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January 3, 2017   
Here's your weekly 4-minute digest of bullets on finance, clean energy, productivity, and trivia. 

And Happy New Year!

Best wishes to you for a fantastically productive and satisfying year.

If you're like me, right now you're applying the 80/20 rule and asking yourself the following:

"What are the 20% of activities and relationships that produced 80% of my personal and professional satisfaction?"

And vice versa, "What can I cut out of my schedule in order to realize the power of 'less = more?'"

Have a great week.

Chris Wedding, PhD
CEO, IronOak Energy
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5 Trends Investors Should Know About:
Salient Statistics in Solar Finance
  • IronOak Energy's Dr. Chris Clement cuts through the clutter and offers up 5 graphs and 5 paragraphs of jedi-like insight about the state of global solar finance. Read it here.
Russia Hacked U.S. Grid Last Week:
Oh Wait, Just Kidding
  • Readers who like facts beware: The Washington Post ran a story that scared the pants off half the country. (Pretty image, eh?) The evil Russians were reportedly attacking our outdated and vulnerable lifeblood, the U.S. power grid. Thanks to GTM for highlighting a later WashPost editor's note. The story was just fake news, with too little fact checking, that played to our fears, and led to a Vermont official calling Putin a "thug." Oops.
5 Trends Investors Should Know About:
Who's Investing in Energy Storage?
Northeast vs. California:
Who Will Be the Battery Champion?
  • With the 1.3 GW storage mandate by 2020 and rich Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) incentives, it's gotta be California. But wait...Massachusetts and New York want to lead the Northeast to the electricity grid of the future. Consider research showing $3B of potential savings via storage for MA, and NY's ConEd saving $1B to meet local power upgrades via battery solutionsA guest post in Utility Dive makes the case.
Discipline vs. Freedom?
Or Discipline = Freedom?
  • The two seem to be polar opposites. However, experts like 20-year Navy Seal Jocko Willink tell us that discipline actually creates freedom: A life with fewer rules leads to continual paradox of choice and decision fatigue (e.g., "What do I do now?"). If you want things like financial freedom, freedom from sickness, or freedom a 9-5 job, then you need incredible discipline. For more of this contrarian goodness, check him out at Jocko podcast. And thanks to my boy Tim Ferriss for finding this gem. 
Want to Drink Weird Green Stuff?
Efficiency Aficionados, Hear Me Out
  • For Christmas, wife and kids got me a Ninja blender, two books on smoothies, and a bunch of bizarre foods with names I mispronounce. Based on some mentoring work I'm doing, I've been reminded of the power of smoothies as a vehicle to shove tons of goodness into one single drink. I mean, who wants spinach and avocado for breakfast? Not me, but when blended with pineapple and mango, it's a quick way to get me and my kiddos to dosed up on super health. 
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