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Reflections. Clarity. Focus.

The world we inhabit is a vast mirror-world, reflecting back to us our collective and personal energies. Where we experience harmony in the world, we are in alignment inside of ourselves. Where we experience great conflict, we are at odds with ourselves.

Our reality is so much more fluid than most of us are ready to accept. I include myself in that statement because I too struggle with embracing the fluidity of life. This fluidity ripples across both the materialized and non-materialized reality. When we focus on the materialized world, our left-brain, analytical-side basks in the rational. When we get a glimpse or breakthrough experience into the non-materialized world, our hearts and souls light up.

Along the way, there can be misguided efforts to reside entirely here or there, but such efforts are fruitless because we always exist in the wholeness of the All That Is. The materialized and non-materialized worlds are simply two sides of the same mirror. Our consciousness is always and forever intertwined with both “sides” simultaneously. Indeed, you could say that our very purpose is to hold the two in balance.

This is as wondrous as it is mysterious and confusing. Life often resembles a hall of mirrors. How can we find our way through a place overflowing with seemingly endless illusion and distortion?

One not-so-simple answer is to live a heartful and heart-centered life. To accept ourselves and those we love fully and completely. To become One with ourselves first, which inherently leads us towards Oneness with others.

Read more: Acceptance is a Bridge to Wholeness.

I am happy to share that I'll be back in Chicago in a week. I am re-energized, with greater clarity, and more focused than ever.

The re-launch of is a reflection of this focus. I have more material pulled together now in this one place than ever before.

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