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August 30, 2016   
Here's your weekly 4-minute digest of bullets on finance, clean energy, productivity, and other fun stuff to fascinate your coworkers.

If your kids are back to school this week like ours, relish the chaos. If you're past that stage, ah, the tranquility.

Have a great week.

Chris Wedding, PhD
CEO, IronOak Energy
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Investors with $13T of assets love the Paris Climate Accord
  • With the upcoming G20 meeting in China next week, 130 investors with $13T in assets under management sent a letter to leaders of the world’s dominant economies asking them to ratify the Paris Climate Accord, double investment in clean energy by 2020, and move forward on other seemingly liberal, enviro mumbo jumbo. But, lest you fall into my trap, I'll suggest that their motives are instead all about risk management and financial upside in growing sectors. (OK, it's a little about PR, too, but who can blame them?) 
Small is beautiful, and efficient, in solar
  • Does every attractive solar project have to be huge? The big guys like Warren Buffet and First Solar's CEO think so. But maybe utility-scale solar projects have gotten a free ride. Can small solar be just as attractive to the grid and to investors? IronOak Energy's Dr. Chris Clement takes this issue head on: Check out his executive briefing here.
Love affair β€” Major fossil fuel companies + Alternative energy sector? 
  • Passing fad, or major trend? I'm not sure yet, but I vote for the latter. Giant oil and gas companies like Total, Statoil, Shell, and others are making more and bigger investments in solar, wind, and energy storage. Is this the latest "BP = Beyond Petroleum?" Read my blog to see why that's not the case. If you enjoy graphs, you'll like this one. Consider Total's commitment to invest $500M per year in renewable energy, starting this year.
Another benefit of EVs β€” They are "ninja quiet"
  • A tiny, un-American second horn is the answer. What? OK, so we've head the many benefits of electric vehicles β€” [50%] lower operating costs, faster acceleration than Ferraris, [75%] reduction in greenhouse gases, etc. But here's a new one: They are super quiet. With such little noise, people often walk in front of them in parking lots. Instead of honking with a normal horn that may result in bleeding eardrums, some come with diplomatic, peace-loving horns that say, "Hello good fellow, my deepest apologies, but I weigh several thousand pounds and may possibly interfere with your walking path. Might we agree to go separate ways?" [Imagine the British accent, which I'm 100% making up.] Thanks to Barry Cinnamon's solar podcast for this insight.  

How much wood does a woodchuck chuck? 
  • I don't know. But that tongue twister was the first thing that came to mind when I sat down to write about the shocking inefficiency of converting hardwood forests into wood products. I came across this stat while reading to my son from the Carnegie Mellon University's Handy Science Answer BookEstimates suggest that 7/8 of a mature oak, for example, is lost as waste in the forest (e.g., limbs) as well as sawdust and nonlinear pieces at the mill. 
I love "efficiency," but it's a stupid quest
  • To be clear, those closest to me have suggested that I change my middle name to "Efficiency." That's how much I love getting more done with less. Yet, the famous quote by management guru Peter Drucker reminds me of my quest for fool's gold. Here it is: "Efficiency is doing the thing right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing." How many of us focus on getting sh*t done, when we need to step back and say, "What is the most important thing I could do right now?" (Hint: I'm raising my hand high.)

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