VLM Newsletter #4
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Virgin London Marathon Newsletter #4

Hello all! We are almost two weeks away from the marathon! In this edition, we offer advice about what to do if you've picked up a last minute injury, the importance of prepping for race day and avoiding anything new on race day. And we have another great feature from a very tanned Sophie Vowden.

What to do if you’ve picked up an injury a few weeks before race day

Ending up with an injury three weeks before race day can be quite worrisome, but DON’T PANIC!
You've spent the last 13 weeks training for this marathon. It's time to focus on healing your injury, not getting in another long run. 
Read what to do if you are injured

Practice, practice, practice!

From now until 23 April, every Sunday should be a mock race day, with less miles of course. 

Go through the same routine every Sunday. Wake up at the time you plan to on race day. Eat the same breakfast.

Think about what you're going to eat. 
How much is enough? How much is too much? Does it sit right in your tummy when running? How soon after do you need the loo?

Prep for your run
Know what you need to do physically AND mentally before your long run. 
Is your playlist up to date? What is your warm-up?
Start your run
The start time of the race will be in your final instructions magazine, which should be arriving soon if you have yet to receive it. Start your runs at this time. 

Running, running, running
Practice your hydration and fuelling methods (jelly babies, gels, etc) and understand how much water and how often YOU need to refuel. Everyone is different so it's best to practice now rather than on race day!

Don't try anything new on race day

It can be very tempting to buy a new t-shirt or a new pair of socks for race day. Family and friends might try to surprise you with a new race day outfit or some specialised gels they have heard about. The Marathon Expo will have some fun, fancy colored gear!

However, all this could have an unfavorable outcome on the day.

Your new t-shirt may have a tag you didn’t notice that rubs while you run, new socks may cause blisters and new gels may upset your tummy causing you to run to the loo every chance you have. 

Pick out your favorite and most comfortable running gear the week before the race. You know, the one that makes you feel like Mo Farah! Ensure it is clean and have it ready to go.

The same goes for nutrition. Don’t start drinking Lucozade on the day of the race because that’s what they’re giving out for free. Make sure you know what fuelling methods work for you, that won’t upset your tummy and pack those in your bag. 

Top tips for April marathon training from SV's Sophie Vowden

SV's Sophie Vowden may be on the other side of the world at the moment (look at that tan!), but she's still thinking of all our SV clients preparing for the 2017 London Marathon.

She's written another blog especially for you guys, sharing her top tips for the marathon and also post-race.
Read Sophie's top tips

We wish you all the best for this marathon! Get out there and enjoy every second!

If you would like any help/ advice, please get in contact with us:

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