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Celebrity Culture and Social Inquiry Vol. 28 
Media Experts

Prof. P. David Marshall
Dr Anita Krajnc
Dr. Basuli Deb
Dr Hilary Wheaton
Dr Jackie Raphael 
Dr Celia Lam

Dr Louis Massey 
Dr Mira Moshe
Dr Nandana Bose
Dr Samita Nandy
Dr Will Visconti
Josh Nathan
Shannon Skinner 

Advisory Board

Dr Anita Krajnc
Dr Basuli Deb
Dr Hilary Wheaton
Dr Jackie Raphael
Dr Celia Lam 

Dr Mira Moshe
Dr Louis Massey
Dr Radha Maharaj
Dr Robinder Sehdev
Dr Samita Nandy
Dr Yaya Mori
Tushar Unadkat
Ravi Kumar

Editorial Board

Dr Robert Caine
Dr Will Visconti 
Dr Hilary Wheaton
Dr Jarret Ruminski
Dr Nalini Mohabir
Nidhi Shrivastava
Christine Bode

Communication Manager

Dr Louis Massey

 Founding Director

Dr Samita Nandy

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Celebrity Studies (Routledge)

A Companion to Celebrity (2015)

Bridging Gaps: Higher Education, Media and Society (2015)





I hope May is going well for all. We are pleased to announce that CMCS has released a call for book editors and conference chairs and a call for Op-Ed Writing Workshop Facilitators. More details on these opportunities and other events can be found below. Please feel free to share this newsletter with faculty and students in your department. If you wish to submit material for CMCS newsletter or blog, please email the content to Stay tuned for our conference program, videos and publications in the next editions. In the meantime, keep checking our website and join our conversations on social media!
Wish you a great week ahead!
Dr Louis Massey
Advisory Board Member & Communication Manager
Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS)

Call for Book Editors & Conference Chairs
Number of Positions Available: Multiple
Locations: Various
The Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS), in association with the Centre for Ecological, Social, and Informatics Cognitive Research (ESI.CORE) and WaterHill Publishing, invites academics to apply for the rewarding volunteer positions of Book Editor and Conference Chair for its growing international series Bridging Gaps.
Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. The editor will chair the international conference on which the book will be based
  2. The basic theme of the conference will be provided (see below) but the chairperson/editor will develop it into a complete CFP in conjunction with CMCS and ESI.CORE organizers.
  3. The exact conference date and location will be determined in conjunction with CMCS and ESI.CORE organizer.
  4. Identifying and managing members of the program committee and other volunteers as required.
  5. Working in conjunction with staff at CMCS and ESI.CORE for the successful organization and delivery of the conference.
  6. Reviewing and selecting conference abstracts in conjunction with the program committee
  7. Selecting keynote, roundtable and workshop speakers.
  8. Organizing conference program and delegation of conference.
  9. Editing the book containing selected extended papers presented at the conference.
  10. Working in conjunction with staff at WaterHill Publishing for the successful completion of the edited book.
Benefits include receiving:
  1. Full conference registration fee waiver.
  2. Developing panels, roundtables, and workshops panels in the field of interest.
  3. Introductory chapter and possibility of an additional chapter in the edited book.
  4. Paperback copy of the Bridging Gaps edited book.
  5. Discounted rate for a forthcoming conference.
Bridging Gaps is a multidisciplinary conference and book series addressing a multitude of social and cultural themes from a practice-based research perspective while not closing off more theoretical work.
Bridging gaps is about:
  • Breaking away from knowledge and methodological silos that exists between disciplines
  • Bringing solutions for social and personal transformation not just abstract discussions of issues
  • Being public intellectuals who act and reach out by using popular media not just academic outlets.
  • Being open to multiple approaches, views and contributors – not just established academics but also artists, independent researchers, practitioners, activists, etc.
As such, Bridging Gaps aims at constructing bridges between topics, between people, between approaches, and between academia and the public.
To apply for this exciting and challenging role, please forward your CV and a short covering letter indicating conference of interest to Dr Samita Nandy at Conference titles and locations are given below.

For more info, see sponsoring organizations:
Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS):
Centre for Ecological, Social, and Informatics Cognitive Research (ESI.CORE):
WaterHill Publishing:
Application deadline: May 31, 2016

  • Title: Bridging Gaps: Where are the Nations in Hollywood and Hollywood North?
    Synopsis: In the global appeal of Hollywood, the American nation comes to mind. Yet, as Fame in Hollywood North points out, there are contested relations between America’s Wild West and Canada’s Northern frontier that play significant roles in the discursive constructions of films, fame, and glamour. An understanding of Hollywood culture is hence incomplete without the understanding of American films, fame, and glamour north of the border. When it comes to national identity, is Hollywood truly American?
    Location & Date: Los Angeles, December, 2016
  • Title: Bridging Gaps Between Climate change and Social Change: Overcoming Sociocultural Ideologies
    Synopsis: Are the discussions about climate change missing key elements? For example, little attention is paid to the impact of animal agriculture despite the fact it generates as much emissions as all transportations combined. Another example is local food production which is put forward as a key solution when for many northern nations it could consume more energy than importing the food. What are the societal, cultural, economic, cognitive and political causes of these omissions and misconceptions? How can these and other blockages be overcome? This conference aims at questioning assumptions and proposing innovative alternative solutions to climate change, taking into account that some of the existing ideologies may lead us in a less than optimal direction. While embracing the urgent need to take action to limit climate change, the conference also aims at solutions that preserve the economic wellbeing of nations and individuals, particularly in the developing world.
    Location & Date: Austin, March (Spring Break) 2017
  • Title: Consciousness and Self-Awareness: Beyond Anthropocentrism
    Synopsis: Consciousness and self-awareness are generally perceived as uniquely human phenomena. Investigations with animals use anthropocentric tests that may not correspond to the realities of these species. What are consciousness and self-awareness anyway? Could they be widespread mental mechanisms used for self-preservation and survival of a species? If so, it may not be unique to humans but unique in form for each species. By connecting ideas from cognitive science, brain science, philosophy, anthropology and other fields of studies as well as from practitioners, artists, and public intellectuals, the conference aims at answering whether our anthropocentric view of the world is affecting our ability to recognize consciousness (and related phenomena such as sentience) in other species. The conference also aims at exploring alternative views about the nature of consciousness, particularly within a broader view of the natural world, inclusive of other species.
    Location & Date: London, May 2017
  • Title: Bridging Gaps among the Myths and Realities of the Food Industry: The Role of Media, Interest Groups, and Historical Sociocultural Practices
    Synopsis: While industrialization of food production has enabled the world to avoid the catastrophic shortages predicted in the 1970’s, industrialization also comes with its own issues. One may consider for instance the health impact of additives and of a meat-rich diet, the environmental impacts of animal agriculture and pesticides, and many others. What is the role of media, interest groups, and historical sociocultural practices in eating what we eat? How can we improve our eating habits and food production? How can we ensure that everyone on the planet has access to food and water? These are some of the questions the conference aims at exploring. The conference will include a cooking workshop and food degustation.
    Location & Date: London, May, 2017
Call for Op-Ed Writing Workshop Facilitators
Part-time, contract (4 positions available)
Locations: NYC, LA, Austin, London

We have an opportunity for freelance journalists to facilitate Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) 4-hr media writing workshops. The workshops will include sessions on how to write op-eds as well as columns and personal essays at the following locations:
New York City, September 2016
Los Angeles, December 2016
Austin, March 2017
London, May 2017
Facilitators will have the flexibility to design the workshop and handouts in creative ways. During the workshop, facilitators will provide: hands-on guidance on writing structures, examples, opportunities to write drafts, and one-on-one feedback.
  • Offer guidance on writing structures and encourage participants to write 1-page drafts.
  • Provide basic edits and feedback on a range of topics that need media attention.
  • Create mentoring relationships with participants who will include academics, emerging fiction and non-fiction writers, grassroots organizers and entrepreneurs.
  • Coach thought leaders in ways so that they can share knowledge and frame ideas of public value.
  • Offer basic directions on how to pitch op-eds, columns, and personal essays to media.
  • The successful candidate will be educated to degree level at university.
  • 1-3 years of proven track record in writing op-eds, columns, and personal essays.
  • Demonstrated communication skills and experience in offering commentaries in the media.
  • Excellent listening and analytic skills (able to rapidly contextualize, compare, and contrast).
  • Willingness to learn, improve and share skills with authenticity.
  • Ability to guide students and address questions with patience, attention, and compassion.
  • Passion for teaching and journalism in both traditional and new media.
  • Ability to create meaningful relationships with scholars, writers, editors, and activists.

To apply for this exciting and challenging role, please forward your CV and a short covering letter indicating the location of interest to Dr Samita Nandy at
For more info, see sponsoring organizations:
Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS):
Centre for Ecological, Social, and Informatics Cognitive Research (ESI.CORE):
WaterHill Publishing:
Application deadline: May 31, 2016

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