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April 11, 2017   
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Chris Wedding, PhD
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The Sky is Falling!
Q1 2017: Global Clean Energy Investment Down
  • OK, before clean energy haters start exchanging high fives, here are some details from Bloomberg. About $54B was invested last quarter, down 17% from Q1 2016. (Uh, not chump change.) But this decrease is largely due to continually falling costs per MW of renewable energy installations. (Note: Project finance, not risky stuff, made up the vast majority of total capital.) Bright spots for capital raised included utility scale and distributed solar, Tesla, Proterra, Sunlight Financial, and Mexico solar. Learn more.
Global Solar Installations Soar:
  • Yep, I'm messing with you this morning. Despite falling investment, solar installations hit 78 GW in 2016, up 50% from 51 GW in 2015. And this year, totals are expected to be 2x the 2014 solar market. Almost 75% of that expansion is occurring in China, the US, Japan, and India. However, [insert tears] the rate of growth is expected to slow through 2022 just 5.3%, which is somewhat expected given the increasing installed base. Learn more.
3 Reasons to Love Energy Storage:
But Be Wary of the Shiny Object Syndrome
  • Energy storage is like, uh, so popular, man. (Insert voice of California surfer who likes microbrew. Oh yeah, that guy.) But despite the countless positive headlines, and a 27x year-over-year boost in committed capital in this sector, it's still not ready for most houses and businesses...yet. (Buzz kill, I know.) Top uses in a handful of states: Peak shaving and provision of grid services. Many people are also stoked (yep, like totally) about innovative new battery chemistries seeking to compete against lithium's 95% market dominance. We're excited, too, but $500M+ might be required to get a new tech to scale and gain market share. Learn more.
Picking Winners in Storage:
To Marry or Remain...Uh...Open?
  • It's easy to fall into the magnetic trance of Tesla. But despite the credit they deserve, (gasp) they are not the only battery provider out there. So whether you are a developer of, or investor in, the energy storage sector, a question is: Do you pick a winner, or remain open to several winners? Greensmith, with 180 MW of experience, has chosen the latter. Are you tech agnostic or a portfolio player, too? Learn more.
10 [Other] Caffeine Sources:
But, Oh Coffee!
  • If you want to have your cake and eat it, too, then this list of 10 alternative caffeine sources may be today's hidden gem. As for me, the smell and taste are not worth giving up. Though I do feel the pang of embarrassment when I get a "caffeine" headache" if I miss my morning coffee ritual. Ah, first world problems. Learn more.
Outsource Stuff Now:
[READ: You Stink at Some Tasks]
  • Despite what your mother tells you, you are NOT great at every part of your business. And to all of you Type A over-achievers -- You are not supposed to be good at, or to like, everything your business needs. (Let those shoulders relax.) So, outsource some to-do's to Virtual Assistants (VA). Here's a list of 100+ tasks that might not be the "highest and best use" of your time. Learn more.
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