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Ogden White 'The Impossible Dream'  (A bittersweet tale)
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Some winters seem to last forever. Others flash by.  It snowed March 21, but by and large, 'twas a very mild winter this year.

1934 (82 years ago) was not a mild winter! But as this April article points out, rough winter weather can still be "a boon to local fishing communities".

Traveling in a snowstorm from Portland to New York on 14 January 1934, the Eastern Steamship Company’s freighter Sagamore punctured its hull when it struck Corwin Rock off the eastern end of Prouts Neck. In the spitting snow rescuers rowed out to assist the crew from the listing ship and all were saved. However, efforts to refloat the freighter were unsuccessful and the ship was abandoned. Part of the ship’s cargo had been bolts of heavy, double-faced woolen cloth, which were salvaged by area residents. Some Scarborough Historical Society members remember wearing coats and snowsuits their mothers made from the salvaged wool, which was tan or gray on one side and checked on the other. Masts from the wreck were visible from the cliff walk around the Neck until the 1960s.

People from the Past: (Text by Peter Coues, Photos by Barbara Chandler Ross)
Movie Time: 100 Years Ago
April 14, 1906 Market Street, San Francisco
A Trip Down Market Street, 1906 - With Sound!
(Click image to start) This remarkable film was made on a streetcar 4 days before the great San Francisco earthquake (7.8 magnitude) of April 18, 1906 (100 years ago) You will get a real sense of early 1900 city life with its carriages, automobiles, trams, and busy people.  (Sound has been added in modern times to make it even more real. It runs about 9 minutes, but you can get off the streetcar anytime :)
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