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February 14, 2017   
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Chris Wedding, PhD
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Institutional Investors' Gap:
0.4% of Assets in Low-Carbon Investments
  • A recent report from the World Economic Forum noted a need for $1 trillion in additional low-carbon finance per year by 2030. Yet today, only 0.4% of assets held by the world's 500 largest institutional investors (pension fund, endowments, foundations) are invested in low-carbon areas, such as solar and wind infrastructure. That's about $138 billion out of $38 trillion in total. So, is the glass half-full or half-empty? Read more.
Rooftop Solar on the Ropes:
Hundreds of Debates Underway
  • Our friends at the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center report over 212 debates over rooftop solar policy in the US last year. This creates risk and opportunity, as well as demand for energy storage to limit potential negative impacts of new rate structures. Check out the top 10 states where the action is...Read more.
Mass Transit Goes Green:
Electric Buses Lead the Charge
  • The CEO of electric bus leader Proterra predicts that 33% of new buses will be electric by 2020, and that will rise to 100% by 2030. Alright, maybe some bias, but assume it's just mostly true. Now let me "go Millennial" for a second... #NotANiche #MainstreamBaby. This is also a welcome relief for those of us who've biked to work / class only to breathe in diesel exhaust from buses. Yum, so healthy... Read more.
100 Million EVs by 2035:
Inconsequential to Oil Markets?
  • BP's recent Energy Outlook Report shows big numbers for EVs on the road. But they don't expect the 6% EV market penetration in 2035 to impact oil markets. They also project the world will fail to achieve the IEA 450 Scenario climate change mitigation target. (insert "Debbie Downer" noise) Other analysts, however, suggest that EV penetration could be 15% to 35% by 2035. A very different future indeed. Who's right? Neither. Who's closest? I wish I knew. Read more.
Hell Yeah! vs. Nope:
Create More Time For What Matters
  • Good time management insight from entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist Derek Sivers: "When deciding whether to do something, if you feel anything less than “Wow! That would be amazing! Hell yeah!” — then say “no.” When you say "no" to most things, you leave room in your life to really throw yourself completely into that rare thing that makes you say “HELL YEAH!”
No Octopus Sex on Valentine's Day?
New Definition of Educational Enjoyment
  • As this story came up on the morning radio stream, part of me wanted to hit the mute button to avoid my kids' follow up questions. You see, the Seattle Aquarium has a practice of inviting visitors to watch animals mate on Valentine's Day. Seriously. Last year's event was cancelled due to concerns over cannibalism. The 70-pound male, named Kong, might have eaten the 30-pound female. From the website: "Biologists will set the mood with decorative hearts, roses, and romantic music at the Octopus exhibit." I'm a fan of nature, but...
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