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September 6, 2016   
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44 [temporary] challenges to the solar movement
  • Surprise: We're not advocating for these techniques. Instead, this list describes current misinformation and poor decision making that currently create a ball and chain on the solar movement. Thanks to Zachary Shahan (also former UNC guy...high five) of Cleantechnica for this compilation
Energy giants show more affection for off-grid renewables
  • Engie, formerly GDF Suez, a French multinational electric utility company, just led the $20M Series C venture round for Bboxx, a provider of off-grid renewable energy solutions for the "developing" world. Systems range from 30 watts to 1,500 watts. The company says it sells reliability and aims to provide "on-grid" services to the [billions] living off grid around the world. Having myself worked firsthand in this sector in Ethiopia and India, it is exciting to see this life-changing work go from charity to an investable sector. (Source: Katherine Tweed of Greentech Media)
The G20 has drank the Koolaid: Green finance is good business
  • "The idea that green finance is a legitimate lens through which to shape financial market reforms and development, unthinkable beyond the margin until recently, is now firmly established as a ‘new truth’ of the 21st century." So says the man with the longest title in history: Simon Zadek, lead for the UNEP-hosted Secretariat of the Green Finance Study Group to the G20 meeting in China, and Co-Director of UNEP’s Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System. Check out the full interview with Tim Nixon of Thomson Reuters Sustainability.
Mass EV adoption might be awful [initially] for millions of people
  • Yep, that was meant to catch your eye. But the truth is that many people will lose their jobs as thousands of businesses lose market share. Think about less steel sold as EVs strive for lightweight yet strong materials. Or the trained professionals who repair the hundreds of moving parts in combustion engines vs. their obsolescence given the few moving parts in EVs. And consider the revenue departments for cities and states who depend on gasoline taxes to fuel large portions of their budgets. The silver lining: As jobs are lost, new ones are created, and often in industries with much greater growth trajectories and long-term potential.

If you like shocking people with facts, then you'll love this TV show 
Want to be super-effective? Time block in Google Calendar
  • Sounds trivial, I know. However, if we want to take our professional or personal lives to a new level (insert dramatic music), we need to block out large chunks of time ahead of time. So, on Sunday or Monday, the sage's advice is to reserve hours of continuous time slots on your calendar for things that matter most. As Stephen Covey taught us: First things first. Urgent does not equal important. The last important thing: Protect those blocks of time as if they were precocious cubs to a cranky 500-pound mama bear.

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