Are you ready for summer?
Mrs. Lorne Webster (Muriel), ca1930 (86 years ago)
Yes, even the Canadians are starting to warm up for the 2016 season.


Happy Mother's Day !

1993 Moms

1993 (21 years ago) Prouts Neck playgroup: Helen De la Gueronniere holding Jake Rockefeller, Helen Wagner holding Charlie, Sarah Bloy holding Caroline Bloy Howes, Sarah Gould holding Sophie, ?,?, Jeanette Rockefeller holding Connor, and Andrea Gillespie holding Casey. (Corrections welcome:)

What better house to feature in May?!

Built in 1888 (128 years ago) by the May family, "May-Den" is one of the oldest, and best documented cottages in Prouts.

It was the first house built on the 'beach' side of Prouts, as can be seen here. Note how rugged the shore was in 1888. Also note the lack of trees, permitting sweeping views for even those houses in the middle of the Neck. The house roof in the distance, above the bath houses is today's library!

1891 (125 years ago)  Bessy May above, center, with friends.

May-Den was a social hub of Prouts Neck in the late 1800s and early 1900s, referred to in letters and diaries.

2013 - May-Den celebrates her 125th Birthday.  Lee & George Sprague continue her tradition as social hub of Prouts Neck....


Lee Sprague holds "Prouts Neck", a photo-journal book created by a visitor to May-Den in 1891. It is filled with poetry and astounding photos of Prouts Neck in 1891. The entire book and cleaned/edited versions of the images will soon be available on the website.

Mary Brinton Diaries:  "May-Den"  - 1941 (75 years ago)

"We start from the beach and go along the path now overgrown with Bay and Wild Roses to "May-Den", the Frank White's cottage. Ros (Rosamond May White) is sitting on her chaise lounge by the window, very much changed for she has had a stroke and her left side, arms, and legs are paralyzed. We talk of many things, we can look through their windows to the Atlantic House and on the other side see the spray dashing over Seal Rock. I never tire of looking at this view - to my mind it is one of the finest on the Neck."

Movie Time: Beach Days - 1930s &1940s

David McGovern and Jim Rose share some thoughts.

Beach Days - 1930s+40s David McGovern, Jim Rose
Prouts Neck beach life prior to World War II. (1min:24sec)
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