"In 1965, the University of Cambridge temporarily closed due to bubonic plague. Isaac Newton had to work from home, and he used this time to develop calculus and the theory of gravity."
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Yes, we know you've been waiting for this newsletter all March. But we wanted to present it to you on Friday the 13th. Hope with this newsletter the spirit of dialoguing finds you as it found us!
Top Stories: 
  1. IPL 2020 postponed to April 15th.
  2. The world's 500 richest people collectively lost $203 Billion on Tuesday, the biggest one-day drop in the eight-year history of the Bloomberg Billionaires index.
  3. SBI to infuse INR 7,250 Crores in Yes Bank and will pick up to 49% equity.
March 'The Month of Women' (1/6)
From women's day to Holi to spring. This month has beautifully transitioned from shivers to blossoms. We celebrated women of colours, not in the traditional sense but women who are breaking the mould and are the first in their chosen career paths, the colours of their career. Bold like black, bright like yellow and becoming like Michelle. Who all read her book cover to cover? #askingforafriend 
March being women her-story month, 'Be The First' stands to break the distinction of 'male and female' and gives credit to all where it's due. Divya is the first lawyer and CEO of her family. Not a female lawyer but just a lawyer.
Women who are changing the game:

1. Mahima Kumar Mahajan, Indian Olympic Trap Shooter - A game-changer with a shotgun!

2. Radhika Chopra, founder of Three Clive Road, a brand that specialises in exquisite hand-blended teas and bespoke locally produced accessories.

3. Sudiksha Jain & Riddhi Jain founders of NeceSera, a brand that makes butter-soft loungewear.
Bye, bye startup series (2/6)
A big thank you to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and of course the amazing founders of Little Black Book, Sleepy Owl Coffee, SpeakIn and UrbanClap.

We have finally finished our start-up series campaign where we posted 8 interactive videos giving you 'gyaan' on the startup world. Find all the information here! Binge-watch our latest episodes on our website (some of our favourites, below!)
Hacks From Our Accountants (3/6)
*In collaboration with CAxpert
We break down accounting for you (read our expertly edited article here):
  1. Mobile apps like Expensify and Walnut sync your SMS and photos and help track your payments.
  2. Want to see your employee hours in real-time? Try apps like Quickbooks and Zohobooks. A well-managed and structured payroll system ensures accurate payments to employees.
  3. Most businesses prefer the accrual method of accounting. It provides a better picture of the financial results of the company.
  4. Online invoicing tools (Invoicely, QBO, Zoho Books, etc.) allow you to generate on-the-go GST friendly invoices.
*We aren't promoting these apps, only friendly suggestions. 
What's On Our Calendar (4/6)
  • IPL: Postponed till April 15th.
  • Schools: Closed till March 31st.
  • Colleges: Closed till March 31st.
  • Cinema Halls: Closed till March 31st. 
  • Visas suspended till April 15th.
  • India Fashion Week postponed. 
Everything is closed/postponed but Dialogue Room webinars are open. Want to learn from our experts on how to face accounting challenges and your GST woes? Book our webinar on 20th March at 5.30 PM.

Email to book your place! 
FYI with DR (5/6)
  • We have to address the corona in the room. Today, in India there are 75 COVID-19 reported cases with 1 death. And around 1.2 Million people die of pollution every year in India. You do the math.
  • RBI is set to do a US Dollar sell-buy swap. The central bank will sell dollars in the market and buy them back after 6 months (or rollover). This is in view of the intense selling pressure witnessed worldwide due to COVID-19. First swap auction date is on 16th March from 9.30 am to 11.30 am for USD 2 Million.
  • National Vaccination Day is on 16th March. Flu vaccinations will be available, there may be considerable delays on the COVID-19 vaccine. 
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Divya from Dialogue Room chats about our interesting business model, the value of niche audiences, media monetisation, and the challenge of curating differentiated events which go beyond "cliched networking over bagged coffee."
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