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Hi <<First Name>>,

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us in last week’s Ancestors class. I’ve received some remarkable emails about your class experiences. In this week’s class, participants will work with their female lineage, honoring mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and Mother Earth.

This coming Wednesday, I also want to invite the trans-cestors, the gender-fluid, non-binary ancestors. Those individuals who were not allowed the space to be their authentic selves in their lifetime. We will invite them into the female lineage this week and into the male lineage next week. They’ll get to belong and may appear in both classes or whichever lineage they feel drawn to be part of.

I’d like to offer you a prayer composed by Rev. Doju Dinajara Freire, a Buddhist nun of the Zen Soto line, as we honor the feminine lineage. She is a dancer who has devoted her life to understanding the body through movement and artistic creation to enhance her relationship with the ancestral Feminine as part of a spiritual practice.
Honoring The Lineage of The Ancestral Feminine by Rev Doju Dinajara Freire

Oh, Great Ancestral Mother,
Of my Grandmothers, and of all Mothers,
That with love have nursed their own,
That have taken care of my mother, daughter, and all my children,
As well as my sisters, aunts, cousins, and friends,
Women both known and unknown,
The kindhearted and the malicious alike,
That have taken care of those who know how to pacify
To be serene and happy and rejoice sincerely for others and themselves,
And those who are unable to do so, prisoners of their own suffering – mental and otherwise – that blurs the light of their hearts,
Great Ancestral Mother who always cares equally
For all animals and plants, forests, mountains, and caves,
Rocks and crystals, water, air, fire,
All beauty and all food,
For the body and for the spirit of all of us,
Your daughters and children,
I invoke you, and I invoke all mothers,
My mothers and relatives,
Please show me yourselves, luminous, here and now!
May You be blessed and honored by me and all beings
At every moment and everywhere in life!
I bow and touch the Earth, as a witness to my heart and my love for beings,
Learned from You and from the ancestors of my mothers, and fathers,
As you taught me to pay respect to Life!
Speak to me about You,
About you all,
Please tell me what you want me to know,
Now my listening has grown deeper,
I can feel your warmth in the eloquent silence of the Earth.
I am here. 

For this week’s class, I’d like to remind participants to create an altar of their female lineage. Any photos, symbols, or any of their favorite items can be placed there, and something from Mother Earth is good too. And for those of you who can’t make it to be a part of this series, I invite you to create a place to honor the feminine past in your own surroundings and see what comes through for you this week.

With Love,
Sylvie and the SDP Team

PS. For the 6-week Wednesday Ancestors series of classes, no dance experience is needed. Beginners are always welcome. Come join us! You can register for the entire series or single classes.

Even though we love seeing your face, you don't have to attend class via video. When the Zoom window launches, you can choose to listen to the class audio-only. It's another beautiful way to experience this class!

Each of the six Wednesday evening classes in the series begins at 7:30 PM PST and ends at 9:00 PM PST. The Zoom Class Waiting Room opens at 7:20 PM PST. The classes follow the following schedule:
  • 7:30 - 9:00 PM PST - Warm-up and a brief chat, then we move through the dance meditation.
Ancestors Series

Wednesday Virtual Ancestors Series Registration Details
Register for the entire 6-week series or just tonight's class here:

*If you are a recurring member of SDP, you do not have to register for the weekly Wednesday classes.

Ancestors seriesJoin Sylvie Minot for a virtual 6-week virtual 5Rhythms Ancestors series via Zoom Wednesdays from October 6th to November 10th, 2021, at 7:30-9:00 pm pst. You can attend the entire series or individual classes.

This 5Rhythms series will explore our often unconscious family/ancestral patterns with ways to shift and release them.

Through dance, movement, voice/sound, and guided group exercises, we will use each of Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms—flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical, and stillness—to honor our past and create new pathways for healing.

5Rhythms Ancestors is accessible to anyone interested in transformation through movement and offers an opportunity to tap into the generations of wisdom that live deep within us. For those patrons who participate in the SDP monthly membership program, you can participate in this 6-week series for free.

To find out more or register for this series, please visit:

The image at the center of this week’s banner is "Peace, Pink, Power" by artist Cheryl Braganza.
Born in India, Cheryl Braganza is a Montreal artist, poet, writer, pianist, and cancer survivor. A prolific painter, she has held several exhibits around the world and is very implicated in the city she loves best, Montreal. You can find more of her paintings on her website at

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