October - New Car Month
'The Heap' was a 1949 Plymouth 'Woody', which graced Prouts Roads in the 50s and 60s. Read more about this beloved classic, now 67 years old.

Who's that in the photo? Answer below.... Hint: Photo is 1992 (24 years ago)

Do you remember when all the new car models came out in September and early October -- as predicable as Back to School and the new fall TV lineup.

1949 Plymouth Station Wagon (67 years ago)

Long before SUVs, the Station Wagon was the workhorse car for large, active families as you can see in the ad above.  It even had the "famous Plymouth Air Pillow Ride"!  Wood panelling was a popular treatment at various times from the 1920s, but later gave way to all steel, sometimes with fake wood trim.

So did YOU ever drive one of these? Better yet, do you have any photos of Woodies or other classic cars at Prouts you can share!? (Click here to email now!)

'The Heap' 2016

Sally Gates McEntyre, Duncan McEntyre and Eliza McEntyre.

Both Sally (Gates) and Duncan's (Smiths) families have been coming to Prouts for generations.  And guess where the name 'Eliza' comes from!

Kirkland Gates (Sally's uncle): "The Heap was purchased new by my grandfather, Marvin Gates, and lived at Prouts throughout the 50s and 60s. I towed it back to Kansas City in 1972 after our family sold 'The Ark' at 1 Winslow Homer Road."  Maybe we can get Kirkland to bring it back to Prouts?  Meantime, stop by for a ride if you're in KC!

Answer: And, yes, our cover photo is the Gates family with 1930s rackets, 1949 car and 1992 smiles: Garrett, Finley, William, Kirkland and Kathy.

Marvin Gates 1962 (54 years ago)

Marvin and his wife, Medill, were major figures in the Prouts community for many years.  While both hailed from Kansas City, they actually met in Prouts in 1894. (Much like his great grand-daughter, Sally, and Duncan above!) 

Marvin served as president of the PNCC from 1946-1949, and was made an honorary member in 1969 - one of only 12 to date.  During World War 1 young Harry Truman (President US 1945-1953) served as adjutant to Major Gates.

Medill Gates 1950ca (67 years ago)

Medill was active in many of Prouts' affairs, but her best known work was in organizing entertainments and talent shows, where she had a special way with children that got results.  The flag pole at the PNCC carries a plaque in her honor.

Beach Club sun bathers, 1941 (75 years ago)
While it may look as if Medill is berating these relaxed youths for their idle ways, it's far more likely she was rallying them to help with yet another play, talent show or musical production. Such as this one below.

Talent Show Play, 1948ca (68 years ago)
Jean Rose (Gould), Ally Homer (Willauer), Gervice Gates (Ripley), Helen Goodwin Rose.

And check out this month's video below for some very lively theater!

Prouts Neck House (also called Libby's House) 1899ca (117 years ago)

Prouts Neck Hotel register for Medill's family - August 19, 1893 (123 years ago)

Before they bought 'The Ark' in 1946, Marvin and Medill Gates and their families stayed in several of the well-known Prouts Hotels, including Prouts Neck House (above) - originally the home of the Libby family, who until the 1870s owned all of Prouts Neck. The Libby heirs also built and ran The Willows, The Cammock House and West Point House, the Southgate (Black Point Inn), The Jocelyn and The Checkley.

Prouts Neck House was later purchased by the Morgan family (Merrick Clan). One half of the original building was moved back from the road, and it's simple charm and overflowing hydrangeas were a Prouts landmark until it was torn down in 2011. The other half was moved down the road, turned 90 degrees and still exists as the bottom two floors of the Post Office building.

Movie: The Animal Fair 1939 (77 years ago)

1939 Prouts Animal Fair+sound
1939 Prouts Neck Animal Fair hosted by the Sprague family at Ram Island Farm, featuring Eleanor McClurg (Hunnewell) as horse trainer, Frank Chandler (grandfather of Joanie Shepherd) as Ring Master and a fascinating cast of creatures. Sound track by Tex Ritter - 1948.  (The kids love this!  Some ideas for Halloween?)

Please, if you were there, or remember any more names and facts about this or other Sprague Farm events, click here!.
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