions enabling people to share aspirations, convey feelings, and develop compassion for others. At the same time, music often contains educational content related to history, culture, social background, and regional characteristics. A school concert is the perfect opportunity for our students to share their talent with a wider audience and expand their own horizons. Music education has always been of great importance in the tradition of Western education because of the part it plays in developing the whole child. Music education can facilitate students gaining a deeper awareness of society, thereby enhancing their ability to enlarge their imagination and enrich their vision.

Music Education                       
As a model for promoting Western education, KIA attributes great importance to music education as an essential part of fine art education. It plays a significant role in the development and perfecting of students' character and emotions, the gaining of wisdom, and the cultivation of innovative thinking. A prose quoted in the "The Book of Music":
            The big and small complement each other,
            The conversation is engaging, and the singing is clear,
            It repeatedly serves as a pathway.
            Music is clear and the ears and eyes are enlightened,
            The heart becomes calm,
            Customs are changed and the world becomes more peaceful.
Since the orchestra’s founding in 2009, the school has held two major concerts every year in summer and winter. The number of members in the orchestra has increased from fifteen at its founding to over forty at its peak. In addition to KIA students, the orchestra members included some teachers, a few parents, and small number of community members, making it comprised of local and expats representing multiple nationalities. Well-known musicians and performers have also participated in recitals. With the original intention of "Letting Music Enrich all Lives", the orchestra played their music in various venues. Such as the annual Christmas charity concert on campus, musical evenings in different places in Yunnan, and touring parts of Europe playing contemporary to classical music and even Broadway operas. The orchestra's colorful fusion styled repertoires emerge seasonally and are loved by cultural communities. In the performances of the musicals "Beauty and the Beast", “The Lion King”, and "The Sound of Music", several high school students from the Orchestra were commended for their outstanding musical accompaniment performance. Nordica, a Scandinavian culture exchange fine arts center, located in Kunming was a regular venue for the musicians to play.
昆明国际学校(KIA)的目标之一是帮助我们的学生充分发挥潜能。音乐教育是实现这一目标的关键组成部分。 音乐可以唤起对美好事物的追求,使人们获得经验和分享愿望。 同时,音乐通常包含与历史,文化,社会背景和地区特征有关的教育内容。学校音乐会是我们学校的学生为大众展示自己才能并扩大视野的绝佳机会。音乐教育在西方教育的传统中一直非常重要,因为它在整个孩子的成长中起着重要的作用。音乐教育会让学生对社会有着更深层次的体会和感悟,从而培养学生的认知社会的能力和自我开发想象的能力。




自乐团2009年成立以来,学校每年举办两次大型音乐会:夏季音乐会和冬季音乐会。乐团的成员人数也从2009年的15名增加到高峰时的40多名。除了昆明国际学校的学生外,乐团的成员还包括一些老师,学生家长和少数社区成员,乐团由不同国籍的外国人和本地人组成。著名的音乐家和表演者也参与其中。乐团本着 “让音乐来丰富你我的人生” 的初衷,在各个场所演奏他们的音乐。例如,一年一度的校内的圣诞慈善音乐会,到云南多地的音乐晚会甚至在国外欧洲国家的巡演;演奏的音乐从当代音乐到经典古典音乐,到百老汇歌剧,乐团丰富多彩的演出剧目层出不穷,精彩纷呈,深受昆明文化社区的喜爱。在音乐剧《美女与野兽》,《狮子王》和《音乐之声》的演出中,乐团几位高中生现场出色的音乐伴奏演技令人称赞。位于昆明的北欧文化交流艺术中心诺地卡(Nordica)更是常年邀请乐团去演奏。
Conductor Profile/指挥家介绍

Oleksandr Slivinskyy – trombone player, conductor and arranger.
Oleksandr Slivinskyy –长号演奏家、指挥家和作曲家 。

He received his musical education at National Lviv Music Academy (Ukraine) and has improved his professional skills in Master Classes with renowned musician: Joseph Bastian, Sebastian Krause, Roman Usenko.

他在乌克兰国家音乐学院接受音乐教育,后期师从Joseph Bastian、Sebastian Krause、Roman Usenko等著名音乐家。

He has performed in many symphony orchestras with famous conductors: Herbert Prikopa, Sascha GoetzelMatthias Georg Kendlinger  and played in best music halls among them: Carnegie Hall (USA), Wiener Musikverein (Austria), Gewandhaus (Germany), Muziekgebouw (Netherlands), Tonhalle (Swiss) and many others.

在交响乐团时,他曾与名指挥家家Herbert PrikopaSascha GoetzelMatthias Georg Kendlinger共同演奏。曾经在美国Carnegie音乐厅(卡内基音乐厅)、奥地利Wiener Musikverein音乐厅(维也纳金色大厅)、德国Gewandhaus音乐厅、荷兰Muziekgebouw音乐剧场、瑞士Tonhalle音乐厅等世界一流音乐厅演出。

Oleksandr managed many projects including: “Legends of Rock” with soloists Dan McCafferty, David Knopfler, Doogie White and Tim Owens; “Supernation” with rock band “Druga Rika” and “Broadway Kids” with Riviera Symphony Orchestra (Ukraine). With projects “Best Accord” and “Gates of Universe” has record CD.

Oleksandr作为很多乐队的经纪人和管理者参与了很多音乐制作,例如和独奏家Dan McCafferty, David Knopfler, Doogie White 和 Tim Owen组成的 “Legends of Rock”乐队,与摇滚乐队Druga Rika和Riviera交响 乐团制作了“超级国家” 和“百老汇儿童”项目。制作并录制了“最佳本田”和“宇宙之门”等。 
Our Student Profile
Ivan Smaltsuga currently lives in Kunming, China and studies at Kunming International Academy (KIA).  He has also performed in concerts as a soloist and an artist in different ensembles and orchestras. Ivan began playing the flute at age 8 under the guidance of Volodymyr Turbovskyy – a professor at the National Music Academy of Ukraine and Assistant Principal in The National Opera of Ukraine.
Ivan was enrolled in Master Classes with famous professors and flute players such as: Andras Adorjan (Denmark), Barbara Swiatek-Zelazna (Poland), Denis Savelyev (USA) – present teacher.

He is twice first prize winner in the international competition American Protege 2019 and 2020 years and invited to perform in Carnegie Hall, New York. This is one of the famous music halls in the world and this is a very honor to perform in such a hall.

Ivan Smaltsuga目前就读于昆明国际学校 第十一年级,同时在学业之余,继续着自己管弦乐独奏和合奏的学习和演出。师从著名教授和长笛演奏家Andras Adorjan先生 (丹麦), Barbara Swiatek-Zelazna先生 (波兰) 和Denis Savelyev 先生(美国) – 现任音乐导师。 Ivan 从8岁起在乌克兰著名音乐教授Volodymyr Turbovskyy门下学习长笛,并多次在乌克兰和国际赛事上获奖。 

他曾两次(2019年和2020年)获得美国国际大赛的一等奖,并应邀在纽约卡内基音乐厅表演。 这是世界上著名的音乐厅之一,在这样的音乐厅里演奏非常荣幸

December's Menu 12 月份菜谱  
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To view lunch menu for November from the home restaurant, please click the link below.

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