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Around 15 years ago the community organized to stop four New York Power Authority power plants from being sited on our waterfront by then Governor Pataki. These methane gas facilities that poison our air and block our waterfront were allowed to proceed as “temporary.” We now have a chance to stop two of the four power plants (those at Harlem River Yards) from being re-permitted! We have 10 days to submit 100 emails against the re-permitting of these power plants and in favor of a public hearing (which will only take place if we submit enough comments.)

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SUBJECT: Application ID: 2-6007-00726/00003

To Whom It May Concern:

I urge you to reject the re-permitting of the two Harlem River Yards power plants located at E. 132nd Street & Robert F. Kennedy Bridge 688 E 132nd Street.  These plants were supposed to be temporary; they have a capacity of over 80 MW (not the 79.9 MW reported); and they significantly pollute the air of an environmentally overburdened community.  Further, these power plants stand in conflict with the volume of pedestrians that will use the soon-to-be-opened Randall's Island "Connector," and they also stand in conflict with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation 2014 Draft Open Space Plan, which has prioritized the Mott Haven-Port Morris Waterfront Plan to provide community access to the waterfront and mitigate climate change storm surges in a flood zone. Finally, I respectfully request that you hold a public hearing on this matter to enable the broader community to provide comments.

See video here for background on the issue.
IMPORTANT UPDATES: While we continue to fight the relocation of FreshDirect to our waterfront, we have:
  • Achieved priority project shortlisting of the Mott Haven-Port Morris Waterfront Plan by NYS - which would preserve the waterfront as designated open space for the residents of the South Bronx without dependency on any development!
  • Partnered with New York Restoration Project and got commitments to revitalize the East 132nd Street Pier and the Historic Port Morris Gantries (and more) via their Haven Project.
  • Forced Stericycle, a medical waste handler in Port Morris, to withdraw its application for a permit expansion to process hazardous medical waste in a flood zone.