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Hi <<First Name>>,

Today is the last day of Passover, bringing me back in touch with freedom and miracles and their meaning. In the words of Nelson Mandela,

To be free
is not merely to cast off one's chains
but to live in a way that respects and enhances
the freedom of others.

My mother used to say, “It’s a miracle,” whenever something happened that worked out for her, and I used to think it was too much. How can there be so many miracles?

Looking at it now, I think why not? Why can there not be miracles everywhere? Each time we look at the vast skies and everything around us, nature and science, it is pretty awesome. I remind myself how in awe the world around me can be. What is it like to see the world through the eyes of miracles?


I am excited to be back in Australia next week. I still have fond memories of dancing in Melbourne and Sydney in 2018. I am excited to be returning. My wife Wendy and I loved Australia.

I will hold a Heartbeat weekend in Melbourne, Australia, from 4/21-4/25, with an integration day on the 25th. We dance with the stories attached to each emotion and find ways to separate them from the feelings. We use the elements and the 5Rythms as a resource to move through these emotions.

Then I will be in Sydney for an open Friday night on 4/28 and a daylong Ancestors’ workshop on the 29th. This daylong will be different for those who did the ancestors' work with me in 2018. We will use shamanic journeying to reach our ancestors and exercises that will support the healing of our lineage and the land. We will bring forth healing to future generations. Ancestors' work is ongoing since it is so embedded in us.

On May 5th-7th, Wendy and I will be in Newton, Australia, to hold a Medicine Circle where dance is the medicine. The Circle brings together community and healing. It bridges the physical world with the unseen world, the world of the soul. We use energetic attunement and ritual to move through these worlds. Space in the Medicine Circle is limited to keep a specific container.

I hope you can join me in these offerings. I will also offer private sessions and small group (2-5) sessions during my stay in Melbourne and Sydney. Please get in touch with me for these. 

Let’s dance for freedom and live in awe. 

With love,
Sylvie and the SDP Team

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