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Celebrity Culture & Social Inquiry Vol. 3  2014



Editorial Board

Dr Will Visconti 
Dr Hilary Wheaton
Dr Jarret Ruminski
Dr Nalini Mohabir
Nidhi Shrivastava
Christine Bode

Advisory Board

Dr Anita Krajnc
Dr Mira Moshe
Dr Hilary Wheaton 
Dr Louis Massey
Dr Radha Maharaj
Dr Robinder Sehdev
Dr Samita Nandy
Tushar Unadkat
Yaya Mori






Greetings from Switzerland!


On behalf of the Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies, I would like to welcome readers to the third edition of our newsletter Celebrity Culture and Social Inquiry. This newsletter also marks the first year anniversary of the Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies.

Since our launch in August 2013, we have been inundated with excellent feedback and good wishes for bridging gaps between higher education and media, particularly journalism, and restoring intrinsic artistic and ethical values in representing and understanding celebrity culture with critical views. 
Over the last twelve months, the centre successfully presented its seminar series to the media and public.  The series addressed critical issues in media culture and ways to strengthen celebrity activism in the public sphere. The last seminar was broadcasted on Canada’s V-Mix on OMNI TV. Earlier, coverage on CTV News and by the Canadian Journalism Foundation, among many more print and broadcast media, prompted us to consider televised formats in addition to existing seminars and publications that we have established.
At the moment, we are looking forward to the release of groundbreaking book The Emotions Industry. The book has been edited by our Advisory Board member and Senior Lecturer at Ariel University, Dr Mira Moshe.  It is an honor for us to support Dr Moshe’s contribution in academia and in media culture.  In the book, I am pleased to contribute a chapter that theorizes the relationship between emotions and fame, and shows ways in which we can critically recognize and embrace distinctive contributions offered by artists and activists in popular culture. For a copy of the book, you may visit the publisher here.
We are also looking forward to the progress of Industrial Approaches to Media (IAM) at Nottingham University and Dr Nathan Farrell’s edited book The Political Economy of Celebrity Activism that received special interest from Routledge publications.  Details of the call for book chapters can be viewed here. The deadline for submissions is September 1, 2014. 
Our centre is sponsoring a critical and inspirational talk about Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) as well.  This special talk emerged as a response to the media attention and public interests that CMCS received during TIFF last year.  Further details of the event are available on our website If you are in the Greater Toronto Area, you may attend this exclusive event at the industREALarts room on September 3, 2014.  Doors open at 7 pm. 
As I wrap up this commemorative edition in Switzerland, I would like to reflect on an enlightening and inspiring conversation that I recently had at the Centre for Cultural Studies (CCS) at University of Bern.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr Britta Sweers, who is the Director of the Bernese CCS. CCS offers particular contributions in literary arts, theatre, and ethnomusicology that restore and remind us of the urgent need for creative praxis and its artistic elements in cultural studies. The conversation ended with a reflection in relation to how international actor and activist Kabir Bedi’s role in Italian television series Sandokan was greatly appreciated and honoured in Germany, where Dr Sweers was based earlier.  The reflection shed light on how transnational acting can map cultural geographies that transcend borders of institutionalized multiculturalism and diasporic longings. The conversation prompts us to read Sandokan and Bedi’s performances as textual productions that activate artistic perspectives and pragmatic effects that can be lost in critical discourse analysis.  Check for Bedi’s distinctive work and upcoming publications that speak of his contributions.
On behalf of our Advisory and Editorial Board, it is always a pleasure to honour and contribute to a vibrant community of faculty, researchers, media practitioners, artists, and activists who are dedicated to excellence in research, production, and innovation. The development of CMCS would not have been possible without its board members, partners, sponsors, donors, participants, and supporting organizations. 
If you would like to discuss a scholarly publication, creative production, or share work with our board and growing number of readers, contact us at We are also developing a database of academic experts and public figures who can offer critical commentaries or interviews in print and broadcast media.  You can send us an e-mail for criteria and details.

In the meantime, visit our website for our new blog and resources section. If you missed our seminar series, you can still have a glimpse of it here.
We are proud of your contributions and look forward to supporting the progress of your work.
With affection,
Dr. Samita Nandy and Team
Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies
The Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) is an international organization that helps coordinating academic research and media commentaries on celebrity culture. CMCS carries a pedagogical philosophy that inspires integration of research and media skills training in academic and public discourses of fame.  The centre believes in intellectual, aesthetic, and ethical values of bridging gaps in higher education and media.  With this view, CMCS helps coordinating research, publications, creative productions, and media commentaries to restore artistic and ethical acts for social change.


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