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Welcome to the 2014/2015 ski season, and welcome also to our new style for corresponding with you, our members and trail users!

We are still seeking a volunteer to take over the responsibility of this newsletter. It's a nice way to volunteer, as the job can largely be done on your own schedule and doesn't take a significant amount of effort. A few hours and a little bit of computer savvy is really all that's needed. Please contact Sue if you're interested in pitching in:

The 2014/15 ski season is off to a great start; conditions have been good considering it's still early - this is in large part thanks to the hard work of many volunteers during the summer months, brushing out the trails, as well as our tracksetters who have made the best of what snow they have to work with. Thank you everyone!

I hope this newsletter finds you relaxing after what is for many a hectic time of year. On behalf of the board of directors I would like to wish you all a merry and bright holiday season, and all the best of the New Year.


  • Message from the President
  • Updates on BV Nordic Races for 2015
  • Northern Skill Development update from Coach Chris
  • Women's Clinic and Intro to Biathlon
  • Area & Timber Harvesting Update
  • Masters Drop-In
  • Report from Teck Regional Snow Camp
  • Ski Mileage Chart


January 11 - Teck Northern Cup #1 Race
January 14 - First Masters Drop-In session
January 18 - Women's Clinic
January 18 - Women's Intro to Biathlon Clinic ("Girls and Guns")
February 8 - Chris Dahlie Open


Thank you everyone for working hard towards opening day which was Nov 29. The track setters had little to work with but were able to get some trails groomed.

Jevan Hanchard worked feverishly on our operation plan so we could submit it to the Province and sign our Recreation Agreement so we could open.

I was very pleased to see many people at the snow camp the last weekend in November, despite the cold weather. Great job to all those who organized the camp.

We have two new snowmobiles on the trails; one is to pull the rescue sled. It is an electric start, very easy for anyone to start and run. It is on the deck, ready to go in case of an emergency. The other new one is to pull the small track setter. This will enable us to track set with little snow in order to save the Piston Bully, and will also help when a lot of snow hits us and the Piston Bully can not keep up.
There have been some changes to our emergency contact list which is posted by the phone in the lodge. The first aid kits have been inspected and set out on the trails. There are incident reports with the kits, in the lodge, and on the rescue snowmobile that must be filled out if we have an incident. Please familiarize yourself with all of the safety and emergency procedures and equipment at the Nordic Centre.
Ticket booth duty began Dec 6th weekend, so please ensure that you're carrying your trail pass with you when you're out enjoying the trails.
I hope everyone will have a great year and if there are any issues, comments or questions please contact me.
Daryl Wilson
Bulkley Valley Cross Country Ski Club
Cell:    250-877-2346
Home: 250-847-5507 


This year the BVCCSC is hosting 4 races open to all levels and abilities. These races are great ways to challenge yourself, enjoy time with friends and family, and meet new people. We welcome everyone to participate! Look for race notices and details on each event on the club's website and Facebook page. If you would rather help than ski in one of these races, please contact me ( Volunteering for a race is a great way of giving back to the club. Without volunteers these great activities cannot happen.
Here are the dates of this season's events: 

Jan. 11: Teck Northern Cup #1 - a classic mass start race providing a great intro to racing; part of the Teck Northern race series
Feb. 8: Chris Dahlie - a fun, family-oriented race
March 7: Wetzinkwa Loppet - a BVCCSC tradition, a fun day out on skis
March 22: Bulkley Valley Biathlon - for those biathletes in the valley, a great way to end the season.


Hi All!

I am now back in my fifth season with the BV Nordics; I had a really busy summer with fires and am excited to be back!

With about 60 days spent in a tent in total this summer, I got to thinking a lot about technique. One big focus around technique this year that I have introduced is teaching by feel. I have had a few conversations with other coaches about this and it appears we are ahead of the curve in the technique world, in BC anyway. To elaborate, we are focusing more on what the athlete is feeling when put in the correct position or moving through a motion. This is turn enables the skier to know when executing a technique correctly- think of it as a mental check.

The groups this year are off to a very strong start, I credit that to the volunteer coaches who had them out before I came back online. We have approximately 25-30 athletes involved in Track Attack, Junior Racers and Senior Racers.  With all these groups we have been using video analysis for technique detection and correction. This has already proven to pay off in a big way. Athletes are able to see and relate how their bodies are feeling and coaches can then through simulation place them in the correct position.

The three groups have different focuses when it comes to races. For Track Attack, it's a nearby BC Cup and local races, for Juniors, two BC Cups and local races will shape their season, and Seniors will focus on the BC Cup series, Westerns, a Noram, Nationals and of course local races.

I want to say a big thanks to the volunteer coaches and parents who are involved in all of our programs. Without you these programs wouldn't exist or run as smooth as they do. To everyone else, if you have questions please feel free to contact me at or stop me on the trails! 

See you on the trails!
~Coach Chris


Area update:
A very exciting project was completed this summer.  A new underpass is now built and in use under Hudson Bay Mountain Road connecting the lower parking lot with the Pine Creek trails.  From the first conception of the project a year and a half ago the enthusiastic support and financial backing of the club executive gave the volunteer project crew the incentive to carry through with fundraising, planning and construction. The completed project has exceeded our best hopes. We received  financial support from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Wetzin'kwa Community Forest, the Northern Development Initiative Trust and ICBC. It was the Ministry that spearheaded the actual construction as a day labour project, under the able and experienced leadership of Fred Seychuk, who seemed to have an answer for every problem that arose. The many contractors involved brought experience and pride to the project. HBH Land Surveying donated their services and equipment, and various club members donated time and expertise. As you are driving up Hudson Bay Mountain Road or heading to the Pine Creek trails for a ski, have a look at a project very well done.   

The trails are in good shape for this season. Brushing and mowing was completed this summer on the trails that were not done last year and the early snow/cold weather allowed for some early tracksetting and snow preparation. The lodge and gate were open during the day in advance of our expected opening date of November 21 and the trails available for use in an ‘as-is’ condition.  We have since been lucky enough to get a few good snowfalls, and trails are now in great shape and getting better all the time.

A new ‘Rescue’ snowmobile has been purchased using revenue provided by the Wetzink’wa Community Forest Corporation through profit sharing for harvesting which occurred last season in the Pine Creek area. This snow machine will be staged at the lodge and available to members for rescue purposes in the event of an accident on the trails. Please note the updated rescue and communication procedures posted in the lodge above the emergency telephone. In addition, a replacement tracksetting snowmachine was also purchased this year again utilizing some of the revenue generated through the community forest. This machine will be used to improve the maintenance of our fantastic trails, and to provide a back-up in the event of mechanical problems with the main tracksetter.

Timber harvesting Update:
The Bulkley Valley Nordic lodge and trail network is located within the working forest of the Bulkley Timber Supply Area and within the operating area of the Wetzin’kwa Community Forest Corporation (WCFC). Wetzinkwa Tenure Boundary

The BVCCSC has a signed memorandum of understanding with the WCFC that speaks to the recreational interests of the club and its membership and that provides guidance to WCFC for any proposed forest harvesting operations that ensures these values are protected ( Through this agreement, the BVCSS has enjoyed a very collaborative and positive working relationship with the WCFC since they commenced operations in 2007.  

WCFC has contributed to the improvement of the club infrastructure by providing grants for various improvements including contributing to the Hudson Bay Mountain Road underpass built in 2014. The BVCCSC also benefits from new trails which are designed then constructed concurrent with timber harvesting operations (Logging roads, Wetzin’Kwa Trail, Seymour Ridge Trail) and from a profit sharing agreement with the WCFC for harvesting operations that occur adjacent to the BV Nordic facility area.  

Harvesting operations by the WCFC over the last number of years have been primarily focused on the salvage of lodgepole pine killed by the mountain pine beetle. During the spring of the 2012/2013 season, the WCFC completed salvage harvesting in the Pine Creek area. WCFC and its contractors took all possible care to avoid disruptions and to allow for continued use by the full spectrum of the BVCCSC membership. All the Pine Creek and Dog Trails will be operational for the 2014/2015 season, please take the opportunity to view the results of this work and provide the board with your feedback! 

There will be additional salvage harvesting operations occurring during the 2014/15 season in the Seymour Ridge area. A new road was built this summer extending from the end of the lower logging road out towards Seymour ridge where several small cutblocks will be harvested. To avoid disruptions to early season skiing, a trail was prepared this fall parallel to the lower logging road and harvesting on Seymour Ridge will not take place until sometime in the new year. This will allow for the early season use of the lower logging road until such time as the snow conditions allow for tracksetting to be switched over to this parallel trail. At this time, logging truck traffic will begin on the lower logging road and skiers will need to pay close attention when using the crossing points at the demonstration forest intersection, and when connecting to ‘Fuhr’s furlong’ and the upper logging road.  

Once harvesting is complete, tracksetting will be carried out on the new road to Seymour Ridge. Please take the opportunity this spring to have a look at this new trail and its views of the valley, and let the board know of any ideas on how to best take advantage of this area in the future!  You will also note a new connector trail, ‘Mitchell’s Mayhem’, between the upper logging road and the demonstration forest that will allow for a better connection between these trails and for the lower logging road to be avoided during the time it will be utilized for logging traffic.


Masters Adult Drop-In sessions start the second Wednesday in January and run every Wednesday for six weeks. First time skiers can learn the basics while intermediate and advanced participants receive technique tips and coaching to keep improving. Sessions are for adults of any skill level and include coaching sessions for both classic and skate technique. Depending on instructor availability there’s also a wax clinic offered for skate and classic.

Each evening, participants and coaches meet at the lodge at the Nordic Centre ready to start skiing at 7pm. Around 8:15 everyone meets back at the lodge for a warm up with complimentary hot apple cider and appies.

7pm Wednesday evenings, $5 per session with a valid day pass or season membership

- Jan 14, 21 & 28

- Feb 4, 11 & 18

TECK REGIONAL SNOW CAMP - Cold not a Concern for Northern BC Skiers

From Nov 28th to 30th, 35 athletes from Williams Lake to Kitimat came together to participate in the Teck Regional Snow Camp hosted by the Bulkley Valley Cross Country Ski Club in Smithers. Athletes ages 8-15 were in attendance and battled the coldest weather the region has seen this season. With temperatures hovering around -25, you would expect these young skiers to crave the indoors but that was not the case. Aside from some trailside leg and arm swinging to get the blood flowing again, training sessions went as planned. Much of the camp's success was attributed to special technique sessions which kept the athletes moving. A special visit from a former racer and now physiotherapist to work some body awareness and balance and agility was also included in the weekend. The final day of camp focused on sprint racing which included a mini-sprint course, barrel racing, and figure 8 races. After working hard (and surviving the cold) the athletes were treated with a visit to the local pool. Needless to say, it was a little bit difficult to get up on Sunday morning!
A big thanks to Teck Resources Limited, Outdoor Essentials, Bulkley Valley Cross Country Ski Club, Nellie Dow, and all the parents and coaches that contributed to make this camp a huge success!



One of the small opportunities available at the BV Nordic Centre to enhance your ski experience is the mileage (or kilometerage!) chart in the left side locker room (as you enter the main lodge door). Everyone is welcome to use the charts to keep track of their progress, and those skiing 1000 kilometers in one season can contact Steve Howard (250-846-5930) for a free T-shirt and membership in the 1000 kilometer club.  You may also have noticed a classic old ski near the fireplace upstairs in the lodge with small brass plaques on it noting for each year the people who charted the most kilometers.  

    After a decade of doing the charts and plaques I would like to pass the chore on to someone else. Please contact me, Steve Howard, to volunteer.  I can arrange the printing of the charts and have a supply of T-shirts ready to go that should last for some years.  

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