May the magic and memories of Prouts brighten your holidays....

Winter thoughts...
"There is not a month in the year that Prouts Neck does not stand out among all other places as offering the best in every day life, and enjoyment of all games and sports during these twelve months. The storms in winter and high surf (and yet some days baked in a warm melting sun and snow); the spring and fall offering equally surprising joys to all who venture to make a visit. The summer is only a climax for those who come for sports, sea bathing and cool breezes. Indeed, summer life has been added to very much by the loyalty of the visitors who frequently repeat their visits and become a part of our colony. Yes, Prouts Neck is "TOPS" and helps us to bear the sorrow of war."  Freeman Hinckley, Oct 1942 (74 years ago)
December 7, 1941 (75 years ago)
The attack on Pearl Harbor brought America into the war in earnest.
St. James Church -  Prouts Neck folk who served in World Wars I + II.
While many men and women from Prouts Neck served overseas and on the home front, an important task that fell to young volunteers like Jim Rose, was airplane spotting along the coast. The water tower (taken down in 1991 (25 years ago)) at the end of Sanctuary Lane served as an ideal high-point, where Jim and others spent many hours spotting and recording air traffic up and down the coast. It's function was replaced by a dedicated military tower in 1943.  In this rare photo found by history sleuth, Nina Warner, you can see two men heading up for their 'watch'.
The tower had a fabulous view of Prouts, seen here in this set of photos (taken before the military took over the tower) from the albums of Peggy Pratt Ross, 1941 (75 years ago). We've added some reference points for you, mostly showing current home owners.
Map showing views above.  Click on the map to be taken to our interactive map. You can see properties, owners and dates of homes.
Lookout below! And according to Peggy's captions, these are those two dare-devil gals - Mary 'Batch' Batchelder (later Bradshaw) and Ellie Batchelder (later Bell).  Perhaps they were on a scavenger hunt?!
Prouts Neck Scavenger Hunt, August, 1999 (17 years ago) (2:47)
And now, let's bring you a little Prouts summer to warm to your winter world!

Chris Warner is Master of Ceremonies.  See how many other folks you recognize....  And, yes, we have the video tapes that each team made!  Will be available on the website next year.
1999-08-12 PNYC Scavenger Hunt- Intro by Chris Warner(2min 47sec)(Chris Warner VHSC+Video8)
In a very 'modern' touch, each team was accompanied by a videographer to capture their interpretation of scavenger requirements such as, 'Sing a Prouts Neck Song', 'Make up your own Prouts Neck Song'. 
1999 Scavenger Hunt - red Team Song
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