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August 2, 2016   
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[And, yep, I realize that today is Wednesday, not Tuesday. I blame my tardiness entirely on lingering mental effects from this weekend's 15-hour drive through New England traffic with three kiddos in a sedan. Yikes.]

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Energy investment trends
New York commits to 50% renewable energy by 2030
  • This bold new goal increases clean energy projections in the state by 2x, with the first interim target at 26% of all electricity by 2017. Moreover, the plan is estimated to cost the average homeowner just $2/month. Woah, alternative energy is so expensive! (yep, that was sarcasm)
Tesla approved to gobble up SolarCity
  • Here are highlights from the Wall Street Journal report yesterday: Tesla is getting a bargain, pending shareholder approval of the merger. The stock price for SolarCity, which controls 32% of the residential solar market, is down 50% this year. Plus, this becomes an easier way for SolarCity to raise money. It's also interesting to see one unprofitable company buying another unprofitable company. Gotta love California math.
Electric Vehicles: Sales data in all 50 states
  • If you love graphs about the EV market, you're going to geek out on this ZEV Facts site. My team and I sure did. Here are few fun numbers: The market share of Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) in the US is just 0.66%, but Bloomberg projects EVs will make up 35% of all new purchases by 2040. Moreover, monthly sales of ZEVs are up about 12x from 2011 to 2016.
Electric bus leader Proterra makes their key patents royalty-free
  • This sounds like a very selfless move -- to essentially give away some of their intellectual property to the broader EV market. However, their belief is that the rising tide raises all boats -- more investment in EV charging innovation means more EVs on the road overall. No surprise that their CEO was Senior Director of Finance at Tesla, which also opened up their patent treasure trove to the market years ago.

Timing is everything, or so I say to the rattlesnake
  • Once upon a time...yep, it's story time...I went hiking in a national forest with a group of friends. We made a pit stop on our way, and lingered there for 10-15 minutes longer than I had hoped. Then as we're running along the trails, one of us sees a 6-foot long timber rattlesnake as wide as my calf. Slowly, we each realized that if we had been on time to go hiking, we might also have also been rushing to a hospital. I'm not going to get all "touchy feely" here, but the point is this: The timing that we have in mind might not be the best schedule. So consider your next setback as a way for you to choose a better path forward.
Cold brew: Is that coffee or beer?
  • I hooked you didn't I? A subject line with the "two bookends of the day" is hard to ignore. As you know, cold brew is a new super hipster way of making coffee. Apparently, soaking cold water over coarsely ground coffee beans for 24 hours is an easy way to produce less acidic, sweet, richer, and more caffeinated coffee. It's my new favorite. But you already knew that -- I mean, I'm so hip. (yep, that was sarcasm again) Here's a recipe. Try it out.
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