Some winters, even the lobstermen stay home.

Recognize this boat? Who's your favorite source of lobsters?

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Charlie Homer, PNYC Lobster, 1942 (75 years ago)
David Pratt, PNYC Lobster, 1955 (62 years ago)
Leslie Wheeler, PNYC Lobster, 1962 (55 years ago)
Capt'n Will, named after Bill Googins. Grandson Charlie Gray sitting on dinghy, 2014 (3 years ago)
Bill Googins was just one of a long line of locals who have shared the wealth of the ocean with generations of Prouts Neckers, summer and year-'round.

Cover Photo:  Jessica Heather
 and her owner Scott Doherty have for years been a reliable source of fresh lobsters to many Prouts families. Scott's 'Lobstah' sign is at 12 Ferry Road....  

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To hear what it's like to be a passionate, life-long lobster man, listen to this 3 minute audio clip of Spencer Joyce. (contributed by Swan Island Education Society, available on Maine Memory Network)

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A Valentine’s Day Story

Lucy Holland Putnam (1880-1981) was a wonderful figure at Prouts Neck for 100 years! Her father, Jim Holland, created the wonderful 1910 map of Prouts Neck. Her brother, Rupert Holland, wrote the 1924 book, The Story of Prouts Neck. Her mother-in-law, Agnes Hall Putnam, was the first President of the Women's Auxiliary. In 1921 she led the three-year campaign to buy the remaining portion of the Sanctuary from Mattie Homer.   Lucy was an artist and founder of the Prouts Neck Art Show in 1929.
Lucy Holland Putnam, 1969ca (48 years ago)

It was not till the 1930s that she married George Putnam, when they were both in their 50s...... The marriage took place in the Hyde's cottage, 'The Barnacle' (below left).

1905ca (110 years ago), The Hyde's house, The Barnacle, is on the left. The Putnam house, Driftwood, is on the right. Sadly, it burned down in 1976 (41 years ago). Almost taking the Barnacle with it! Both houses were built in the winter of 1888-1889.  Neither owner realized the other house was being built. They became life-long friends.
Movie Time: A Valentine’s Day Story - Treasures Lost & Found, 1986 (31 years ago ) (2min 21sec)

In this brief video clip, filmed at the Barnacle, Nevins Hyde takes us back to the early 1900s when Lucy makes a fateful decision, a treasure is lost, or is it?  And hot times in Kansas City for another famous Prouts couple....
Lucy Holland Putnam's Ring, Nevins Hyde
(Ok, check your sea glass jar for that diamond!)

If it weren't for the Putnams, these two dynamic Prouts characters may never have met.... Much more about them another time.....
Then and Then: Millie Davidson & Peter Coues, 1935 (81 years ago), where it was '114 in the shade!' (in Kansas City), and 1985 (31 years ago) - 50th Anniversary.

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